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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Joseph Siegel Eliminated in 8th Place ($5,515)

Joseph Siegel open shoved all in from the cutoff for his last 520,000, and action folded around to Cory Waaland, who made the call from the big blind after giving it some deliberation.

Siegel: [Ac][9c]
Waaland: [As][10h]

It was a great call by Waaland, who had Siegel dominated. He kept that lead all the way through, as it came down [3s][5h][Jd][4h][5s], giving Waaland the pot, and making him our huge chip leader with 2.7 million.

WSOPC Event #3 Update: Final Table Photos

The remaining eight players in the $580 No-Limit Hold'em have all agreed to play out the final table tonight. Our main focus will continue to be on Event #2, but we wanted to post the final table photos of this event so that you would know who has made it this far. Tune in tomorrow morning for final results and a winners photo.

Seat 1- Chris Price
Seat 2- Ernie Diaz

Seat 3- Edward Healy 
Seat 4- Arkadiy Tsinis

Seat 5- Chip Rosenberg
Seat 6- Ryan Rutkowski

Seat 7- John Coon
Seat 8- Valetin Vornicu

Peter Carillo Eliminated in 9th Place ($4,380)

Peter Carillo open shoved his last 375,000 in early position, and he was called by Cory Waaland in late position. Waaland's [Ac][Qd] had Carillo's [Kc][Qc] crushed, and he kept that lead throughout the board of [Qh][2c][7h][Ah][7c].

Deepinder Singh Eliminated in 10th Place ($3,520)

Deepinder Singh was crippled the hand before when his [As][10c] ran into the [Kc][Kh] of James Varkey. On the next hand, he was all in and at risk against three other players. The flop came down [Qc][Js][4h], and Cory Waaland fired out 60,000. George Mosher called, and the turn brought the [4s]. Waaland fired out 80,000 this time, and again, Mosher flatted.

Both players checked the river [7s], and both Waaland and Mosher tabled King-Queen for top pair. They both beat Deepinder Singh, who could only muster up [As][8h], making him the first casualty of the final table.

WSOPC Event #2 Final Table Photos and Counts

We have reached the final 10 players in Event #2 here at The Bicycle Casino. Below you will find photos of each player, along with their seat, and chip counts. From here, we will be posting final table elimination hands.
Seat 1: Vazgen Ohanian- 438,000
Seat 2: Tiffany Nguyen- 644,000

Seat 3: Cory Waaland- 1,003,000
Seat 4Deepinder Singh- 584,000

Seat 5: James Varkey- 228,000
Seat 6: Dana Welch- 1,084,000

Seat 7: George Mosher-1,300,000
Seat 8: Peter Carillo- 585,000

Seat 9: Taylor Black- 1,038,000
Seat 10: Joseph Siegel- 700,000

WSOPC Event #2 Payouts 11th-18th

Here is the latest crop of bustouts. These two bubbled the unofficial final table and eared $3,520 for their efforts.

11th: Svetlana Baranousky
12th: Ryan Bergstedt

The next three players all locked up a payday of $2,865.

13th: Christopher Tolone
14th: Ting Ho
15th: Santosh Byali

And these players each won $2,360

16th: Mohammad Sotoudeh
17th: Huy Quach
18th: Victor Shalom

It was an incredible run for Quach, who fell just short of making back-to-back final tables here after winning Event #1 a few days ago.

By the Numbers WSOPC Event #4 $365 Omaha-8 or Better

We have just been given the payout details for Ring Event #4, the $365 Omaha-8 or Better. 171 players entered this event, nearly doubling the 30,000 guarantee to create a prize pool of $51,300.  18 fortunate players will walk away with a profit from this tournament, with 18th place getting $690. Looking all the way up, the winner will receive $13,835, along with a beautiful WSOP Circuit Ring. Here's a look at the rest of the payouts.

1st: $13,835 and a WSOP Circuit Ring
2nd: $8,560
3rd: $6,160
4th: $4,515
5th: $3,370
6th: $2,555
7th: $1,975
8th: $1,550
9th: $1,235
10th-12th: $1,000
13th-15th: $825
16th-18th: $690

WSOPC Event #2 Payouts 19th-27th

Here are the names of the last table of eliminations. There are currently 18 players left in the this event, and when they get down to the unofficial final table of 10, we will get photos and chip counts up for every player.

The following players all earned $1,965

19th: Greg Pohler
20th: Kheang Tang
21st: Thomas Abe

These players all won $1,655 for their finishes

22nd: David Nicholson
23rd: Dionysos Perdikoyiannis
24th: James Trapahagen

And these players each won $1,410.

25th: Baptiste Chavaillaz
26th: Jay Hong
27th: Yvette Lamprecht

A few photos from WSOPC Event #4 $365 Omaha-8 or Better

The last ring event of the day, Event #4 $345 Omaha-8 or Better, kicked off at 4 PM here, and we went through and grabbed a few photos from that event. You can see those below.

Sean Jazayeri
Ashly Butler

Chris Conrad
Geb Goitom

Mike Leah
Raouf Malek

Zeke Ramirez

WSOPC Event #2 Payouts 28th-36th

With 36 players left, the payouts started to jump every three eliminations. The following players all earned $1,215 for their finish.

28th: William Root Jr.
29th: Francis Lim
30th: Matthew Sategna

These players all won $1,060.

31st: Irving Warshaw
32nd: Sean Riley
33rd: Aaron Garza

And these player each earned $935.

34th: Suk Min Sung
35th: Michael Gold
36th: Joseph Ruzick

WSOPC Event #2 Update: Joe Siegel Leads the Final 27

Joe Siegel- Chip Leader

We are down to the final 27 players here at Event #2, the $365 $100k guaranteed. Joe Siegel, pictured above, leads the way with just over 800,000.  Not far behind is Corry Waaland, who started the day 2nd in chips. Also still alive are Baptiste Chavaillaz, who we spoke with before the start of the day, and Huy Quach, who amazingly is still in with three tables left, just a few days after he won the first ring event! When we get down to the final table, we will post pictures of everyone left, and provide hand details for every elimination.

WSOPC Event #2 Payouts 37th-44th

The following players earned $835 for their bustouts.

37th: Brian Bauer
38th: Steven Sanborn
39th: Ronda Vankrey
40th: Paul Anderson
41st: Robert Dorini
42nd: David Longuil
43rd: Harris Rappaport
44th: Charles Myers
45th: Minh Ly

By the Numbers: WSOPC Event #3 $580 No-Limit Hold'em

Below you can find a list of the payout information for Event # 3 here at The Bicycle Casino, the $580 No-Limit Hold'em. 107 players forked over the dough for this event, creating a prize pool of $53,500.  12 players will walk away with some extra cash in their pockets, and the first payout is $1,605.  Going up to the top, first place in this event will earn $18,715. Good luck to all the players still in.

1st: $18,715
2nd: $9,365
3rd: $4,815
4th: $3,745
5th: $2,945
6th: $2,675
7th: $2,410
8th: $2,140
9th: $1,875
10th-12th: $1,605

WSOPC Event #2 Payouts 46th-54th

The following players were eliminated and walked away with $750 in their pockets.

46th: Behzad Javadzadeh                                                        
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen- 49th Place
47th: Ryan Teves
48th: Eric Frenzke
49th: Phong "Turbo" Nguyen
50th: Patrick Cameron
51st: Paul Sokoloff
52nd: Anthony Nguyen
53rd: Hyun Jung
54th: Brian Somerville

Second Round of Photos From WSOPC Event #3

We rounded up a few more players from the noon event today, the $580 No-Limit Hold'em Ring event, and snapped a few pics of them. Enjoy!

Brian Gorman
Edward Healy

Jeff Oh
Jesse Capps

Lance Allred
Michael Souza

WSOPC Event #2 Payouts 55th-63rd

The following players were recently knocked out, and earned $685 for their efforts.

55th: John Price
56th: Alex Wassman
57th: Mario Fauceglia
58th: Brian Manalang
59th: Britton Purvis
60th: Robert Wilkinson
61st: Benjamin Keeline
62nd: Carlson Le
63rd: Timothy Reagan

WSOPC Event #2 Interview Exclusive: Baptiste Chavaillaz

There were 92 players who came back for Day 2 of Event #2 here at The Bike, and one of them is a man who knows plenty about winning big poker tournaments: Baptiste Chavaillaz. Last January, Chavaillaz outlasted 720 other players in taking home the WSOPC Main Event in this casino, winning a grand prize of $216,275 for his efforts. Chavaillaz is hoping to catch another ring here today, and we caught up with him before today's action to get his thoughts before he started. We hope you enjoy our interview, and stay tuned for more great video coming up in the next few weeks!

Cards in the Air WSOPC Event #4 $365 Omaha-8 or Better

It's time to change things up a bit here at The Bicycle Casino, and dive into the mixed games for the first time all series! The cards have just started to be sent out for Event #4, the $365 Omaha Hi/Lo event. You can read up on the details of the event below.

Event #4 $365 Omaha 8 or Better $30,000 Guaranteed (2 Day Tournament) Official Ring Event*

  • Play begins at 4:00-PM and each player starts with 10,000 in tournament chips
  • Day 1 will end after level 16. 
  • Day 2 will resume on Monday, March 11th, 2014 at 2:00-PM.  
  • There will be 10-minute breaks every 3 levels on Day 2, with a 45-minute dinner break after level 25. 
  • *All “Ring” Events qualify to earn points for the WSOP National Championship
  • No Re-Entry
Event #4 Structure:

WSOPC Event #2 Payouts 64th-72nd

All of the following players have been eliminated, and earned $630 for their efforts.

64th: Douglas Milner
65th: Michael Dollins
66th: Adrian Lopez
67th: Ediberto Pina
68th: Sungho Yang
69th: John Choi
70th: Jack Converse
71st: Michael Tzeiler
72nd: Yossi Azulay

WSOPC Event #2 Payouts 73rd-81st

The following is a list of the players who busted right after the money bubble burst here at Event #2. All of these players walked away with $575.

73rd: Corey Silver
Vadim Baranovsky- 81st Place $575
74th: Van Tran
75th: Chris Conrad
76th: Gary Omura
77th: Augustine Vega
78th: Kyung Lee
79th: Alex Greenblatt
80th: Eric Somers
81st: Vadim Baranovsky

Some Photos From WSOPC Event #3 $580 No-Limit Hold'em

Today is a busy day here at The Bicycle Casino! In addition to Day 2 of Event #2, we have also started play over in Event #3, the $580 No-Limit Hold'em. We went over to see who was grinding in that event, and here are just a few of the players we recognized.

Alan Myerson
Lila West

Mike Leah
Nathan Bjerno

Ralph Massey
Rex Clinkscales and Ting Ho

Sean Jazayeri

The bubble has burst in WSOPC Event #2!

John Hulett- Bubble Boy

We came into today needing to lose 11 players to get in the money, and in just over an hour, we have done so. The unfortunate bubble boy was John Hulett, who shoved his final 12 bigs in preflop holding [Ah][4s]. Unfortunately for him, Michael Tzeiler woke up with [Jc][Jd] in the small blind, and made the call to put him at risk.

Hulett paired his under card on the flop, but was never able to improve, as the board ran down [6c][4c][10h][7c][6h], giving Tzeiler the winning hand, and sending the remaining 81 players into the money!

WSOPC Event #2 Top 10 Chip Stacks

Here is a look at the Top 10 stacks returning to play today.

Deepinder Singh- 319,300
Cory Waaland- 188,600

Sean Riley-186,600
Victor Shalom- 173,500

Patrick Cullip- 159,700
Taylor Black- 166,000

Peter Carrillo- 159,700
Huy Quach- 155,800

Joseph Siegel- 154,400
Christopher Tolone- 150,600