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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Deepstacks Main Event 1B Update: Host Mike "The Mouth" Matusow Eliminated

Mike Matusow had seen a recent upswing in his stack to over 60,000, but he slowly got whittled down, and was just eliminated. The action started when an opponent made it 4,500 in late position. Matusow three-bet to 16,000 from the button, and his opponent called to see a flop of [Jd][3s][7c].

It was checked to Matusow, who moved all in for 20,000. His opponent snap called with the best hand possible at the time, [Js][Jc]. Matusow could only muster up [9c][9h], and he would need runner runner to win. The [6h] on the turn ended things, and to add insult to injury, the [9d] came on the river to give Matusow a useless set.

Exclusive Interview with 1B Host Mike "The Mouth" Matusow

Earlier in the day, we had a few moments to catch up with Mike Matusow, who was hosting Day 1B of this Deepstacks Poker Tour Main Event. We discussed how his day was going, his involvement with Deepstacks, and what will become of his book "Check Raising the Devil", which will be turned into either a movie or TV show. We hope you enjoy our chat with Matusow!

By the Numbers: Deepstacks Main Event 1B

We had a grand total of 141 players enter into today's Day 1 flight, upping the total registrants to 221 including the 80 from yesterday. This means that we will need less than 80 players in tomorrow's flight to make the guarantee, which should be cleared easily. In a few hours, we will know who will join the 25 survivors from yesterday's flight. Good luck to all the players still in!

Second Round Of Deepstacks Main Event 1B Photos

Here is the second round of pictures of the notable names in today's field. The big board says 117 players have entered today, easily besting the 80 who played yesterday. We will post the final number when registration closes at 6 PM.

Edmund Liu
Heath Mendelsohn

Huy Quach
Peter Hengsakul

Rupesh Pattni
Sean Jazayeri

Soi Nguyen

First Round of Main Event 1B Photos

We have just went through the room, and snapped a few photos of the notables in the field today. So far, we have 102 players, and that number will be going up throughout the day as registration is open until just after the dinner break, which should be around 6 PM local time. Stay tuned for more players photos to be posted shortly.

Today's Host Mike Matusow
Alan Meyerson

Nick Shkolnik
Bradd Fischer

Chris Demaci
John Zentner

Matt Salsberg

Cards in the Air: Deepstacks Poker Tour Main Event 1B

Welcome back to Los Angeles for Day 1B of the $1,110 Main Event here at the Bicycle Casino! Yesterday saw 8- players enter into Day 1A, and only 25 of them made it out. Some of the notables who made it through were Cody Shedd, Phong "Turbo" Nguyen, Brian Gorman, and Tristan Wade, who was the host of the day. You can see a full list of the survivors here.

Today is the second of three starting flights in this event, and we are expecting a bigger turnout than yesterday. Four-time bracelet winner Mike Matusow will be the guest host today, and we will grab a video interview with him later in the day. For now, the players are in their seats, the announcements have been made, and the cards are in the air!

Full List of Day 1A Survivors

Below you will find a list of everyone who punched their ticket to Day 2 yesterday. This list includes Phong "Turbo" Nguyen, who bagged the second most chips of the flight. We also had Tristan Wade, the host of the event yesterday, moving on as well, though he will be one of the short stacks when he comes back on Monday. Here is the rest of the list.

1. Edward Frish- 238,000
2. Phong "Turbo" Nguyen- 194,500
3. Cody Shedd- 193,500
4. Vadim Baranovsky- 170,000
5. Gal Yifrach- 146,500
6. Joshua Field- 133,500
7. Sabry Mansour- 130,000
8. Jarod Einshon- 127,500
9. Vazgen Ohanian- 111,500
10. Daniel Straus- 93,000
11. Brian Gorman- 91,000
12. Nick Phoenix- 87,000
13. Svetlana Baranovsky- 80,500
14. Richard Rogers- 76,500
15. Neill Clark- 72,500
16. Wing Ng- 72,000
17. Chien Chu- 59,000
18. Oksana Kuznichenko- 51,500
19. William Steffin- 51,500
20. Michael Gold- 47,000
21. Tristan Wade- 43,000
22. Jeff Yarchever- 41,500
23. John Virtue- 37,500
24. Dana Kellstrom- 33,000
25. Ed Dorini- 18,500