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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Congratulations to Nipun Java, Winner of The Main Event ($226,785)

That's a wrap for us at the Main Event today! It took just under eight hours for a winner to be decided, and that was none other than Nipun Java, who will take home a WSOP Circuit Ring, a seat in the National Championship, and just over $225,000! It's been quite a year for Java, as this marks his second six-figure cash in as many months. Java ended the match in style, as his Ace-King held against the Ace-Seven of Shane Schleger.  Congratulations again to Nipun Java, and stay tuned for a full winner's report shortly!

Shane Schleger Eliminated in 2nd Place ($139,820)

It seemed like deja-vu all over again in a matter of minutes here, as the heads up battled lasted only a few hands. Shane Schleger got his chips in the middle holding [Ad][7d], and again, Java had woken up with big slick, [Ah][Ks].

Schleger flopped a flush draw, [9d][5d][5h], but he couldn't catch any other help, as the board completed [3s] and [2c].  Schlegel will take home just under $140,000, and that makes Nipun Java the winner!

David Chase Eliminated in 3rd Place ($103,080)

David Chase got the last of his money in preflop holding [Ah][9s], but he ran square into the [Ac][Kd] of chip leader Nipun Java. The board ran down [Ad][8c][5c][8h][2h], and Java collected the bounty to get us to heads up between him and Shane Schleger!

David Chase Dobules, Loses Some, Then Doubles Again

David Chase has been playing catch up to Nipun Java and Shane Schleger for a while now, but he just scored his second double up in a matter of 20 minutes. First, Chase's Ace-King held against Schleger's King-Jack when they got the money in preflop, doubling Chase up to almost four million. He had dusted most of that off when he got his final 1.7 million in with pocket aces on a queen high flop, and managed to hold against the Queen-Three of Schleger.

After that hand, Java hold a slight lead over Chase and Schleger, who are both virtually even now.

Danny Illingworth Eliminated in 4th Place ($76,830)

Danny Illingworth got all of his chips in the middle holding [Kh][Qd], and unfortunately for him, he was up against the [8c][8h] of Nipun Java. Normally you wouldn't mind flipping for your tournament life with King-Queen, but Java has seemed virtually unbeatable at coin flips over the past couple days. Sure enough, Java's under pair held, as the board ran down [Jc][6h][3c][10s][7c].

With Illingworth gone, Java, David Chase, and Shane Schleger have all locked up six-figure paydays.

Cards in the Air for Two Events!

It's 6 PM at The Bike, and today, that means that one event is kicking off, while another is restarting. Need the Main Event final table, Day 2 of Event #19 $235 No-Limit Hold'em $100k Guaranteed has resumed with 52 players coming back today. For a full list of players returning, check here.

We also have the start of Event #20 $355 No-Limit Hold'em Survivor. In this event, the top 10% will all win $3,000, with extra bonuses going to the chip leader with five, four, and three tables remaining. Check below for more details.

Event #21 $355 No-Limit Hold'em Survivor

  • Player start with 15,000 in chips, and play begins at 6 PM
  • All Levels will be 30 minutes
  • Registration is open until the start of Level 5
  • There will be a 15 minute break after Level 4, and a 10 minute break every 90 minutes after that
  • This is a non-ring event
  • The top 10% of the field will earn $3,000
  • The chip leaders with 45, 36, and 27 players left will earn $3,055

Updated Four Handed Chip Counts

The rarely seen million chip plaques are now in play, with Nipun Java and Shane Schleger currently having one in their possessions. Here's a breakdown of the rest of the stacks.

This is what the chip lead four handed looks like. 

1. Nipun Java- 5.93 million
2. David Chase- 4.05 million
3. Shane Schleger- 3.8 million
4. Danny Illingworth- 1.15 million

Jack Duong Eliminated in 5th Place ($58,025)

Nipun Java and Jack Duong got in a button vs. small blind raising war that saw the last of Duong's 900,000 get into the middle. Duon held [10s][10c], and he was up against the [As][Qs]. Java has been winning most of his flips so far in this tournament, and nothing was new here, as a queen popped right in the window on a [Qd][4d][2h]. The board completed [5c] and [Jd], and Java took the pot to increase his chip lead. The players will be on break shortly, and we will post update chip counts for the final four then.

Bao Dao Eliminated in 6th Place ($44,395)

Nipun Java raised it up to 120,000 from under the gun, and Bao Dao three bet shoved for 920,000. Once Java got the count, he made the call.

Java: [10c][10h]
Dao: [Ah][Kc]

Fortunately for Java, the board ran all under cards, coming [9d][5d][3c][8h][7s], knocking Dao out in fifth, and getting him back over 3.5 million.

Danny Illingworth Doubles Through Nipun Java

After a lull of over an hour at six handed play where no one was all in and called, we just had that situation play out, with Danny Illingworth reaping the benefits of a full double up. Bao Dao raised it up to 105,000, and Illingworth raised almost enough to be all in. Nipun Java shoved all in from the big blind, and Dao reluctantly folded, while Illingworth called to put himself at risk.

Illingworth: [Ac][Kc]
Java: [Ad][Qd]

Java got plenty of help on the flop, which came down [9d][8s][8d]. Java could now with with a queen or diamond, and could chop the pot if the board paired again. However, the board completed with two black cards, [3c] and [Jc] to give Illingworth the double to almost a million chips, and put a small dent into Java's stack.

Six Handed Counts at the Break

The six remaining players are on break, and here's how they stack up as we are about to go to 25,000-50,000 blinds.

Shane Schleger- Chip Leader

1. Shane Schleger- 4.020 million
2. Nipun Java- 3.8 million
3. Jack Duong- 3.15 million
4. David Chase- 2.3 million
5. Bao Dao- 1.35 million
6. Danny Illingworth- 610,000

Some Photos From Event #20 $235 Omaha-Hi/Lo

We took a break from the Main Event final table to snap some photos from the $235 Omaha-Hi/Lo $50,000 Guaranteed.

Robert Turner
Raouf Malek

Phillip Penn
Walter Smiley

Mario Esquerra
John Cernuto

Sirous Baghchehsarie

Chris Hayden Crippled, Eliminated in 7th Place ($34,395)

Chris Hayden lost most of his chips when he shoved over a Bao Dao open with [10h][10c]. Unfortunately for him, Danny Illingworth woke up with [Ad][Ac] right behind him, and Hayden wasn't able to catch up. On the next hand, Hayden was all in for his last 140,000, and he was called by David Chase and Shane Schleger.

Both players checked the flop of [Kc][3d][2s], and the [Qc] hit the turn. Schleger fired out 110,000, and Chase quickly folded.

Schleger: [Qs][Js]
Hayden: [Ad][7h]

Hayden was hoping for an ace, but instead the river was the [3h], putting an end to Hayden's Main Event. 

Zewdie Wondimagegnehu Eliminated in 8th Place ($26,980)

Action folded around to Nipun Java in the small blind, and he put enough big chips in the middle to put Zewdie Wondimagegnehu all in. Wondimagegnehu checked his hole cards, then made the call with the better hand.

Wondimagegnehu: [Kd][10d]
Java: [8s][7d]

Java has been running well all tournament, and that continued when the flop came down [8c][7s][5d], giving Java two pair.  The [Qh] on the turn ended things, and the meaningless river was the [10h].

With that pot, Java is back in the chip lead with 5.9 million.

Mega Millions IX Just Around the Corner!

The Main Event might be wrapping up here today, but the Winnin' o' the Green is far from over! The Bike will be still be hosting a handful of tournaments over the next three weeks, including the next installment of The Mega Millions! In January, Dave Banerjee managed to turn a $160 investment into a quarter of a million dollars, and this time around, it could be you! Check out our interview with Tournament Director Mo Fathipour, who breaks down the Quantum Reload structure that he invented that will make someone's dream come true in two weeks time!

Javid Javani Eliminated in 9th Place ($21,420)

Javid Javani started the final table as the short stack, and he was able to jump up one rung on the payout later before he succumbed in 9th place. Javani open shoved for 675,000 in late position, and Jack Duong made the call next to act to put him at risk.

Javani: [Ad][8s]
Duong: [10d][10s]

Duong smashed the flop of [10h][7s][2h], and Javani was almost drawing dead. He was officially dead when the [5d] hit the turn, and the meaningless river was the [Js].

Cards in the Air Event #20 $235 Omaha-Hi/Lo $50,000 Guaranteed

We are back to the non-hold'em games today as we kick off Winnin' o' the Green Event #20, $235 Omaha-Hi/Lo. Today is the first of two Day 1's, and the survivors from both days will meet back up on Friday to decide a winner. Check out more details of this event below, and stay tuned for some event photos shortly.

Event #20 $235 Omaha-Hi/Lo $50,000 Guaranteed

  • Players start with 10,000 in chips and play starts at 1 PM
  • All Levels will be 30 minutes 
  • Registration will be open until the start of Level 5
  • There will be a 15 minute break after Level 4, and a 10 minute break every 90 minutes after that
  • This is a non-ring event

Joshua Thai Eliminated in 10th Place ($17,215)

The eliminations didn't slow down just because we made it to the final table, as we have lost players in back-to-back hands. The first happened when Joshua Thai and Shane Schleger got in a preflop raising war that saw all of Thai's and most of Schleger's chips going into the middle.

Schleger: [10s][10d]
Thai: [Ad][Jh]

It was a classic coinflip going to the flop, but that quickly changed when the flop came down [Ah][3d][3c]. Schleger was in dire straits now, and the [5c] on the turn changed nothing. Schleger could win with a ten and a ten only.

River: [10c]!

Thai couldn't believe when he saw the river, but he took the beat in stride, shaking hands with most of the table as he made his exit. After that hand, Schleger is pushing two million chips.

Unofficial Final Table Seats, Counts and Pictures

We have quickly gotten down to our final ten players, and they have all redrawn for seats at the 10-handed unofficial final table. Here is how the lineup looks!

Seat 1: Nipun Java - 3,780,000
Seat 2: Zewdie Wondimagegnehu - 1,205,000

Seat 3: Javid Javani - 605,000 (Short Stack) 
Seat 4: Jack Duong - 1,340,000

Seat 5: David Chase - 4,360,000 (Chip Leader)
Seat 6: Bao Dao - 855,000

 Seat 7: Joshua Thai - 905,000 
Seat 8: Chris Hyden - 855,000 

Seat 9: Danny Illingworth - 1,165,000
Seat 10: Shane Schleger - 1,010,000

Everett Carlton Eliminated in 11th Place ($17,215)

Action started with chip leader Nipun Java raising it up to 60,000 in late position, and Everett Carlton defended his big blind. The dealer fanned out a flop of [Ks][5c][2d], and Carlton check called a bet of 75,000 from Java. The [As] came on the turn, and both players checked to see the [3d] hit the river.

Carlton fired right out for 250,000, and after a minute of thinking, Java shoved all in. Carlton quickly called and tabled [5d][4d] for a wheel, but it was no good, as Java had rivered the nut straight with [6c][4c].

James Buckley Eliminated in 12th Place ($17,215)

David Chase has had a dream start to his day, as he was on the right side of both bustouts so far today. This time around, James Buckley got his money in with [5s][5d]. It was a classic coinflip against the [Ah][Ks] of Chase, but the hand quickly flipped when the flop came [Kc][10c][4h]. Buckley needed a ton of help to win now, but the board completed [10s] and [9s], giving the pot to Chase, and sending Buckley home in 12th.

List of Survivors and Payouts From Event #19 $235 $100k Guaranteed

As we promised earlier, here is a list of the survivors from Event #19. There are 52 players left, with Robert Riley leading the way with 466,000 in chips. Check out the rest of the survivors below.

Riley, Robert466,000124
Torres Jr, Raul419,000189
Yu, Sean337,000101
Cochrane, Matthew J301,000103
Terzyan, Robert279,000126
Schenz, Richard N269,00098
Phan, Andy261,00092
Gagnon, Robert259,00097
Cosway, Bob248,000128
Long, John243,000196
Avner, Levy237,000105
Le, Carlson233,000117
Johnson, Daniel222,000127
Gregory, Derek214,000107
Tito, Eugene211,000133
Yoon, David208,000104
Silverstein Steve206,000135
Hovsipian, Varosh200,000116
Eskandari, Massoud199,000111
Herrmann, Dylan192,00093
Hernandez, Cruz J187,00094
Consolazio, Dave186,000122
Ortiz, Fernando173,000129
Williams, David E169,00099
Mosher, George164,000119
Montero, Florentino155,00096
Soualian, Raffi152,000112
Kim, Jason151,000191
Turner, Elliot133,000109
Sanchez, Jesus131,00091
Sehgal, Amit129,000102
Zentner, John121,000134
Roulier, Chris119,000121
Garcia, Andrew112,000187
Khiev, Sao109,000106
Dearing, Shawn102,000108
Huynh, Elvis102,000115
Fernandez, Wilfred S100,000136
Godinez, Juan99,000138
Holden, Elmore97,000181
Aluzzi, Richard91,000195
Rau, Scott90,000118
Barnhart, Samuel89,000114
Johnson, Jermaine84,000186
Nguyen, Kyle82,000113
Campbell, David Frank73,00095
Weinraub, Adam S69,000123
Fiske, Joseph P66,000137
Mira, Steve54,000125
Dassa, Shmuel44,000132
Coffey, John33,000139
Bracken, Andrea25,000131

Below you will find the numbers for what these players are playing for! 

1st: $38,232
2nd: $19,110
3rd: $10,330
4th: $8,170
5th: $7,065
6th: $6,140
7th: $5,375
8th: $4,605
9th: $3,840
10th-12th: $3,070
13th-15th: $2,305
16th-18th: $1,690
19th-21st: $1,260
22nd-24th: $1,035
25th-27th: $935
28th-36th: $860
37th-45th: $785
46th-52nd: $715
53rd-70th: $500
71st-87th: 400

Piotr Brodzik Eliminated in 13th Place ($14,005)

Piotr Brodzik came into the final table as the short stack, and it only took him about 20 minutes to get his chips in the middle. Brodzik raised it up to 100,000 preflop, and David Chase tagged along to see a flop of [Ad][10s][4s].  Brodzik open shoved all in for 505,000, and Chase quickly made the call.

Chase: [Ks][Qs]
Brodzik: [Ac][Jc]

Brodzik was out in front but would need to fade a spade or jack to survive. The [Kh] on the turn gave Chase some more outs, and he hit the [8s] on the turn to complete his flush.

Cards in the Air WSOPC Main Event Final Day

The 13 remaining players are in their seats, and the cards are now in the air! The current blinds are at 15,000-30,000, and all levels today will be 75 minutes. Stay tuned for live eliminations, and a new round of photos when we get to the final table!

What's on Tap: Wednesday, March 19th

Nipun Java- Main Event Chip Leader

Today is the biggest day of the Winnin' o' the Green, as someone will walk away with over a quarter of a million dollars! We are down to the final 13 in the WSOP Circuit Main Event, and local part time pro Nipun Java holds a huge edge over the rest of the field. It won't be easy though, as Shane Schleger, Danny Illingworth, and David Chase are just a few of the players in his way. Play will resume at 12, and you can read a full list of the final 13 here!

There will be another big winner decided today, as Event #19 will be playing down to an end as well. 52 players have survived the four Day 1's to move on to today's restart, with play resuming again at 6 PM tonight until a winner is decided! We will post a full list of survivors shortly, but read who made it through the first day here!

We also have two events kicking off today: Event #20 $235 Omaha-Hi/Lo $50,000 Guaranteed and Event $21 $355 No-Limit Hold'em Survivor. Read more details on these below.

Event #20 $235 Omaha-Hi/Lo $50,000 Guaranteed

  • Players start with 10,000 in chips and play starts at 1 PM
  • All Levels will be 30 minutes 
  • Registration will be open until the start of Level 5
  • There will be a 15 minute break after Level 4, and a 10 minute break every 90 minutes after that
  • This is a non-ring event

Event #21 $355 No-Limit Hold'em Survivor

  • Player start with 15,000 in chips, and play begins at 6 PM
  • All Levels will be 30 minutes
  • Registration is open until the start of Level 5
  • There will be a 15 minute break after Level 4, and a 10 minute break every 90 minutes after that
  • This is a non-ring event
  • The top 10% of the field will earn $3,000
  • The chip leaders with 45, 36, and 27 players left will earn $3,055