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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Event #1 In the Money!

The Final 27

The money bubble has just burst in the opening event here at the Winnin' O' Green! We are down to the final 27 players, and each one of them is guaranteed $595.  We are currently on level 16, and the plan is to either play to the end of level 21, or until we reach the final table, whichever comes first.

By the Numbers: 4 PM Deepstack Payouts

The afternoon deepstack tournament drew a whopping 540 players, crushing the guarantee of $20,000 to build up a prize pool of $62,856.  54 players will walk away with extra money in their pockets, and the first payout will be $290. Up top is a grand prize of $15,441, over 100 times the investment for the players. Here is the full breakdown.

1st: $15,441
2nd: $7,700
3rd: $4,025
4th: $3,345
5th: $2,890
6th: $2,515
7th: $2,200
8th: $1,885
9th: $1,570
10th-12th: $1,255
13th-15th: $945
16th-18th: $690
19th-21st: $515
22nd-24th: $425
25th-27th: $385
28th-36th: $350
37th-45th: $320
46th-54th: $290

Event #1 Chip Leaders

We are down to the final five tables in the first event of the series, and a few players have started to seperate themselves from the pack. WIth teh current average stack just over 55,000, we have a few players who are in at or near the six figure club. One player, Kirt Suihkonen, has nearly lapped the field, as he is close to 200,000.

Kirt Suihkonen- 185,000
Brian Gorman- 120,000

Mike Maarup- 105,000
Randy Gonzalez- 95,000

Photos From the 4 PM Deepstack

Right now there are a whopping 452 players who have entered the $150 deepstack event, and there is still almost 90 minutes left to late register. We took a walk through the field, and spotted a few familiar faces shuffling chips. Check them out below.

Sammy Teraine
Dave Banerjee

Edward "Rooster" Healy
Jared Einsohn

Jeff Oh
John Holley

Richard West

Tong Le

More Photos From Event #1

We went through the field and took a few more photos of some of the notable who are still in. Almost half of the field has been eliminated already, as only 130 of the original 245 are still standing.

Gladys Landegger
Ralph Massey
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen
Vadim Baranovsky

John Zentner
Michael Souza
Tu Nguyen 

Cards in the air for the 4 PM Deepstack

The title says it all here. The 4 PM Deepstack, which is a non-ring event, has gotten underway, and there's already 140 players who have signed up. The guarantee of $20,000 has almost been made already, and registration is open till 8:15, so you have plenty of time to come on down and win your share of the prize pool!

Event #1 By the Numbers

We have just received the payout information hot off the presses for the first event here at the Winnin' o' the Green. This event drew 245 players, creating a prize pool of $73,500.  They will be paying out 27 players, with the min-cash earning $595, all the way up to the first place prize, which is $18,000. Below is a list of all of the payouts for this opening event.

1st: $18,000 and a WSOP Circuit Ring
2nd: $11,125
3rd: $8,040
4th: $5,915
5th: $4,430
6th: $3,375
7th: $2,615
8th: $2,060
9th: $1,650
10th-12th: $1,340
13th-15th: $1,105
16th-18th: $925
19th-21st: $785
22nd-24th: $680
25th-27th: $595

Event #1 Player Photos

Registration is almost closed here at Event #1, and we went around the room and snapped some shots of the familiar faces in the tournament.

Brian Gorman
Mark Jun

Baptiste Chavaillaz
Mike Leah

Alan Myerson
Jorge Pineda

Raouf Malek
Adam Volen

Cards In the Air For Event #1

Play has gotten underway here at the Winnin' o' the Green at The Bicycle Casino! So far, 160 players have entered the field, meaning that the $50,000 guarantee has already almost been met with over 90 minutes left of late registration. Come on down and take your shot at a WSOP Circuit Ring!

What's On Tap: Thursday, March 6th

Hello all, and welcome to the new Bicycle Casino Blog! For the next month, we will be bringing you all the coverage of the WSOP-C spot here at The Bike, the Winnin' o' the Green! You can expect to see plenty of photos, final table bustouts, and more as we bring you all the action from every ring event, and the Mega Millions coming up later this month! Here's what we have in store for you today!

Event #1 $365 No-Limit Hold'em $50,000 Guaranteed Ring Event
  • Play starts at Noon and players start with 10,000 in chips 
  • First 12 levels are 30 minutes until dinner break. 40 minute levels from there until the end of Day 1. 
  • Players will return for Day 2 tomorrow at 1 PM with 50 minute levels 

Event #13 $150 No-Limit Hold'em $20,000 Guaranteed Deepstack
  • Play starts at 4 PM and players start with 12,000 in chips
  • First eight levels are 30 minutes. Levels are 25 minutes after that.
  • This is a one-day event
$120 Nightly Mega Satellite (Two $1,675 Seats Guaranteed)
  • Play starts at 8:30 and players start with 3,000 in chips. Optional $100 Add-On for 5,000 additional chips
  • All levels will be 15 minutes
We hope to see you here at The Bike!