Thursday, December 13, 2018

Nearly 100 Players Registered on First Break

Players are returning from their first break here in the $250,000 Guaranteed morning flight, and we have 90 players registered so far. You still have 90 minutes to come down and join us, as registration is closing at 2:30 PM.

If that is too early for you, the second flight of the day starts at 4 PM, with registration open until 7 PM. Good luck all!

Cards in the Air: First $250,000 Guaranteed Flight of the Day

Welcome back everyone. The action in this final 2018 series of the year here at the Bike rolls on with the first of two starting flights today in the $250,000 Guaranteed Event. The buy-in is $350, and while the top 12% will be in the money, only the top 10% will be advancing to the Day 2 finals. Registration will be open until 2:30 PM today, and the second flight will be starting up at 4 PM today.

Good luck all!

Congratulations to Aaron Messmer, Winner of the High Roller Event

Aaron Messmer - Photo Courtesy of 

Andrew Wisdom was hoping to make history by winning the same High Roller Event for the second year in a row, but local player Aaron Messmer denied him that opportunity, defeating him heads up to take home $57,600. Below you will see the full final table breakdown. Congratulations to Messmer on his fantastic victory, and to Wisdom on an impressive title defense! 

1. Aaron Messmer - $57,600
2. Andrew Wisdom - $35,600
3. Alex Massman - $24,920
4. Adam Hendrix - $18,150
5. Todd Rebello - $13,335
6. Brandon Butler - $9,975
7. Timothy Telliard - $8,000
8. Erhart Edquist - $6,670
9. Beau Winn - $5,730

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Congratulations to Steven Spunt, Winner of the WSOP Circuit Main Event!

Not long after that big double up, Steven Spunt would call an all in from David Lambard holding [As][9c]. Once again, he was behind Lambard, who had [Ks][Kh], but Spunt would once again flip the script. The flop of [9s][7s][6s] gave him a pair and the nut flush draw, and he would hit the [Js] on the turn to hit his flush.

David Lambard will take home $107,640 for his efforts, but the winner of the event is Steven Spunt, who will take home the Circuit Ring, $174,055, and a seat into the National Championship next year.

Thank you to everyone who came out for this latest WSOP Circuit stop. Remember that the $250,000 Guaranteed Event just started up today, and will conclude here on Monday. Happy Holidays everyone!

Spunt Doubles Through Lambard to Take a Big Lead

David Lambard jumped out to a nice lead in this heads up battle, but Steven Spunt was able to claw back a bit before winning the biggest pot of the tournament to take a massive lead.

Action started with a raise to 400,000 from Lambard, and Spunt called to see a flop of [Jc][8h][7h]. Spunt checked to Lambard, who bet out 800,000. Spunt check raised all in for 6,400,000, and Lambard thought for a bit before calling.

Lambard: [Js][3d]
Spunt: [10c][8c]

Spunt was well behind, but the [9c] on the turn completely flipped the script, giving Spunt the straight. Lambard could only chop now, but a three completed the board, and now Spunt holds a big lead.

Steven Spunt - 14,000,000
David Lambard - 2,450,000

Wisdom Eyeing a Second High Roller Title With Three Left

Switching back over to the High Roller for a minute, we are down to just three players over there, and Andrew Wisdom has reclaimed the chip lead in the same event that he won one year ago. You can view the updated three handed chip counts below, with the blinds at 10,000-20,000.

Andrew Wisdom - 1,070,000
Aaron Messmer - 800,000
Alex Massman - 750,000

Steven Forman Eliminated in 3rd Place ($78,710)

After getting lucky to double up a couple hands before, Steven Forman was on the other side of the coin in a hand that would bust him. After Forman raised to 350,000, David Lambard moved all in for over four million. Forman called with [10h][10d], and he was dominating the [Ac][10s] of Lambard. The flop of [As][6s][5h] gave Lambard the lead, and now Forman would need the case ten to win.

That card wouldn't come, and Lambard scored the knockout to get us to heads up play. Lambard and Steven Spunt are nearly dead even right now, with both players holding about 8.2 million in chips.