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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Congratulations to Edison Shields, Winner of Event #24 $300k Guaranteed!

Play went well into Sunday morning, but we have finally crowned a champion in Event #24! Thanks to an amazing 91 Day 2 entrants, the prize pool swelled to nearly $500,000. The final four players agreed to a chop, with Edison Shields earning the most money, as well as the first place spot! Shields was joined in the chop by three successful Los Angeles regulars. Derrick "Orez" Mokedi took second, marking the second biggest cash in his live career. Danny Illingworth just final tabled the Main Event two weeks ago, and he adds another great result in this event. And then you have Dave Banerjee, a man who stormed onto the scene when he took first in January's Mega Millions, where he took home over $150,000! Banerjee added another $40,000 to his live earning.  Congratulations to Shields, as well as everyone else who cashed in this event, and thanks for playing at The Bicycle Casino!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Last Official "By The Numbers" of Winnin' O' The Green Event #24 No Limit Hold'em

It seems like just yesterday we were posting the first "By The Numbers" post here at the Winnin' o' the Green, and here we are posting the final payouts of the series. There were a grand total of 1,109 entrants, with an additional 797 add-ons. The first payout of the day was $800, and the number at the very top is $92,046.  Here's a look at the rest of the payouts today.
Event #24 Official payout structure
1st: $92,046
2nd: $52,000
3rd: $31,000
4th: $22,000
5th: $18,300
6th: $16,000
7th: $13,700
8th: $11,500
9th: $9,250
10th-12th: $7,500
13th-15th: $5,600
16th-18th: $4,500
19th-21st: $3,600
22nd-24th: $3,015
25th-27th: $2,540
28th-36th: $2,100
37th-45th: $1,700
46th-63rd: $1,300
64th-81st: $1,000
82nd-149th: $800

Day 1 Payouts
150th-170th: $500
171st-194th: $400

2014 Winnin' O' The Green Event #24 notable & familar Day-2 Entrants

Winnin' O' The Green Event #24 No Limit Hold'em $3,000 Day 2 entrants

Araneta, Leo
Aluzzi, Richard
Ayoub, Steven
Adjemian, Varthn
Buffer, Bruce
Baker, David
Banerjee, Dave
Braun, Daniel E
Biancone, Patrick L
Buckholtz, Ryan H
Baghchehsaraie, Sirous
Byali, Santosh C
Choe, Andy
Caruso, Michael
De Francesco, Fabio
Deluca, Joseph W
Duong, Jack
Eshraghi , Behzad
Eskandari, Massoud
Edalatdju, Shahin
Flores, Gustavo
Fauceglia, Mario
Fox, Yosef Y
Gorman, Brian J
Griffin, Gavin F
Gera, Nikhil
Hom, Blaise Pui
Hoang, Giang
Hemme, John E
Hemme, Tyler E
Hirai, Takefumi B
Hanane, Yasmine M
Illingworth, Danny
Java, Nipun
Jing, Shan
Kaiser, Aaron S
Kim, Brian
Kramer, Bruce M
Kellstrom, Dana M
Kalas, Kane C
Kesseler, Rick
Le, Allan T
Lada, Doug D
Lee, Kyung M
Le, Nam Thien
Lee, Paul W
Lui, Paul C
Miramontes, Andrew M
Malka, David
Mokedi, Derrick
Mattison, Jared
Marafioti, Matt S
Maroochee, Max A
Merhom, Makram
Martirosian, Shahen
Nguyen, Anthony
Nettles, Luke
Nia, Michael M
Nguyen, Phong Turbo
Ohanian, Vazgen
Parashar, Abhishek
Pollock, Joshua J
Pham, Mark Kham
Pattni, Rupesh V
Rabah, Ali H
Rocco, Michael
Regan, Tim E
Small, Brian
Shedd, Cody M
Su, Clive Q
Singh, Deepinder
Sewell, Gary M
Sanchez, Jesus A
Simonian, John P
Salsberg, Matthew J
Savvides, Marios
Shkolnik, Nick
Sudzhyan, Vahan
Touil, Fabrice
Williamson, Jim Paul
Weber, Matthew R
Yazdi, Ardavan
Yifach, Gal
Yaginuma, Jesse
Yang , Ping
Yi, Solomon S
Zadoyan, Armen
Zentner, John

In just a moment Cards will be in the air of Winnin' O' The Green Event #2 Day-2!

The buzz is in the air as Day 2 is about to resume!
There were 58 players that advanced and a record turnout for day-2 entries as over 90+players paid the $3,000 to create a nearly $500,000 prize pool!

Announcing Winnin' O' The Green Event #24 $300,000 Guaranteed Day-2 $3,000-Buyin, Saturday, 04/05/14, 2:00-PM with NO LATE REGISTRATION

Introducing the ONE DAY RACE for $75,000 to FIRST!
Winnin' O' The Green Event #24 
No Limit Hold’em $300,000 Guaranteed
*Non Ring Event 
The Final Day 2, Saturday, April 5th, 2014 at 2:00-PM with NO LATE REGISTRATION 
  • Buy in $3,000 ($2,800 prize pool + $200 entry fees) 
  • Day 2 players are all IN THE MONEY, with the minimum cash is $800
  • Players who register on day 2 will start with average chips (~240,000, approximately 60 Big Blinds) 
  • Play will resume at ante 500, blinds 2000-4000 
  • Final Day: 45 minutes levels

$3K Event #24 $300K-GTD NLH structure

Updated List of Survivors For Event #24 $300K Guaranteed (BY CHIPS)

Play will Resume with:
Ante: 500
Blinds: 2k/4k
Total Chips in Play :13,900,000
Average Chips :239,655
Players Remaining :58
By Chips
Wheeler, Collin K662,500124
Castaneda, Antonio525,50044
Ohanian, Souren515,00091
Singontiko, David O501,000152
Heimiller, Daniel M463,00062
Gill, Paramjit411,00082
Braz, Avi407,000103
Wolf, William401,00041
Le, Ly Thien384,00061
Shields, Edison375,000141
Allred, Lance344,00068
Doumani, Phillip340,500144
Ng, Wing Y324,000106
Yu, Sean Hee322,000104
Krausse, Susanne320,00067
Cosway, Robert G312,500113
Lineberger, Maxwell298,00071
Garcia, Edgar G292,00092
Figarotta, Paul267,000122
Perez, Matthew J258,000112
Rappaport, Harris E.255,000131
Clarke, Robert249,000102
Edwards, Martin244,00093
Mashore, Lloyd D242,000147
Chu, Tony De238,000101
Pohler, Greg Richard236,000136
Youssefian, Arin224,000111
Rich, David222,000146
Mintz, Tyler221,00051
Ritchie, David211,00064
Denholm, Dave M209,00076
Salem, Miran206,00054
Dardashty, Parviz202,500117
Levy, Avner200,50053
Banh, Le K193,00046
Lizarraga, Fernando191,00072
Louie, Fred184,000127
Lewis, James G182,00081
Emata, Paul177,00096
Liu, Qing165,00042
Lambert, Daniel154,00043
Durant, Robert A153,500151
Eskandari, Massoud138,000133
Groves, Gillian K136,00074
Reyes, Michael120,00073
Baranovsky, Svetlana120,00083
Kim, Seon W118,000153
Jones, Michael116,00086
Selliken, Erik116,000121
Ramirez, Exequiel104,000132
Lee, Brian102,000134
Rocco, Anthony J101,000116
Carl, David95,00058
Terzyan, Robert92,500154
Godinez, Juan G78,00094
Kim, Kyuk Ho72,000128
Cain, Darrell68,00084
Hosseini, Seyed M41,00052