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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

By the Numbers Event #17 $345 No-Limit Hold'em Bounty

There were 178 entrants into tonight's $345 Bounty tournament, creating a grand total prize pool of $52,332.The top 18 players will walk away in the money, with the first payout good for $555. The lion's share of the prize pool will go to first, and that number is $10,692. Here's how the other payouts look.

1st: $10,692
2nd: $5,385
3rd: $2,765
4th: $2,070
5th: $1,760
6th: $1,590
7th: $1,415
8th: $1,245
9th: $1,070
10th-12th: $900
13th-15th: $725
16th-18th: $555

Congratulations to William Wolf, Winner of Event #7 $365 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

William Wolf entered the final table as the chip leader, and he never gave up that position, knocking out half of the six fallen opponents today on his way to winning Event #7 $365 Six-Handed No Limit Hold'em. For his efforts, Wolf will take home $14,285, and a WSOP Circuit Ring. It was a well earned victory for Wolf. Play wrapped up for Day 1 early this morning (6:15 AM), and he had to beat the likes of Mike Leah and Rex Clinkscales at the final table to earn his victory. Congratulations to Wolf, and the rest of the players who cashed in this event, and see you tomorrow for more coverage from The Bicycle Casino!

Some Pics From Event #17 $345 No-Limit Hold'em Bounty

We took a walk across the room to see who was gunning for their opponents in Event #17, and here's who we saw shuffling chips.

Adam Bush
Alan Myerson
Alexis Gilbard
Baptiste Chavaillaz
Gladys Landegger
Marcel Sabag

Congratulations to Zeke Ramirez, Winner of Event #6 $365 No-Limit Hold'em ($12,520)

Zeke Ramirez knows a thing or two about winning poker tournaments. Last October, Ramirez bested 7363 other entrants in the $160 Quantum Reload at Hustler's Casino, winning a cool $165,000. If that wasn't enough, he did the exact same thing in December, this time beating out 7,082 players, earning $150,000 for his efforts this time. Well a WSOP Circuit Ring was missing from his resume, but no longer, as he tops this field of 149 players to take home $12,520 in addition to the ring. Congratulations to Zeke Ramirez, winner of Event #6, and be sure to tune back in later for a full winner's report.

WSOPC Event #6 Update: Eric Velie Eliminated in 2nd Place ($7,735)

Eric Velie got the last of his chips in preflop holding [Ac][8s], but unfortunately for him, Zeke Ramirez had woken up with [Ad][Kc].  The board ran down [7d][Qh][Qd][Qs][2c], and Velie was eliminated in second place, making Zeke Ramirez the winner!

WSOPC Event #7 Update: Camilo Rodriguez Eliminated in 4th Place ($4,555)

Action folded to William Wolf in the small blind, and he moved all in, easily having Camilo Rodriguez in the big blind covered. Rodriguez tanked for about 90 seconds before saying, "Alright I call."

Rodriguez: [Ks][Jc]
Wolf: [2h][2d]

Once again, the suspense was all but over when the flop came down [4c][2c][4s], giving Wolf a full house. Rodriguez would need running jacks or kings, and he did pick up the [Jh] on the turn. However, the river wasn't a miracle, coming [9h] to give Wolf the hand, and get us down to three handed.

WSOPC Event #7 Update: Rex Clinkscales Eliminated in 5th Place ($3,275)

Action started with Brian Bumpas raising it up to 35,000, and Rex Clinkscales moved all in for 166,000. Anonymous was next to act, and he tanked for over three minutes before the clock was called. With two seconds left on the clock, he folded what he said was Ace-Queen suited, and when it got back to Bumpas, he made the call.

Clinkscales: [Ks][Qd]
Bumpas: [6d][6h]

The tension was all but gone when a six popped in the window, as the flop came [8d][10c][6c]. The board completed [10s] and [8c], and Clinkscales was bounced in 5th place.

WSOPC Event #7 Update: Kheang Tang Eliminated in 6th Place ($2,355)

As we expected, the action has been fast and furious at this short handed final table. Camilo Rodriguez, who had just been crippled when his pocket fours ran into the pocket tens of Brian Bumpas, moved all in from under the gun for his final 19,000. Next to act, Kheang Tang shoved all in for 60,000 even. Bumpas tried to play double executioner, calling that all in next to act. Everyone else folded, and all three hands were tabled.

Rodriguez: [Ah][7c]
Tang: [Kd][10h]
Bumpas: [Kh][Jd]

The board ran down [Ac][4h][3d][6c][7h], giving Rodriguez the triple up, Bumpas a small side pot, and knocking Tang out in sixth.

On the very next hand, Rodriguez doubled up when his Ace-Ten held against the Jack-Nine suited of Rex Clinkscales, who not long ago, had scored a double up himself through Bumpas.

Did you follow all that? Ok good. We are down to our final five in Event #7!

Cards in the Air Winnin' o' the Green Event #17 $345 No-Limit Hold'em Bounty

Play has gotten underway in tonight's non-ring event, Event #17 No-Limit Hold'em Bounty. For every player you knock out, you will automatically get a $100 bounty. Registration is open in this event until 8:15. Check out more details of this tournament below.

Event #17 No Limit Hold’em Bounty Re-Entry *Non Ring Event

  • $100 Bounty included in Buy-in, this afternoon, Saturday, March 8th, 2014, starting at 4:00-PM with Re-entry First 4 Levels. Last call to register will be 6:15-PM!
  • $345 Buy-in ($300 Prize Pool + $45 Entry Fees) with a $30,000 guaranteed prize pool
  • Each player starts with 10,000 in tournament chips.
Click to View Event #17 Structure

WSOP Event #7 Update: Mike Leah Eliminated in 7th Place ($1,695)

Mike Leah shoved all in for his last 100,000, and William Wolf shoved over the top next to act. Everyone else folded, and the cards were tabled.

Leah: [As][7h]
Wolf: [Ah][Kd]

The flop came down [Qc][4h][10d], and Leah was still looking for help. The [Jh] came on the turn, and Leah could only chop now. The river was the [3c], knocking out Leah and getting up to our official final table.

WSOPC Event #6: Conrad Monica Eliminated in 3rd Place ($5,585)

The old adage in poker goes that sometimes you can do everything right, and have it end so wrong. Conrad Monica knows that feeling right now, after losing most his chips after a great call, then busting shortly after.

Monica raised it up to 26,000 from the button, and Zeke Ramirez moved all in for 235,000 total. The bet was for about 80% of Monica's chips, and he tanked for almost two minutes before calling.

Monica: [As][10s]
Ramirez: [Kd][2d]

Ramirez flopped a flush draw, [8d][4s][3d], bricked the [Qc] on the turn, but got his flush when the [Jd] came on the river..  A few hands later, Eric Velie busted Monica when Velie's [Ah][8c] caught up to the [4d][4c] of Monica thanks to an ace on the turn.

With that , Velie holds a 2:1 chip advantage on Ramirez as they go to heads-up play.

WSOPC Event #7 Final Table Photos and Counts

Cards have just went into the air for Event #7 $365 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em.  Play ended last night at the seven-handed unofficial final table, and below, you can see photos and updated counts for everyone still left.

Seat 1: William Wolf- 430,000 (Chip Leader)
Seat 2: Camilo Rodriguez- 146,000
Seat 3: Kheang Tang- 106,000 (Short Stack)
Seat 4: Brian Bumpas- 324,000
Seat 5: Rex Clinkscales- 262,000
Seat 7: Mike Leah- 158,000

WSOPC Event #6 Update Chip Counts

Things have flipped in this event, as Conrad Monica is now the short stack three handed.

1. Eric Velie- 740,000
2. Zeke Ramirez- 552,000
3. Conrad Monica- 178,000

Sirous Baghchehsarie Eliminated in 4th Place ($4,105)

We caught up with the action on the flop, which read [10c][7d][4h].  Zeke Ramirez led out for 45,000, and Sirous Baghchehsarie went all in for 124,000 total.  Ramirez counted out the chips, and looked rather reluctant as he slid in the call. This move was met by Baghchehsarie, saying "you're good."

Baghchehsarie: [6h][5h]
Ramirez: [Ac][8c]

At the moment, Ramirez's ace high was good, but he would still have to fade a bunch of outs from Baghchehsarie.  The [9s] came on the turn, keeping Ramirez in the lead, and the [10s] came on the river, giving Ramirez the pot with ace high.

And then there were three!

WSOPC Event #6 Four Handed Chip Counts

We are down to the final four here in Event #6, with each player guaranteed $4,105. Here is how the chip counts are looking right now.

Conrad Monica- Chip Leader

1. Conrad Monica- 620,000
2. Erik Velie- 420,000
3. Zeke Ramirez- 295,000
4. Sirous Baghchehsarie- 135,000

Brian Gorman Eliminated in 5th Place ($3,065)

On the very next hand after he eliminated Dan Callaghan, Brian Gorman was knocked out. It happened after a huge preflop race, when Gorman got it in with [Ad][Kd], against the [Qc][Qh] of Conrad Monica.

The board came all low cards, which was no good for Gorman, coming [5s][4s][6d][9s][9c]. The chips were counted down, and Monica had Gorman edged by a bit, sending the young pro out in 5th place.

Dan Callaghan Eliminated in 6th Place ($2,330)

Dan Callaghan scored that huge triple up early in the final table when his aces held against kings and queens, but he was seemingly card dead after that, as we rarely saw him in a pot. Finally, he took a stand with [Ah][9s], and was called by Brian Gorman, who tabled [4c][4h]

The board ran down [5c][Jd][3d][10s][7h], and Gorman's small pocket pair held up, giving him the knockout, and sending us to our final five players.

More Photos from Event #8 $365 No-Limit Hold'em

As promised, here are the second round of photos from today's nooner event.

Ben Keeline
Dave Consolazio

Edward Healy
Event #1 Winner Huy Quach

John Tulloss
Robert Cheong

Sean Jazayeri 

By the Numbers: Event #8 $365 No-Limit Hold'em

We had 167 players come out for today's noon event, creating a prize pool of $50,100. The Bike will be paying out the top 18 players, with the first payout good enough for $670. All the way to the top, first place will earn $13,535, along with a WSOP Circuit Ring. Check out the rest of the payout information below.

1st: $13,535
2nd: $8,360
3rd: $6,020
4th: $4,410
5th: $3,290
6th: $2,495
7th: $1,925
8th: $1,510
9th: $1,205
10th-12th: $975
13th-15th: $805
16th-18th: $670

Jesse Capps Eliminated in 7th Place ($1,805)

Jesse Capps was all the way down to his last two big blinds when he made a stand with [Qc][6d]. Unfortunately for him, Dan Callaghan woke up with the rockets, [Ad][Ac]. The board ran down [5s][9h][3d][Ah][7s], bringing no miracles for Capps, who was able to jump up two spots despite starting the table as the short stack.

WSOPC Event #7 Final Table Seating Chart

The final table of Event #7 $365 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em is set to get underway at 5 PM, and below you will find a list of the players who will be there. Amongst them are Rex Clinkscales, who registered the most circuit points last year, and Mike Leah, who has nearly $2 million in live earnings, and is close to the top of this year's rankings. Here's how the rest of the final table looks.

PlaceFirstLast Chip CountTableSeat
2Brian Bumpas324,00074
6Camilo Rodriguez146,00072
7Kheang Tang106,00073

Photos from Event #8 $365 No-Limit Hold'em

We told you there would be a ton of action at The Bicycle Casino today. Along with the two final tables going on today, we also have the 8th ring event that started at noon. Here are a few photos from that event, and stay tuned for more pictures later.

Allen Cunningham
Chris Conrad

Haiau Han
John Phan

Lila West
Nancy Birnbaum

Ralph Massey

Valentin Vornicu Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,415)

Well Valentin Vornicu's dream of two rings in a week is over....for now. Vornicu was short again, and got it all in preflop holding [2c][2s], but he ran square into the [Ah][As] of Eric Velie. The board ran down [Ks][3h][9s][Ad][8c], and Vornicu bowed out in 8th place. The seven remaining players are now on a 15 minute break while the red 500 chips are colored up.

Valentin Vornicu Doubles Through Erik Velie

We will be keeping a close eye on Valentin Vornicu, who is making a strong early statement for Casino Champion here at The Bike. Vornicu won Event #3, $580 No-Limit Hold'em on Sunday, and he's right back at a final table today. Vornicu started the day as the second shortest stack, but he just earned a double up with a monster hand: [10c][3c].

Vornicu raised all in from late position for his last 40,000, and Velie tank called in the big blind with [Kd][Qd]. The board ran pure for Velie until the river, where the [10d] came to give Vornicu a rivered pair. Vornicu clapped his hands and yelled "yes" when he saw the card, and his dream of two rings in a week is still alive.

WSOPC Event #6 Update: Brian Reinert Crippled, Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,130)

Brian Reinert came into the table with high hopes, holding the chip lead and over 100 big blinds. In less than 20 minutes, he has been the first person eliminated from this final table.

The hand that did most of the damage came in a three way cooler altercation with Zeke Ramirez and Dan Callaghan. Callaghan was all in for his final 100,000 preflop, and he got two calls from Reinert and Ramirez. The flop came down [Jd][7c][3s], and Reinert moved all in, a bet that was met with a snap call from Ramirez.

Callaghan: [Ah][Ad]
Ramirez: [Kd][Kc]
Reinert: [Qh][Qd]

The whole table let out a gasp when they saw that the three best hands in hold'em were in play on this hand. Callaghan was in great shape to triple up, while Ramirez was a huge favorite to take down a hefty side pot. The board completed [8d] and [10h], and Reinert lost most of his chips paying off his two opponents.

A couple of hands later, Reinert was eliminated when his [As][3s] couldn't catch up to the [Ah][10h] of Ramirez, drawing an unexpected early end to Reinert's day.

WSOPC Event #6 Final Table Pictures and Counts

The players have taken their seats at the first final table of the day, and we have already had a surprising elimination. We will post that short, but in the meantime, check out who is here and how many chips they had coming in.

Seat 1: Conrad Monica- 195,500
Seat 2: Brian Gorman- 213,000

Seat 3: Sirous  Baghchehsarie- 101,000
Seat 4: Valentin Vornicu- 46,500

Seat 5: Dan Callaghan- 101,500
Seat 6: Brian Reinert- 345,000 (chip leader)

Seat 7: Jesse Capps- 44,500 (short stack)
Seat 8: Erik Velie- 146,000

Seat 9: Zeke Ramirez- 296,000