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Monday, November 3, 2014

$40,000 "Dash for Cash" October 27th - December 23rd, 2014

$40,000 Dash For CA$H flyer

Starts Monday, Oct. 27th thru Dec. 23rd 2014* 
How to Qualify: To participate, players must obtain a Rewards Club Card *
Open to all tournaments and all poker games with limits of $2-4 and up (Mexican Poker, Stud and Pan are not included). *
Player’s points do not qualify unless you register a minimum of 5 Daily tournament entries. *
Points can only be earned by playing in the specified events Monday thru Friday Point Breakdown: * Play live and earn 5 points per hour (double points on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) *
Earn 15 points for every daily tournament entry (All tournament points on Mondays Doubled) *

Tournament finishing positions and point scale:

1st) 150 pts
2nd) 111 pts
3rd) 96 pts
4th) 75 pts
5th) 66 pts
6th) 51 pts
7th) 45 pts
8th) 36 pts
9th) 30 pts
10th) 24 pts


Point multiplier –
100 players and below x 1.0
101 players and above x 1.5

Prize Breakdown:
We’ll pay the Top 20 Point Earners at the end of the qualifying period 

1st) $15,000
2nd) $6,000
3rd) $4,000
4th–6th) $2,000 each
7th–10th) $1,000 each
11th -20th) $500 each

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Rewards Club Card Rules:
There is no purchase necessary to obtain a Rewards Club Card.
Players of all limits may apply for a membership card by filling out a membership application and returning it to the Welcome Center.
Applications must contain the minimum of a First & Last name, address, and birth date.
Registration requires proof of valid, government issued identification (must be 21 years of age).
The Bicycle Casino will never sell or offer your information to any outside parties.
We maintain the highest level of confidentiality and security when it comes to safeguarding your personal information.
Players must have a Rewards Club Card to participate in the Bicycle Casino’s Reward Program and to enter any tournament at the Bicycle Casino.
All new members will receive a membership card at no cost. For lost, stolen, or damaged cards, replacement will be made available at the Welcome Center.
Players are responsible for maintaining and displaying their card at the table while playing at all times.
All found membership cards will be held at the Welcome Center for four hours and then automatically destroyed.
Replacements will only be created with a valid ID at the Welcome Center.
Bicycle Casino staff members will begin swiping the card of every active seated player at the top of each hour -until the entire floor has been swiped.
You are not guaranteed a swipe at the beginning of the hour.
In new games, a swipe will not be made until a minimum of one hand is played.
Cards and hours/points are non-transferable and will be automatically tracked by the computerized tracking system.
There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.
If a player is found to be abusing the system, he/she may be excluded from the promotion and the points they have earned will be forfeited.
It is the player’s responsibility to maintain and present their card when asked.
The Bicycle Casino is not responsible for maintaining cards or ensuring they are presented properly.
Cards that are not displayed on the table at the time the table is swiped into the system will not be eligible for that hour – NO EXCEPTIONS!
Players must have played in the required number of tournaments by the end of the qualifying period in order to be eligible to redeem any prize.
These hours can be accumulated in any game that is ‘regularly’ spread in our Poker section as specified above.
Team members of the Bicycle Casino are not eligible to participate in this promotion.
These monies will be made available on December 25, 2014.
A weekly list of all qualifying players will be made available at the Welcome Center.
DISPUTES: Any disputes regarding points accumulated must be made in writing at the Welcome Center prior to December 23, 2014.
Adjustments cannot be made after that time.
Reports must be detailed and include dates and times of missing or erroneous events.
Disputes cannot be for transactions older than 10 days of the dispute.
Management’s decisions regarding action taken on any dispute are final and cannot be disputed.
The Bicycle Casino offers this program as a promotion, entirely funded and controlled by the Bicycle Casino.
We can refuse entry or disputes regarding this promotion at our discretion.
Records of transactions are the sole property of the Bicycle Casino and will not be distributed to Players at any time.
This promotion may not be combined with any other promotion.
The Bicycle Casino and/or The Tournament Directors Association govern all tournament and gaming rules.
The Bicycle Casino reserves the right to revise, suspend, cancel, or modify tournament events at its sole discretion and without prior notice within the parameters of GEGA-00451 & 1229.
Management decisions are final. Please Gamble Responsibly. 1-800-GAMBLER