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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Winnin' O' The Green $160 Event #24 $300,000 Guaranteed Wednesday-1B 1:00-PM Top 5% Players Advancing & In The Money Photos

(4th: $500)
Tony Chu 238,000
Fernando Lizarraga 191,000
Edgar Garcia 292,000
Blaise Hom (5th: $500)
(6th: $400)
Dana Kellstrom (7th)

Mega Millions IX Final Table List and Chip Counts

After Chris Tolone's pocket jacks failed to improve against the pocket queens of his opponent, he was sent packing just short of the final table. Check out the full list of chip counts below, in order of highest to lowest, and scroll down for photos of everyone at the unofficial final table. Be sure to come back tomorrow at 2 PM for all your live updates, as someone will walk away $275,000 richer!

1. Alex Hoang- 20 million
2. Collin Wheeler- 16.850 million
3. Jack Duong- 14.825 million
4. Linh Le- 9.55 million
5. Sarkis Keshishian- 9.125 million
6. Massoud Eskandari- 8.575 million
7. Ha Diep- 6 million
8. Cody Shedd- 4.925 million
9. Michael Katz- 2.25 million

Mega Millions IX Unofficial Final Table

With the eliminations of Yosef Fox and Steven Mira, we have reached our unofficial final table of 10 players. We will post exact end of day chip counts when we reach the final nine, but we can tell you that Alex Hoang has taken quite a big lead over the field after knocking out Fox and Mira, as he now sits on 19 million in chips! Here's where the final ten are sitting.

Seat 1: Jack Duong
Seat 2: Cody Shedd
Seat 3: Michael Katz
Seat 4: Chris Tolone
Seat 5: Massoud "Mike" Eskandari
Seat 6: Collin Wheeler
Seat 7: Ha Diep
Seat 8: Linh Le
Seat 9: Sarkis Keshishian
Seat 10: Alex Hoang

Jack Duong
Cody Shedd
Michael Katz
Chris Tolone

Massoud "Mike" Eskandari
Collin Wheeler
Ha Diep
Alex Hoang
Sarkis Keshishian

Linh Le

Mega Millions IX Payouts 13th-18th

These three players each earned $16,520 for their efforts.

13th: Seth Gottlieb
14th: Ara Abkarian
15th: Jerry Neal (start of day chip leader)

And these three players each won $12,115 for their finishes.

16th: Eugene Lebowitz
17th: Ori Kossonogi
18th: Hagop Daglian

Final Two Tables Seating Charts and Chip Counts

Here is how the final 18 players are stacking up, and where they are currently residing.

Table 5

Seat 1: Linh Le- 6.3 million
Seat 2: Massoud Eskandari- 6.1 million
Seat 3: Chris Tolone- 4.8 million
Seat 4: Michael Katz- 3.8 million
Seat 5: Eugene Lebowitz- 1.2 million
Seat 6: Cody Shedd- 6.3 million
Seat 7: Jack Duong- 10.2 million (chip leader)
Seat 8: Ara Abkarian- 900,000 (short stack)
Seat 9: Ori Kossonogi- OUT

Table 6

Seat 1: Ha Diep- 9.8 million
Seat 2: Collin Wheeler- 3.3 million
Seat 3: Hagop Daglian- OUT
Seat 4: Steven Mira- 3.7 million
Seat 5: Seth Gottlieb- 7.1 million
Seat 6: Alex Hoang- 8.5 million
Seat 7: Yosef Fox- 8.4 million
Seat 8: Sarkis Keshishian- 5.4 million
Seat 9: Jerry Neal- 2 million

By The Numbers: $160 Winnin' O' The Green Event #24, Wednesday-1B, 6:00-PM!

While our focus is primarily on the Mega Millions Day 2 in the main tournament room, we are still keeping our eye on the Day 1B's of the $300,000 guaranteed. The 1:00-PM session is in the money with four players currently left.  The final three of those will advance to Day 2. Here's how the payouts look in the second flight of the day.

We had 81 entrants (81 x $130) $10,530 in the evening flight, with an additional 74 add-ons (74 x $100) $7,400, to create a total prize pool of $17,930. The top eight spots will pay out, with the final four advancing. Here's how the numbers look.

1st-4th: Move on to Day 2
5th and 6th: $500
7th and 8th: $400

Mega Millions IX Payouts 19th-27th

We just received the latest payouts form the tournament floor. The following players each earned $9,815 for their efforts.

19th: Rich Tsan
20th: Matt Kursar
21st: Joseph Ruzick

These players each won $8,160

22nd: Gal Yifach
23rd: Ezra Abugazal
24th: Victor Bensaedon

And lastly, these three each earned $7,390 for their finish in the final three tables.

25th: Lea Nehme
26th: Siu Chow
27th: Michael Levin

Million Chip Plaques In Play!

Just like in the Main Event a couple of weeks ago, the floor staff has brought out the yellow million chip plaques. Below you will see a few of them in the stacks of some of the remaining survivors!

Announcing Nightly $65 Mega Satellite Turbo 8:30PM 3 ($550) Winnin' O' The Green Event #24 NLH $300K-GTD seats Guaranteed

There is the nightly $65 No Limit Hold'em Mega Satellite with THREE $550 Event #24 NLH $300K-GTD seats guaranteed starting at 8:30-PM with open Registration until 9:45-PM!
$65 Mega Satellite structure
Event #24 NLH $300K GTD structure:

Mega Millions IX Payouts 28th-36th

The following players all earned $6,790 for their efforts.

28th: Gary Klionsky
29th: Kyle Floyd
30th: Chris Abkarian
31st: Jody Pike
32nd: Aldon Patatanyan
33rd: Macradij Yacoubian
34th: Mark Tippmann
35th: Marios Savvides
36th: Paramjit Gill

Mega Millions IX Day 3 Payout Information

Just as a reminder, here is what the final 45 players today are playing for.

1st: $275,322
2nd: $143,190
3rd: $78,200
4th: $60,575
5th: $51,765
6th: $45,160
7th: $39,100
8th: $33,040
9th: $29,535
10th-12th: $22,030
13th-15th: $16,520
16th-18th: $12,115
19th-21st: $9,915
22nd-24th: $8,260
25th-27th: $7,490
28th-36th: $6,890
37th-45th: $6,280

Mega Millions IX Day Three Table Eight Photos

Linh Le
Paramjit Gill

Yosef Fox
Matt Salsberg

Jack Duong
Michael Levin

Matthew Kursar

Mega Millions IX Day Three Table Seven Photos

Joseph Ruzick
Siu Chow

Gary Klionsky
Aldon Patatanyan

Cody Shedd
Jerry Neal

Eugene Lebowitz

Ha Diep

Mega Millions IX Payouts 37th-45th

We have just received the list of the first bustouts from today's play. All of these players earned $6,180 for their efforts.

37th: Hien Ly
38th: Hambardzum Ghaplanyan
39th: Rupesh Pattni
40th: Matt Salsberg
41st: David Marshall
42nd: Emanuel Goldshide
43rd: Jeremy Yap
44th: Kyle Fox
45th: Nick Shkolnik

Cards are in the air 2014 Winnin' O' The Green Event #24-1B $300,000-Guaranteed $160 NLHE 6:00-PM session

Currently 45+entries with registration open for another ~90-minutes as registration closes at 8:15-PM for this 5th qualifying session of The Winnin' O' The Green Event #24 $300,000 No Limit Hold'em!

$300,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold’em *Non Ring Event
Wednesday, April 2nd, to Friday, April 4th at  6:00-PM

$160 Buy-in ($130 Prize Pool + $30 Entry Fees) | 1 opt add-on / Re-entry First 4 Levels 
Players receive 5,000 in tournament chips, $100 optional add-on gets an additional 8,000 chips. 

Every session top 10% get in the money and top 5% advance to Day 2 
Day 2 on Sat April 5th at 2:00pm with $3,000 buy-in ($2,800+ $200) No Late Registration 
Players who register on day 2 will start with average chips 

$160 No Limit Hold'em $300K-GTD structure

Mega Millions IX Day Three Table Six Photos

Alex Hoang
Hien Ly

Rich Tsan
Chris Tolone

Kyle Fox
Marios Savvides

Chris Abkarian
Ori Kossonogi

Seth Gottlieb 

By The Numbers: $550 Winnin' O' The Green Event #24, Wednesday-1B, 3:30-PM!

Today's field had 25 entries (25 x $500 = $12,500) came out to play the 1st $550 flight of Event #24 No Limit Hold'em $300,000 Guarantee. As a result, the top 3 players w will move on to Day 2

1st-3rd: Move on to Saturday-2 (final day)

Next qualifying session going on now, $160 Buy-in with 5% of the field advancing, with open registration until 8:15-PM!

Mega Millions IX Day Three Table Five Photos

Massoud Eskandari
Emanuel Goldshide

Ara Abkarian
Rupesh Pattni

Collin Wheeler
Ezra Abugazal

Michael Katz
Victor Bensaedon