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Friday, March 21, 2014

By the Numbers: Mega Millions IX Friday-1A 3/21 6PM session

As a result of 254 total entries and 213 add-ons, the running prize pool is (240 x $130) $33,020 + (213 x $100) $21,300 = $54,320.  There will be 13 players advancing to Tuesday, April 1st at 6:00 PM.

The following is the payout structure for this session.

1st-13th: Move on to Day 2
14th-18th: $500
19th-25th: $400

The next qualifying session is tomorrow, Saturday,1B at 1:00 PM with open registration until 3:15 PM

The 1:00PM Mega Millions IX In The Money with 24 left!

With several notables still in the field, the current min cash is $400. Some players who are still in the hunt include Dana Kellstrom, Julie Le, and Augstin Garcia.

Announcing Nightly $65 Mega Satellite Turbo 8:30PM 3 ($550) Mega Millions IX seats Guaranteed

Currently cards are in the air with 20+players in the nightly 8:30PM $65 No Limit Hold'em Mega Satellite with THREE $550 Mega Millions seats guaranteed.  Registration closes at 9:45PM
$65 Mega Satellite structure

With 1-hour left to register plenty of familar faces in the Mega Millions IX Friday-1A 6PM session

Currently over 211 entries into the Friday-1A 6:00PM session with 45+minutes left to register.

Cards are in the air of Mega Millions Series 9, $160 Friday-1A 6:00PM session Registration until 8:15PM

Winnin' O' The Green #23 MEGA MILLIONS IX No Limit Hold’em $1,000,000 GUARANTEED
  • Buy-in: $160 ($130 Prize-Pool + $30 Entry Fees) with 1-optional $100-Add-on & Re-Entry First 4 Levels.  
  • There is a $100-Re-buy/Add-on until close of registration/end of 1st break. 
  • Tonight, through Monday, March 31st, 2014, at 1:00-PM & 6:00-PM. 
  • Players receive 5,000 in tournament chips.  
  • $100 optional add-on gets an additional 8,000 chips. 
  • Every session top 10 % get in the money and top 5% advance to Day 2
Currently there are 155+entries into tonight's 6:00-PM, Friday-1A session with open registration until 8:15-PM.
$160 Mega Millions IX structure
FAQ: Mega Millions IX

The entire Mega Millions Series Nine structures:

By the Numbers: Mega Millions 1A 1 PM Session

As a result of 240 total entries and 201 add-ons, the running prize pool is (240 x $130) $31,200 + (201 x $100) $20,100 = $51,300.  There will be 12 players advancing to Tuesday-2, 4/1 at 6:00-PM.

The following payout structure for this session.

1st-12th: Day 2
13th-18th: $500
19th-24th: $400

The next qualifying session is tonight, Friday-1A, 6:00-PM with open registration until 8:15-PM

Winnin' o' the Green Event #20 Final Results

And that's a wrap. The final five players have all agreed to a chip chop, with big stack Phillip Penn earning the Lion's share of the remaining prize pool. Penn, who came into the day as the chip leader, will walk away with an event $10,000, along with being named the winner of the tournament. Check out the winner's photo below, and underneath that, the details of the five way chop. Congratulations to all five players!

1st: Phillip Penn- $10,000
2nd: Paramjit Gill- $6,175
3rd: Rusty Mandap- $5,230
4th: John Cernuto- $4,765
5th: Don Halpern- $4,145

Second Round of Photos From Mega Millions

Here is the second set of photos from today's first flight of The Mega Millions!

Melissa Hayden
Kirt Suihkonen 

Hai Le
Orez Mokedi

Allen Cunningham
Bradd Fisher

Julie Le
Edmund Liu

Don Netzel Eliminated in 7th Place ($1,900), Maxwell Shapiro Eliminated in 6th Place ($2,150)

Don Netzel- 7th Place
Maxwell Shapiro- 6th Place

The eliminations keep coming here at the Event #20 final table, and it looks like Phillip Penn's tournament to lose at the moment.  We just lost two players in the last hand to get us down to our final five.  Here's how that hand went down.

We caught up with the action on the turn, with the board showing [6h][Ac][8h][9h].  Don Netzel was already all in, and John Cernuto had bet out. Maxwell Shapiro called leaving himself just 10,000 behind, and Penn called as well. The [Kd] came on the river, and it checked to Shaprio, who committed his last 10,000. Penn and Cernuto called, and Cernuto revealed [As][4s][3h][5h] for a low and a flush. Penn showed a better flush, [Kh][4h][4d][5s], and the other two players mucked their inferior hands.

Thomas Nguyen Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,650)

Thomas Nguyen got the last of his chips in the middle on the turn of a board that read [Jd][Qs][5s][7h]. Nguyen held [Qc][10s][9d][4c] for top pair and an open ended straight draw, but unfortunately for him, he ran square into the set of Paramjit Gill, who was holding [7c][7s][Qd][3c]. Nguyen could still get a piece of the pot if a king or eight came, but the [As] came instead, knocking Nguyen out in 8th.

Jason Brewer Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,400)

Jason Brewer came into the final table as one of the big stacks, but he quickly lost a couple massive pots, and was down to less than one big bet. Brewer was able to chop his first all in, but he didn't survive the second one, as he was eliminated in 9th place.

Nguyen Tran Eliminated in 10th Place ($1,150)

Nguyen Tran came in with hopes of winning his second Omaha-8 or Better tournament in as many weeks, but he fell short of that plan, finishing in 10th place. Tran got the last of his 40,000 chips in preflop, and he was called by "Miami" John Cernuto and Thomas Nguyen.  The board ran down [6c][10s][10d][Jc][2h], and Cernuto's [Ad][6h][2c][9h] was good enough to scoop the pot, and knock out the dangerous Tran.

Winnin' o' the Green Event #20 Final Table Pictures and Counts

We have reached the final 10 here at Event #20, $235 Omaha-8 or Better, and you can see photos, counts, and seats for all 10 below.

Seat 1: Thomas Nguyen- 150,000
Seat 2: Paramjit Gill- 140,000

Seat 3: Jason Brewer- 305,000
Seat 4: Rusty Manolap- 340,000

Seat 5: Don Halpern- 345,000
Seat 6: Don Netzel- 100,000

Seat 7: Phillip Penn- 740,000 (Chip Leader)
Seat 8: Nguyen Tran- 60,000 (short stack)

Seat 9: "Miami" John Cernuto- 80,000
Seat 10: Maxwell Shapiro- 180,000

Winnin' o' the Green Event #20 Payout Results 11th-26th

We just got a list of the bustouts so far in this event, and they are listed below. Hermilo Vargas and Robert Turner got 11th and 12th respectfully, earning $1,150 for their efforts. The following three received $900.

13th: Kathy Chang
14th: Sean Valentine
15th: Larry Ziman

These players each won $750 for their efforts.

16th: Leo Davis
17th: Sovann Pen
18th: Theresa Horn

These three each earned $625.

19th: Jeff Madsen
20th: Joshua Shriber
21st: Richard Bakovic

These three won $500.

22nd: Ricard Naiman
23rd: Carolyn Gardner
24th: Shirley Rosario

And lastly, Long Ngoc Tran and Thida Lin both won $430 today. Congratulations to all of these players, and good luck to those still in!

First Round of Mega Millions Photos

We've already had 100 people sign up for the first leg of Mega Millions IX, and we recognized a slew of the players at the table today. Here is the first round of photos from the big event!

Nika Futterman
Matt Kursar

Matthew Damadeo
Brandon Uhl

Irv Warsaw
Davis Ji

Matt Salsberg
Mark Jun