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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Day 2 Restart Now Underway

The $50,000 Guaranteed Event Day 2 finals have just kicked off here in the tournament room. Just 15 players remain, and you can view the full list of survivors left by scrolling down a few posts here.

Once players gets to the final table, we will grab photos of each player, and provide some live updates as another WSOP Circuit Ring winner is determined. 

Another Huge Turnout This Morning

Players are taking their first break in this $40,000 Guaranteed Event, which has just under 300 players entered so far. That means the prizepool will be pushing past $60,000 after the upcoming break.

Registration is open until 2:20 PM today, so you have plenty of time to come down and join us! 

Cards in the Air: $40,000 Guaranteed One Day Event

It's time to start another WSOPC Ring event here at the Bicycle Casino! Today's buy-in is $250, and registration will be available until 2:20 PM today. 

This is a one day event, so another WSOP Circuit ring, and a seat to the $1 Million WSOPC Tournament of Champions, will be given out later today!

Day 2 Return List for Event #9 $50,000 Guaranteed Event

Just 15 players remain in the $50,000 Guaranteed Double Stack, which ended up having over $110,000 in the middle. Michael Hernandez leads the way as the only play over two million chips, while Eugene Tito is now far behind with 1,600,000. 

Scroll down for a full breakdown of who is left, and be sure to come back at 1 PM for the restart to find out who wins the second ring of the series. 

By Chips
10102916HernandezMichael A2,009,00019
10020285TitoEugene R1,600,00026
10189419PauyacLuis Javier750,00023
10121154LuisApolinario T O685,00014
10139580CasagrandeKyle H645,00012
10092968AvinaDavid M345,00011
10005167RoulierChris M305,00013

Congratulations to Ryan Ko, Winner of the Opening Ring Event

Just before 2 AM last night, the first WSOP Circuit Ring event of the series was handed out to Ryan Ko, after he took down the $600 Turbo Event. He earned over $18,000 for his efforts. Scroll down for a full breakdown of how the final table played out. 

1st. Ryan Ko - $18,625
2nd. Edward Liu - $11,055
3rd. Denis Bilodeau - $6,830
4th. Fermin Monreal - $5,210
5th. Christopher Arango - $3,955
6th. Matthew Sauter - $3,185
7th. Esa Homayun - $2,525
8th. Akram Ali - $1,980
9th. Brian Bangunan - $1,515

Event #10 Winner Ryan Ko. Photo cred Erik Eidissen of WSOP.com

Schedule for Today: Sunday, December 5th

10 AM- $250 buy-in one day ring event. $40,000 Guaranteed. Players start with 10,000 in chips. Registration will be available until 2:20 PM  

3 PM -  $400 buy-in Omaha 8-or-Better Ring Event. Players will start with 15,000 in chips. Registration will be available until 7:20 PM. 

7 PM - Nightly Turbo Event. 10,000 starting chips. Registration open until 8:30 PM

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Final Table Seats and Counts in the $600 Turbo Event

Denis Bilodeau and Ryan Ko are the frontrunners at the final table of the $600 event. Everyone has locked up at least $1,515, with first place taking home $18,625, and the first WSOP Circuit ring of the series!

Seat 1 - Denis Bilodeau - 556,000
Seat 2 - Christopher Arango - 136,000
Seat 3 - Esa Homayun - 130,000
Seat 4 - Fermin Monreal - 188,000
Seat 5 - Akram Ali - 149,000
Seat 6 - Ryan Ko - 541,000
Seat 7 - Matthew Sauter - 181,000
Seat 8 - Ed Liu - 240,000
Seat 9 - Brian Bangunan - 140,000