Sunday, October 21, 2018

Congratulations to Steve Jun, Winner of the Cardplayer Main Event!

On the final hand of the event, Duey Duong got his final chips in preflop holding [Ad][Jc], only to run into another monster hand held of Steve Jun, [Kc][Ks]. The board ran down [Js][8d][2h][Qd][2s], and the pair of jacks wasn't good enough for Duong, who took home $97,000 exactly after the two made a deal before heads up play began.

The night, however, belongs to Steve Jun, who will take home over $149,735, and will also be featured on the cover of the next Cardplayer magazine! Congratulations again to Jun, and thank you to everyone who came out for the Main Event here this week!

We will see you guys once again in December for the latest WSOP Circuit stop!

Brandon Zuidema Eliminated in 3rd Place ($52,080)

Duey Duong raised it up, and after losing a decent chunk of his stack to Steve Jun, Brandon Zuidema moved all in. Duong called with [As][Qh], and he was ahead of the King-Jack of Zuidema. The board ran down [Qd][Jh][5h][6d][10c], and top pair was good enough for Duong to take down the pot, and get us to heads up play.

Jun has a nice lead on Duong, holding about 14 million to the six million of Duong.

Said El Harrak Eliminated in 4th Place ($39,235)

Said El Harrak raised it up, and Steve Jun three bet it from the big blind. El Harrak moved all in, and Jun snap called with [Ah][As]. El Harrak shook his head as he tabled [Kc][Qc], and he would need a ton of help to survive. He would get some help on the [Qs][6h][4h] flop, and even more help on the [Kh] turn. Jun could still win with an ace, heart, six, or four, and the [Ac] came on the river to give Jun a winning set.

The final three players are now taking a look at the numbers.

Updated Counts From the Final Four

Blinds: 60,000-120,000

Steve Jun - 7,800,000
Duey Duong - 4,150,000
Said El Harrak - 3,950,000
Brandon Zuidema - 3,800,000

Duong Doubles Through El Harrak

We saw yet another big coin flip all in preflop, with Duey Duong holding [Ad][Ks] to the [6d][6c] of Said El Harrak. Duong shot out to the lead after the flop came [As][4d][5s], and he would keep the lead on the [5h] turn and [Jh] river.

Duong gets a much needed double up, while El Harrak takes a tumble back down to under four million.

Jim Collopy Eliminated in 5th Place ($29,640)

Jim Collopy raised to 250,000, and Steve Jun reraised to 950,000. Collopy made the call, and the flop came down [Ah][8s][6h]. Jun bet 675,000, Collopy called, and the [Ac] came on the turn. Both players checked that card, and the [4d] completed the board. Jun thought for about 15 seconds before moving all in, and Collopy rechecked his hole cards before slamming in a call with [Ad][Qd].

Unfortunately for him, Jun had him just outkicked with [As][Kh], and the king played, giving him a huge pot, and knocking out arguably the most dangerous player left in Collopy.

Fresh Counts From The Final Five

Blinds: 50,000-100,000

Said El Harrak - 5,000,000
Brandon Zuidema - 4,550,000
Steve Jun - 4,500,000
Jim Collopy - 3,600,000
Duey Duong - 1,460,000