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Monday, March 17, 2014

Some Post Dinner Break Big Stacks

As we have done on each of the first two days, we are bringing you some of the biggest stacks in the room after the dinner break. Here are the players who have set themselves up in prime position for the latter half of the evening.

Allen Hodjat- 110,000
Piotr Brodzik- 105,000

Jerome Chan- 101,000
Jim Buckley- 98,000

Orez Mokedi- 85,000

A Few Players From Event #19 Day 1B

As promised, here are some of the players who are over on the other side of the room trying to take down a side event here at the Winnin' o' the Green.

Event #6 winner Zeke Ramirez
Eugene Tito

Event #1 winner Huy Quach

Mimi Tran
John Hulett

Solomon Yi

Last Round of Early Main Event 1C Photos

You guys might know the drill by now. Here is the final group of early photos from today. The dinner break will be starting in an hour, and when players return, we will go around and find the post-dinner big stacks in the room.

Matt Weber 
Melanie Weisner

Phong "Turbo" Nguyen
Robert Cheong

Shane Schleger 
Will Failla and his technology

Next Crop of Pics From The Main Event

It's been a couple of hours, so here are some more Main Event photos for you guys! Right now, there are 260 entrants into today's flight, more then either weekend run.

Event #3 runner-up Arkadiy Tsinis 
Darryl Ronconi

Dave Banerjee
Eric Hershler racking his chips

Event #1 winner Huy Quach
Kwinsee Tran

Lynda Tran 

Some Tweets From the Second Break

Eight levels up, and eight levels down. Here are a couple of tweets from around the room as players take their second break.

Now Some Photos From Event #19A

As we mentioned earlier, the Main Event isn't the only tournament in the room. We also have flight 1A of the $100,000 guaranteed going on right now, and here are a few of the players who are taking their shot over there.

Adam Weinraub
Blaise Hom

Nick Shkolnik
Peter Hengsakul
Wing Ng
Gladys Landegger

More Player Photos From Main Event 1C

We want to keep the photos coming for you guys, so here is another round of Main Event photos for you.

Event #8 runner-up Brian Horowitz
Charles "Woody" Moore

Marcel Sabag
Mark Jun

Sam Stein
Thomas Beckstead

Sammy Teranie

Exclusive Interview with Bicycle Casino Champion Mike Leah

Late last week, Mike Leah did the virtually unthinkinkable when he won two WSOP Circuit Rings in one day, taking down Event #9 $580 No-Limit Hold'em, and Event #11 $365 No-Limit Hold'em Turbo. Yesterday, we were able to catch up with the Ivey Poker pro, who talked about both those tournaments, and what he will be doing between now and the National Championship. Please enjoy our talk with Casino Champion Mike Leah, and be sure to stay tuned for photos of Event 1C all day long!

Second Round of Main Event 1C Photos

We have a few more photos for you guys from today's action. The room is abuzz as it looks like we will be eclipsing the 244 player mark from yesterday. Here are a few more familiar faces that came to The Bike on St. Patrick's Day.

Ben Keeline
Bradd Fisher

Brian Gorman
Mimi Tran

Ting Ho
Tom Broadband

Valentin Vornicu on St. Patrick's Day

Cards in the Air Winnin' o' the Green Event #19B

Yesterday, we had 389 players enter both starting flights of Event #19A $235 No-Limit Hold'em Guaranteed. At the end of the day, only 22 players were left standing. You can see a full list of survivors from yesterday below, as well as a breakdown of today's flights, one of which is underway. Stay tuned for photos from the first flight shortly!

Event #19B $235 No-Limit Hold'em $100k Guaranteed

  • Players start with 10,000 in chips, and registration is open till the start of Level 5
  • Two flights will be held at 1 PM and 6 PM today
  • The first four levels will be 30 minutes. All levels after that will be 25 minutes
  • The top 10% will make the money, and the top 6% will move on to Day 2 on Wednesday
View Structure Here

Riley, Robert466,000124
Yu, Sean337,000101
Cochrane, Matthew J301,000103
Schenz, Richard N269,00098
Cosway, Bob248,000128
Le, Carlson233,000117
Tito, Eugene211,000133
Eskandari, Massoud199,000111
Williams, David E169,00099
Montero, Florentino155,00096
Sanchez, Jesus131,00091
Zentner, John121,000134
Roulier, Chris119,000121
Khiev, Sao109,000106
Dearing, Shawn102,000108
Fernandez, Wilfred S100,000136
Rau, Scott90,000118
Barnhart, Samuel89,000114
Campbell, David Frank73,00095
Weinraub, Adam S69,000123
Fiske, Joseph P66,000137
Coffey, John33,000139

First Round of Photos from Main Event Day 1C

Here you go folks. We have the first round of photos from the last Day 1 of the Main Event. We can confirm that this day has gotten over 220 players, meaning that the $1 million guarantee will in fact be met and surpassed. Here are a few players looking to bag a big stack today!

Barry Greenstein
Barry Woods

Lila West
Mike Leah Multi-Tasking

Mike Noori
Ryan Laplante 

Thu Nguyen