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Friday, March 7, 2014

"Bag & Tag" WSOP Circuit Event #2A $365 No Limit Hold'em Chip Counts & Table Draws

Play has ended for the night with just 33 players remaining in the field. Leading the way is Deepinder Singh, who bagged and tagged 319,000. Some notables moving on included Ting Ho, Baptiste Chavaillaz, and Chris Conrad. Here's a look at the players to advance through from Day 1A:

PlaceFirstLast Chip CountTableSeat
1Deepinder Singh319,000128
2Joseph Siegel154,000106
5Hyun Jung144,70057
7Baptiste Chavaillaz 141,70097
12Eric Fenzke102,50069
13Svetlana Baranovsky92,700103
16Michael Dollins68,500129
18Benjamin Keeline63,400121
20Christopher Conrad58,70098
24Guillermo Lopez45,1001112
33Jeff Jensen16,50067

Be sure to come back and tune in tomorrow for all the coverage from Day 1B!

Event #14 $345 No Limit Hold'em Deepstack Registration Closed w/ 132 entries!

The players are currently on levels 11, ante/blinds: 200/600/1,200 with 43 players remaining. The average stack is 46,046.

The 2014 Winnin' o' the Green Event #14 $345 No-Limit Hold'em poker tournament brought in 132 entries creating a prize pool of $38,412.  As a result, 15 players will be in the money, where a min-cash will pay $920 and 1st will receive $12,297!  This is a one-day tournament that will wrap-up by early Saturday morning!

Here is the payout structure:

1st: $12,297
2nd: $6,530
3rd: $3,225
4th: $2,440
5th: 1,980
6th: $1,765
7th: $1,575
8th: $1,385
9th: $1,230
10th-12th: $1,075
13th-15th: $920

Photos from the $120 Mega Satellite

Here are a few of the notable names we saw trying to secure a Main Event seat for a discounted rate.

Brian Gorman
Cody Shedd

Dana Kellstrom

John Zentner

Announcing WSOP-C Main Event $120 Mega Satellites with TWO $1675 Seats-GTD Nightly at 8:30-PM

$120 No Limit Hold’em MEGA SATELLITE Re-Entry, Every Night at 8:30-PM starting, Thursday, 3/6/14 – Saturday, 3/15/14.
TWO ($1,675) Seats Guaranteed
  • $120 Buy-in ($100 Prize Pool/ $20 Entry Fee) and ONE OPTIONAL $100 add-on!
  • Each player starts with 3,000 in tournament chips.
  • Optional Add-on gets an additional 5,000 in tournament chips!
Click to view Mega Satellite Structure

Congratulations, Huy Quach WSOP-C Event#1 Winner!

Congratulations, Huy Quach "Winnin' o' the Green 2014, World Series of Poker Circuit Event #1 Winner at The Bicycle Casino beating 244-players & cashing $18,000!

WSOPC-1 Michael Maarup Eliminated in 2nd place ($11,125)

Michael Maarup (2nd: $11,125)

It was a heated head's up battle as the two remaining players exchanged the chip lead several times.

On the final hand it was as classic as it could get!

Maarup: [Qh][Qd]
Quach: [Ah][Kh]

What were massive hands for both players, especially heads up, came to a sudden death play as it was a coin-flip with the big pocket pair for Michael Maarup versus the suited ace-king of Huy Quach.

Unfortunately for our 2nd place finisher the board ran out: [As][6s][5c][5h][8d] and as a result Michael Marrup earns $11,125 for his efforts!

Some Photos From WSOPC-2A

We walked around the tournament area and snapped a few photos of some familiar faces who we saw still in the tournament as we near the midway point of the day.

Jorge Pineda
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen

Rick Castro
Ting Ho

Vadim Baranovsky

Cards are in the Air of "Winnin' o' the Green" $345 Event #14 No Limit Hold'em Deepstack $30K-Guaranteed

Currently over 60+ players entered!

$345 Event #14 $30,000 Guaranteed
No Limit Hold’em - Deepstack
*Non Ring Event Friday, March 7th, 2014 at 4:00-PM with Open Registration until 8:30PM!
Each player starts with 15,000 in tournament chips.

Event #14 Structure

WSOPC-1 Alex Greenblatt Eliminated in 3rd place ($8,040)

Alex Greenblatt made a standard raise from the button, the small blind of Huy Quach, made the call, and the big blind folded.

The flop came: [Qc][Jc][5c]

Huy checked.  Alex stuck out a continuation bet, and Huy re-raised all-in. Alex called and saw that he was drawing very thin!

Quach: [6c][4c]
Greenblatt: [Qh][Td]

It was certainly the ideal flop and situation for Huy who flopped the queen high flush, leaving Alex way behind to runner-runner full-house.  The turn gave Alex a glimmer of hope: [5s]!  Now any queen or five would give him the winner.  It was a river [7s] that gave Quach another final table knock out, this time it was Alex Greenblatt's exit in 3rd for $8,040!

WSOPC-1 Anthony Nguyen Eliminated in 4th place ($5,915)

After losing a sizeable pot the hand before, Anthony Nguyen moved all-in pre-flop when the button of Huy Quach put in a raise.  Huy made the call and Anthony was at risk!

Nguyen: [Qs][Qh]
Quach: [Ad][Js]

Anthony was in great shape to land a huge double up, but the Poker Gods had other plans as the board ran out [Ah][Ts][8c][Ks][5d]!  As a result of the pair of Aces for Huy, he now becomes the overwhelming chip leader, while Anthony Nguyen is congratulated by his final table members on a game well played finishing in 4th for $5,915!

WSOPC-1 Jesus Sanchez finishes in 5th place ($4,430)

From under the gun, Jesus Sanchez moved all-in for roughly 200,000 and was called by Huy Quach in the small blind.  The big blind folded, and the cards were tabled.

Sanchez: [Kh][Jd]
Quach: [Ah][Jh]

The flop was a great one for Jesus who was dominated pre-flop: [Qs][Td][6c]!  Sanchez couldn't have asked for a much better flop given the circumstances, but the turn decided things: [Kc] giving Huy Broadway (the nut straight)!  The river was an insignificant [2c] and it was a 5th place finish of $4,430 for Jesus Sanchez.

WSOPC-1 Kirt Suihkonen Eliminated in 6th place ($3,375)

Kirt Suihkonen shoved [Js][9d] from middle position and was called by the big blind who had [Ad][Qc].

The flop came [Jc][6d][2c], giving Suihkonen the lead in the hand. However, the turn came the [8c], giving Suihkonen's opponent a club flush draw as well as his over cards! The river came a [Tc] giving the player the queen high flush and knocking Suhkonen out in 6th for $3,375!

Catching up with him afterwards, he was qouted as saying, "Too tired to play today.  Played 13 1/2 hours yesterday."  There's always tomorrow Kirt.  Good game.

WSOPC-1 Cludo Georgiasdis Eliminated in 7th place ($2,615)

We didn't catch the action as it happened, but Cludo Georgiasdis was the third casualty of today's final table.

WSOPC-1 Tom Bocknyski Crippled, Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,060)

We didn't catch the hand that busted Tom Bocknyski, but we did see the one that did most of the damage to his stack. Jesus A. Sanchez was all in and at risk pre with [Ks][10d] against Tom Bocknyski's [Ax][Kx]. It was a brutal run out for Bocknyski's as it came down [Ah][Ac][3h][Jc][Qc], giving Jesus A. Sanchez broadway after Bockynski flopped trips.

WSOPC-1 Robert Gau Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,650)

Robert Gau came the final table as the shortest stack, so we knew he would be getting his chips in the middle shortly into play.  Sure enough, we quickly saw Gau all in and at risk with [Jd][Jh] against Mike Maarup’s [Ac][Qc]. Maarup nailed the flop of [Ad][Qd][9h] giving him top two. Gau needed a two outer, but the [8s] on the turn and the [6d] on the river completed the board, making Gau our first player eliminated today.

What's on Tap: Friday March 7th

Welcome back to Day 2 of the WSOP Circuit stop at The Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, the Winnin' o' the Green! Yesterday the first tournament was wrapped up, as Wayne Smith led the way in a 16 way chop. You can see all the payouts from the event here. Now let's take a look at what's coming up today at The Bike.

Event #1 $365 No-Limit Hold'em Final Table

Yesterday, 245 players were whittled down to just nine as we reach our first final table of the series. Leading the way is Huy Quach, who bagged an impressive 654,000. Anthony Nguyen is not far behind with 637,000, and those two have separated themselves from the pack, as the next highest stack is 275,000. You can see all the chip stacks, and what they are playing for, here. Play will resume today at 1 PM local time.

Event #2A $365 No-Limit Hold'em $100,000 Guaranteed Ring Event

  • Play begins at Noon and players start with 10,000 in chips.
  • The first 12 levels will be 30 minutes, and the final three of the day will be 40 minutes. Play will stop today after 15 levels
  • Players who advance today will return Sunday at 1 PM for Day 2, where a champion will be decided
  • Anyone who is knocked out today may re-enter into Day 1B tomorrow

Event #14 $345 No-Limit Hold'em $30,000 Guaranteed Deepstack

  • Play starts at 4 PM and players start with 15,000 in chips
  • All levels are 30 minutes long
  • This is a one-day non ring event with registration open until 8:15

$120 Nightly Mega Satellite (Two $1,675 Seats Guaranteed)

  • Play starts at 8:30 and players start with 3,000 in chips. Optional $100 Add-On for 5,000 additional chips
  • All levels will be 15 minutes

Event #13 Winnin' O' Green Deepstack Final Results

The 4 PM deepstack wrapped up last night, with the final 16 players agreeing to a chop. Here's a look at the final results. Congratulations to all the players who made the money!

Event #1 End of Day Results

Event #1 $365 No-Limit Hold'em 
Final Table Chip Counts and Seats
Entries: 245 Prizepool: $73,500

PlaceFirstLast Chip CountTableSeat

Play will continue at Level 21 with blinds at 5,000-10,000 with 29:04 seconds remaining. The final table will start at 1 PM, and we will provide live updates as it unfolds!

Here is what the final nine are playing for!

1st: $18,000 and a WSOP Circuit Ring
2nd: $11,125
3rd: $8,040
4th: $5,915
5th: $4,430
6th: $3,375
7th: $2,615
8th: $2,060
9th: $1,650