Daily Tournaments

Daily Tournaments

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Congratulations to Jared Jaffee, Winner of the WSOP Circuit Main Event!

On the final hand of the tournament, Brandon Baksh moved all in, and Jared Jaffee looked down and found that he woke up with [Kh][Kc].  Baksh was in trouble with [Jh][10d], and it got worse on the flop of [8c][5d][2s]. The [4d] on the turn ended the event, as Baksh was drawing dead.

For his efforts, Baksh will take home $130,720, but the night belongs to Jared Jaffee! He will take home $211,220, a WSOP Circuit Main Event Ring, and a seat to the Global Casino Championship next year.

Thanks to everyone who came out to play this event, and congratulations again to Jared Jaffee on his win!

Baksh Gets One Double Back

After both players traded all in hands, Jared Jaffee moved all in from the button. Brendan Baksh looked at his hand, then made the call.

Jaffee: [Kh][6h]
Baksh: [Kc][10h]

The flop of [Qh][9s][5d] gave Jaffee some backdoor outs but that was about it. The [2d] on the turn meant only a six would do now, and the river came the [Jc], giving Baksh an unnecessary straight.

Jaffee still holds a big lead with 11.2 million to the 2.3 million of Baksh.

Jaffee Scores Massive Double Up

Brandon Baksh had battled his way back in this heads up match, and had taken the lead before the biggest pot of the tournament played out. Baksh raised to 275,000, and Jaffee reraised to 910,000. Baksh thought it over for a bit before shoving, and Jaffee didn't take long to drop chips in for the call.

Baksh: [Ad][8h]
Jaffee: [Ah][Qc]

Jaffee was in great shape to double up, and the hand was all but over after the flop came [Qh[Js][Jc]. A king on the turn gave Baksh outs to a miracle chop, but another king came instead, giving Jaffee the win.

After that pot, he has a commanding lead with 12.4 million to the 1.1 million of Baksh.

Congratulations to Andrew Wisdom, Winner of the High Roller Event

It's been quite an impressive run that young Andrew Wisdom has been on recently here at the Bike. In October, Wisdom defeated a field of 550 players to win the Card Player Main Event, taking home $165,025. Now, he has won his second major event here at the Bike, winning the $3,250 High Roller Event for $72,420. He defeated Brandon Zuidema heads up.

Scroll down for a full list of the players who cashed in the high roller, and congrats again Andrew!

1. Andrew Wisdom - $72,420
2. Brandon Zuidema - $44,810
3. Ryan van Sanford - $29,495
4. Shawn Busse - $20,650
5. Adam Geyer - $15,300
6. Jesse Yaginuma - $11,965
7. Armen Zadoyan - $9,850
8. Jake Reeser - $8,510

Baksh Doubles Through Jaffe

Brandon Baksh was knocked down to 2.4 million when he moved all in from the button. Once Jared Jaffee got a good idea of the count, he made the call.

Jaffee: [Ac][4d]
Baksh: [Js][7s]

Jaffee held the lead, but that didn't last too long, as the flop came [7c][7h][5h], giving Baksh the massive lead. A queen on the turn ended things, and Baksh doubled up to 4.8 million the same stack that he started heads up play with.

Kelly Minkin Eliminated in 3rd Place ($95,880)

Brendan Baksh raised to 300,000, and Kelly Minkin moved all in for her final 1.2 million. Once Baksh got a rough idea of the count, he dropped in chips for the call.

Baksh: [Ac][Jh]
Minkin: [10d][10h]

Baksh shot out to the lead on the flop of [Ah][7h][6c], and Minkin needed a ten now to win. The [6h] gave both players flush draws, but Baksh had the bigger heart. The [3h] completed the board, sending Minkin to the rail in 3rd.

That means we are heads up, with Jared Jaffee holding a lead of 8.7 million to 4.8 million.