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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 2 Comes to an End: Nipun Java Bags Big Lead

Well that does it for Day 2 here at WSOPC Event #12 $1,675 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event. 140 players returned from their perspective Day 1's, and after ten full levels of play, we are down to our final 13. Leading the way is Nipun Java, who has held the chip lead from 36 players on, slowly increasing it throughout the second half of play. Also still in contention are Shane Schleger, Danny Illingworth, David Chase, and Everett Carlton. We will post the official counts for everyone shortly. Until then, good night from The Bike, and be sure to come back tomorrow at noon, as we will be providing live updates until a winner is decided!

1. Nipun Java – 3,155,000 
2. David Chase – 1,575,000

 3. Danny Illingworth – 1,370,000
 4. Chris Hyden – 1,265,000 

5. Everett Carlton – 1,150,000
6. Zewdie “Woody” Wondim – 1,040,000

7. Shane Schleger – 980,000
8. Bao Dao – 900,000

9. Joshua Thai – 880,000
10. James Buckley – 855,000

 11. Javid Javani – 730,000 
12. Jack Duong – 550,000

  13. Piotr Brodzik – 425,000

Thomas Greiner crippled in chips, Eliminated in 14th Place ($14,005)

Thomas Greiner open shoved all in with [Ks][Qs], but he ran square into the [Ah][Kh] of Piotr Brodzik. It didn't look good for Greiner, but the flop came down [Qh][9h][7s], giving Greiner a leading pair of queens. This was proof that fortunes can change in a second in no-limit hold'em, and that idea was epitomized again just seconds later, when the [Ac] came on the turn. Greiner was hoping for another queen now, but it wouldn't come, as the board completed with the [Jd].

Greiner was knocked down to his final 12,000, and though he did get one double up, it was all for not, as Nipun Java eliminated him shortly after.

Greg Pohler Eliminated in 16th Place ($11,535) and Cory Shedd Eliminated in 15th Place ($14,005)

Cody Shedd- 15th Place
Greg Pholer- 16th Place

It's not too often you see a double elimination this deep into a tournament, but that's just what we saw as David Chase played double executioner. Greg Pohler open shoved all in from the button, and David Chase shoved behind in the small blind. Cody Shedd was sitting in the big blind, with more than Pohler and less than Chase. After a minute or so of thinking, he made the call to put himself at risk.

Shedd: [7c][7d
Pohler: [As][5c]
Chase: [Kd][Jd]

Shedd kept the lead through the flop, [10h][8c][Qc], and the turn, [5s]. However, the [Kh] came on the river, giving Chase a winning top pair, and sending two players to the rail!

Christian Knott Eliminated in 17th Place ($11,535)

Christian Knott open shipped all in for just over 400,000 from the cutoff, and Zewdie Wondimagegnehu quickly called it off on the button. Everyone else folded, and it was clear to see why it was such a quick call.

Knott: [Kd][8c]
Wondimagegnehu: [Ks][Kh]

Knott got a glimmer of hope when the flop came down [8s][7h][2h], and the [9d] provided a scare for Wondimagegnehu. However, he held through, as the river brought the [2s], knocking Knott out in 17th.

Chris Tolone Eliminated in 18th Place ($11,535)

Facing a raise to 45,000 from David Chase, Chris Tolone three bet shoved all in for his last 200,000. It folded back around to Chase, and after a brief few moments of thinking, he called.

Chase: [As][10h]
Tolone: [Jc][10s]

The board ran down [10d][Qd][2h][9d][Qh], keeping Chase in front the whole way, and making Tolone the first casualty of the final two tables.

Final Two Table Seating Chart

We have reached our final 18 players in the Main Event, and here's a look at where they will be sitting for the rest of the night.

Table 1

Seat 1: Christian Knott
Seat 2: Zewdie Wondimagegnehu
Seat 3: Chris Hyden
Seat 4: Jack Duong
Seat 5: Javid Javani
Seat 6: Danny Illingworth
Seat 7: Bao Dao
Seat 8: Nipun Java
Seat 9: Joshua Thai

Table 2

Seat 1: Christopher Tolone
Seat 2: Cody Shedd
Seat 3: James Buckley
Seat 4: Thomas Greiner
Seat 5: Piotr Brodzik
Seat 6: Shane Schleger
Seat 7: Everett Carlton
Seat 8: Greg Pohler
Seat 9: David Chase

Main Event Bustouts 19th-27th

We have our final list of bustouts without elimination hands. Now that we are down to the final 18, we will be providing hand details on every bustout.  The following players each earned $9,605.

19th: Akram Ali
Matt Weber- 27th Place
20th: Mike Sly
21st: Kody Muir

These players each earned $8,095 for
their showing.

22nd: Tomer Daniel
23rd: Vartan Nazaryan
24th: Jeffrey Yarchever

And finally, these three all won $6,905

25th: Greg Pasziewicz
26th: Levon Torosyan
27th: Matt Weber            

Nipun Java Taking Over

Nipun Java trying to count his monster stack

This is quickly turning into the Nipun Java show.  He jumped to the top of the leaderboard around the dinner break, and he has only increased that stack since. He has scored knockout after knockout over the last two hours, including making quads recently to up his behemoth stack to 2.6 million at the 10,000-20,000 level, more than double his next closest competitor.

In the last hand, Java had his opponent at risk holding [Jd[Jc], but he was in rough shape against his opponent's [Qd][Qc]. However, to the surprise of no one really, Java flopped top set when it came down [7c][Jh][6d]. Just for show, the [Js] came on the turn, ending things by giving Java quads. The meaningless river was the [Ks], and Java collected yet another bounty, taking control of this tournament with 22 players left.

Some Updated Counts With 32 Left

The eliminations have slowed down since we got to the final five tables, and here's how some of the players we've been following our faring right now.

Nipun Java- 1.04 million
Thomas Greiner- 780,000

Piotr Brodzik- 690,000
Chris Tolone- 615,000

Shane Schleger- 575,000
Kody Muir- 340,000

Cody Shedd- 330,000
Matt Weber- 290,000

Main Event Bustouts 28th-36th

We have entered the portion of the tournament where there is a payjump after every three eliminations. The following players all won $5,955 for their showing in the Main Event

28th: Jerry Cuartas
Tim West- 33rd Place
29th: Darrell Lane
30th: Caufman Talley

These players all won $5,195.

31st: Shan Jing                        
32nd: John Simonian
33rd: Tim West

And these three each won $4,580.

34th: Andrew Miramontes
35th: Qing Liu
36th: Mark Cannon

Photos From Event #19B Flight Two

The fourth and final flight over a two day span is currently underway on the other side of the room, and we have a few photos of some players taking their final shot at a seat in tomorrow's Day 2. Once all four flights have wrapped up, we will post a full list of survivors, along with chip counts and seating draw.

Duey Dong
Sirous Baghchehsaraie

Event #1 winner Huy Quach
Rick Castro

Orez Mokedi
Event #8 Winner Shawn Martirosian

Alexi Dimitrov

Main Event Bustouts 37th-45th

We have just been given the latest round of bustouts for the Main Event. Each of these players earned a payday of $4,080 for their play.

37th: Chris Demaci              
Chris Demaci- 37th Place
38th: Jamie Shaevel
39th: Inhpounh Vongvone
40th: Robert Macdonald
41st: Charles Coultas
42nd: Louis Laxineta
43rd: Matthew Ara
44th: Tennessee Benjamin
45th: Shahin Edalatdju

Main Event Bustouts 46th-55th

The following players all earned $3,675 after Takeop Oishi was knocked out in 55th, earning $3,345.

46th: Allen Hodjat                        
Start of Day Chip Leader Allen Hodjat out in 46th
47th: Christopher Abkarian
48th: Steve Firestone
49th: Charles Moore
50th: Matthew Keeton
51st: Krysztof Stybaniewicz
52nd: Ben Keeline
53rd: Pedro Victor
54th: Micahel Skoman

Big Stack Photos With Five Tables Left

In honor of there being five tables left in this Main Event, we are bringing you the top five current stacks by our best estimation with the blinds currently at 5,000-10,000. They go as follows...

Kody Muir- 650,000
Chris Tolone- 620,000

Thomas Greiner- 585,000
Shane Schleger- 580,000

Chris Demaci- 570,000

Second Half of Event #19B Photos

There are 115 players still alive in the third flight of the $235 No-Limit Hold'em Guaranteed, and that guarantee has been reached with a full flight of players yet to start at 6 PM. Here are a few of the players who came in for the 1 PM flight.

Brian Gorman
Paul Chanderson 

Event #6 winner Zeke Ramirez
Event #7 winner William Wolf

Nika Futterman
Blaise Hom

Third Round of Main Event Bustouts 56th-64th

Here is the next crop of players who fell short of their goal of winning a WSOP Circuit Main Event. Each of these players won $3,345 for their efforts.

56th: David Rosenbloom
Sean Jazayeri- 58th Place
57th: Mark Ellefson
58th: Sean Jazayeri
59th: Jason Hungle
60th: Ryan McCue
61st: Ankur Luthra
62nd: Logan Trindade
63rd: Chris Conrad