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Saturday, March 15, 2014

WSOPC Event #12 Main Event End of Day Results

That's a wrap for Day 1A here at the Bicycle Casino. 217 players ponied up the entry free to get into this tournament, and after just under 12 hours of play, only 45 players remain. Leading the way is Thomas Griener, who bagged up 260,00 in chips, 25,000 clear of his next opponent. Some notables who moved on were Jamie Shaevel (183,000), Dan Heimiller (172,500), Nipun Java (142,000), Sean Jazayeri (108,500), Ralph Masey (103,000), and Chris Demaci (46,500)

Thomas Griener- Day 1A Chip Leader
Photo Credit to Josh Chalik of wsop.com

Greiner, Thomas260,000286
Skomac, Michael235,500237
Edalatdju, Shahin199,500168
Shaevel, Jamie183,000177
Talley, Caufman181,500156
Heimiller, Dan172,500236
Knott, Christian155,500243
Javani, Javid152,50046
Nazaryan, Vartan145,500213
Java, Nipun142,000196
Davis, Jeff138,500253
Luthra, Ankur130,000113
Willa, Jesse123,500209
Jazayeri, Sean108,500247
Myerson, Alan104,500124
Abkarian, Chris103,000203
Massey, Ralph103,00086
Murray, Brett97,50057
Baranovsky, Vadim96,500242
Maniaci, Steve95,500134
Birnbaum, Nancy95,00078
Pohler, Greg91,500266
Carlton, Everett88,000169
Paszkiewicz, Greg87,000212
Rivera, Daniel83,500289
Silverstein, Steve70,500276
Simonian, John70,000149
Garcia, Lance60,00068
Illingworth, Danny58,00094
Phan, Andy58,000103
Namou, Ghassan58,000184
Singer, Adam57,000173
Houle, Jean54,500277
Ellefson, Mark53,500228
Levine, Noah52,000167
Yevdayev. Igor51,000267
Lee, Brian50,50092
Serratos, Jose46,500224
DeMaci, Christopher46,500186
Levi, Yehonatan46,500153
Hosseini, Seyed44,500143
Hagan, Mal42,50043
Dannels, William32,000126
Allred, Lance16,00087
Byali, Santosh15,500216

Post Dinner Main Event Big Stacks

We just took a couple laps around the tournament floor, and grab a few photos of the big stacks. Right now, 119 of the 217 players who started the day are still alive, creating an average stack of 35,000. All of these players have at least 85,000, with the chip leader, Jean Houle, having over four times the average stack.

Jean Houle- 155,000
Cord Garcia- 135,000

Adam Singer- 115,000
Ralph Massey- 92,000

Chris Demaci- 85,000

Fourth Round of Photos From the Main Event

This is the last round of the preliminary photos we will be posting today. The players are currently on their 45 minute dinner break, and when they return, we will snap some pics of the big stacks in the field.

Nipun Java
Ryan Laplante

Andy Hwang
John Zentner

David Malka
Inhpounh Vongvone

Congratulations to Edward Liu, Winner of Event #10 $1,125 No-Limit Hold'em ($27,600)

It was another short day for the final table as Edward Liu dispatched the rest of the final table in just over four hours, on his way to winning a WSOP Circuit Ring, and $27,600 to boot. It was an action packed final table that saw all of the final five players double up at least twice, and saw them all be on the wrong end of all ins at some point too. It seemed like destiny when Liu's King-Queen knocked off the pocket Queens of Darryl Ronconi in 3rd place, and he won his heads up battle with Tommy Cooker in just ten minutes. Congratulations to Edward Liu, and the rest of the players who cashed in this event!

Tommy Cooker Eliminated in 2nd Place ($17,060)

Well as we thought might be the case, heads up play only lasted a few hands, as Tommy Cooker quickly got his chips in the middle preflop holding [Ks][Qc]. Unfortunately for him, Edward Liu woke up with [As][Kd], and quickly made the call. The dealer put all low cads out there, [2c][5c][6h][2s][3c], and Liu took down the pot, busting Cooker in 2nd place. For his efforts, Cooker will take home just over $17,000.

Darryl Ronconi Eliminated in 3rd Place ($12,145)

Edward Liu made it 55,000 to go preflop from the button, and Darryl Ronconi shoved all in for 450,000. Liu thought it over for about 30 seconds, then called off most of his remaining stack.

Ronconi: [Qd][Qh]
Liu: [Kc][Qc]

Ronconi held a huge edge in the hand, but a king popped right in the window, as the flop came down [Ad][3h][Kd]. The [Jh] on the turn gave Ronconi some chop outs, but he didn't hit any of his key cards, as the [3c] hit the river. It was a great effort from Ronconi, who had less than a big blind seven handed.

With that, Edward Liu and Tommy Cooker are heads up, and here's how the stacks look with the blinds at 12,000-24,000

Liu: 1.05 million
Cooker: 300,000

Piotr Brodzik Eliminated in 4th Place ($8,825)

Piotr Brodzik got his 13 big blind stack in from the small blind with [Ad][8s], and he ran square into the [10s][10d] of Edward Liu in the big blind. Brodzik pair his eight on a flop of [2h][9s][8c], but he wasn't able to improve, as the board completed [7h] and [5s], knocking Brodzik out in 4th.

Another Round of Photos From The Main Event

We just went through the field and spotted a few more notable names trying to win the next WSOP Circuit Main Event. Here are just a few of those players.

Ralph Massey
David Singontiko

Jamie Shaevel
Paul Chanderson

Sean Jazayeri
Sam Barnhart

Event #2 winner Cory Waaland

Raymond Tang Eliminated in 5th Place ($6,535)

We didn't catch the details on the hand, but we know that Raymond Tang was knocked out shortly after Bradd Fisher when his [Qc][7c] couldn't catch up to the [Ax][Jx] of Ronconi, knocking Tang out in 5th place.

Ronconi, who had less than a big blind with seven players left, now has over 300,000, and is second in chips with four players left.

Bradd Fisher Eliminated in 6th Place ($4,935)

It has been quite a roller coaster of a final table, with every player having doubled up or doubled someone else up in just over two hours of play. The latest victim was Brad Fisher, who was crippled when his pocket eights were no match for the pocket nines of Edward Liu in a blind vs blind situation.  On the next hand, Liu limped in, Fisher moved all in for 15,000, or less than a big blind, and Tommy Cooker checked his option from the big blind.

Cooker and Liu checked down a board of [Ks][10d][9s][Jc][10h], and Cooker showed [10c][2d] for trip tens. Fisher flipped his cards up one at a time: first the [9c], then the [Jh] for two pair that was no good.

Darryl Ronconi Flops a Boat.....Without Looking at his Hand

Well here's something you don't see everyday. Darryl Ronconi was down to his last 10,000, or less than a big blind, after he had doubled Tommy Cooker up. He was in the small blind, and after Bradd Fischer made a raise to 28,000, Ronconi called without looking at his hand. Piotr Brodzik also called, and the flop came down [Js][Jc][10d].

Fischer fired out, and when Brodzik folded, Fischer confidently turned over [As][Ad].  Ronconi flipped up one card [Jd].  "Oh, that's a good one," Ronconi said as he flipped over his next card: [10c]!! Yes Ronconi had flopped the full house, and his hand held to triple up. On the very next hand, Ronconi doubled again when his pocket eights held against the fours of Fischer, and in two hands, Ronconi went from 10,000 to 90,000!

Michael Wong Eliminated in 7th Place ($3,795)

Tommy Cooker open limped in early position, and Pitor Brodzik did the same in the cutoff. It folded around to Michael Wong in the big blind, and he moved all in for 150,000. Cooker folded, but Brodzik made the call.

Brodzik: [Qd][Qc]
Wong: [8d][8s]

The hand was all but over when the flop came down [10h][Qh][Kc]. The board completed [6c] and [10s], and Brodzik score the knockout.

More Photos From the Main Event

As promised, here are a few more photos from the first day of the Main Event here at The Bicycle Casino!

Defending Champ Baptiste Chavaillaz
Mitch Schock

Alan Myerson
Event #1 Runner Up Michael Maarup

Chris Demaci
Amit Mahkija

Heath Mendelshon
2012 runner up Alex Masek

Nick Phoenix Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,975)

Nick Phoenix came into the day with high hopes that a ring and over $27,000 were on the horizon for him, as he entered with the chip lead. However, after losing a few pots, including doubling up Michael Wong the hand before, Phoenix was surprisingly eliminated in 8th place.

Edward Liu started the action by raising to 22,000, and next to act, Wong moved all in. Phoenix called off for less, and Liu folded, getting us heads up.

Wong: [10h][10d]
Phoenix: [Ah][Kd]

Seemingly resigned to his fate, Phoenix stood up and started gathering his things, even before the flop came out. Well he ended up being right, as the board ran down [Qs][4s][Jh][2d][Qc], giving Wong the winning hand, and sending Phoenix home in 8th place.

Some Photos From The Main Event

We will be posting photos throughout the day from The Main Event while we focus most of our attention on the $1,125 final table. Here is the first round of snapshots from the biggest event of the series!

Chris Conrad
Event #1 Winner Huy Quach

Taylor Black
Andrew Sapiro

John Holley
Vadim Baranovsky

Kirk Acevedo
Peter Hengsakul

Shawn Motameni Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,370)

Shawn Motameni got his last eight big blinds in preflop holding [Ks][6s], and he was behind the [As][Jh] of Darryl Ronconi. The board ran down [3s][3d][7d][Qd][4c], and Motameni became our first player eliminated from this final table.

WSOPC Event #10 $1,125 Final Table Pictures and Counts

The final nine players have just taken their seats, and the cards are currently in the air. Here's a look at who made this final table, along with their start of day chip counts.

Seat 1: Michael Wong- 64,000
Seat 2: Shawn Motameni- 157,000

Seat 3: Nick Phoenix- 287,000 (chip leader)
Seat 4: Bradd Fisher- 86,000

Seat 5: Tommy Cooker- 157,000
Seat 6: Darryl Rinconi- 57,000

Seat 7: Piotr Brodzik- 166,000
Seat 8: Raymond Tang- 160,000

Seat 9: Edward Liu- 247,000