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Sunday, May 25, 2014

By the Numbers: Deepstacks Poker Tour Main Event

We have just been handed the official payouts for the Main Event here at the Bicycle Casino. We had a final total of 176 entries today, making for a grand total of 397 over the three Day 1's. This created a prize pool of $397,000, and the top 45 players will be walking away with a profit. The first payout will be $2,310, and looking at the top, the winner will get $82,015. Good luck to all the players still in the event!

1: $82,015
2: $52,180
3: $36,970
4: $26,955
5: $19,255
6: $15,020
7: $12,515
8: $10,205
9: $8,085
10-12: $6,160
13-15: $5,390
16-18: $4,620
19-21: $3,850
22-24: $3,275
25-27: $2,890
28-36: $2,505
37-45: $2,310

Day 1C Host Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi Eliminated

Michael Mizrachi chipped up early to over 100,000, easily holding the chip lead for some time. However, as many know very well, he is not apt to sit on these chips, and he was still in plenty of pots all day. He was recently eliminated in a huge hand that also gave us a new chip leader, "Super" Mario Esquerra.

We caught up with the action on the turn, with the board showing [Kh][Jd][3s][Kd]. Mizrachi was already all in for his last 20,000, and he was called by Esquerra as well as Bobby Suer. The river came the [4c], and Esquerra fired out 40,000. This was for much of Suer's stack, and he thought it over for some time before calling.

Esquerra tabled [Ks][3d] for kings full, and it was better than the [3h][3c] that Suer held. Mizrachi had [Kc][8h], and his trip kings fell to Esquerra, who is now our chip leader with 190,000.

Last Round of Player Photos From Day 1C

We have a few more photos of some of the late registrants in today's event. Right now the clock reads 137, and registration will still be open through the dinner break. Right now, the chip leader is none other than our host, Michael Mizrachi, who has knocked out a handful of players on his way to a stack of over 140,000 with the blinds at 150-300!

Derrick Mokedi
Joseph Deluca

Kyung Min Lee
Michael Rocco

Taylor Black
Thomas Beckstead

Exclusive Interview with Day 1C Host Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi

During the first break, we grabbed today's host Michael Mizrachi for a few minutes. He informed us that, as he is prone to do, he was off to a hot start, already knocking out three players on the way to an early chip lead. We talked about that, how much he loves being in LA, and about why this summer should be a good one for him at the WSOP. We hope you enjoy our talk with The Grinder!

Next Group of Players Photos

Here is the second round of notable names in the field, including the host for the day, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi! So far, 111 players have brought into the action today, and registration is still open for more than three hours.

Chris Tolone
Joe Schulman

Day 1C Host Michael Mizrachi
WSOPC Bicycle Casino Champion Nipun Java

First Round of Players Photos From Day 1C

We walked around and snapped a few photos of the notables who are taking one more shot at the Deepstacks Main Event today. The clock says 76 players, meaning only three more are needed to meet the posted $300,000 guarantee. Enjoy the photos below, and stay tuned for a few more later today!

Barry Woods
Eric Ramsey

Marcel Sabag
Mike Eskandari

Solomon Yi

Full Updated List of Main Event Survivors

Below you will find a full updated list of survivors in the Deepstacks Main Event. Matt Salsberg ended the day second in chips with 278,000, but they are all trailing Michael Maarup, who bagged an impressive 401,500. Check out the rest of the names below.

Maarup, Michael J401,500133
Salsberg, Matthew J278,00085
Kozusko, Paul F269,00077
Ochoa, Thomas268,50058
Martin, John J250,50088
Haydt, Christopher J248,00074
Frish, Edward238,00095
Myerson, Alan228,00089
Shanmugam, Ravi220,500106
Nguyen, Phong Turbo194,500132
Shedd, Cody M193,50063
Jazayeri, Sean F188,000134
Baranovsky, Vadim170,000121
Sorokin, Maxim169,50084
Yang, Sungho169,00052
Quach, Huy167,000137
Bleak, Todd M160,00083
Durant, Robert A148,500117
Yifach, Gal146,50068
Rock, John P137,50079
Field, Joshua J133,50081
Mansour, Sabry G130,00076
Einshon, Jarod S127,500111
Nia, Michael M118,00067
Hengsakul, Peter112,500109
Ohanian, Vazgen111,500131
Straus, Daniel R93,000108
Gorman, Brian J91,00092
Phoenix, Nick R87,00091
Baranovsky, Svetlana80,50056
Rogers, Richard J76,50057
Biancone, Patrick L76,00053
Houle, Jean D73,50093
Clark, Neill K72,500119
Ng, Wing Y72,00073
Patel, Harshit M69,500135
Semel, Eric S67,500123
Zentner, John67,000136
Levitt, Bruce S65,500116
Roa, Florencio S65,50087
Liu, Edmund62,00075
Chu, Chien59,00082
Forrest, William E56,000115
Kozar, Keith56,00078
Kuznichenko, Oksana51,500118
Steffin, William51,500104
Gold, Michael47,00086
Wade, Tristan43,000122
Yarchever, Jeff A41,50069
Virtue, John H37,50051
Kalas, Kane C37,500125
Kellstrom, Dana M33,000124
Dorini, Ed18,50071

Cards in the Air: Deepstacks Main Event 1C

Welcome back to The Bicycle Casino! We are here bringing you coverage for the final Day 1 of action here at the Deepstacks Main Event. Michael Mizrachi is the host today, and we will be grabbing him later for a video interview. Players will start with 30,000 in chips today, and will be playing 14 50-minute levels. The announcements have been made, the players are in their seats, and the cards are in the air!