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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"The Numbers are In" WPT Deepstacks $180 Event #5 No Limit Hold'em $20,000 Guarantee $50 Bounty Tournament

With the $180 buy-in ($100 prize-pool, $50 bounties, & $30 entry fee) there were 230 entries creating a prize-pool of $33,810!  The tournament will be paying the top 24 a minimum cash of $225.  The 1st place winner will take home $6,460 and 100 points toward the 2014 Los Angeles WPT Deepstacks series champion.

1st: $6,460
2nd: $3,235
3rd: $1,640
4th: $1,225
5th: $1,095
6th: $980
7th: $870
8th: $760
9th: $645
10th-12th: $535
13th-15th: $425
16th-18th: $335
19th-21st: $280
22nd-24th: $225
Point System for player series for Bike
Finishing Position and Points
1st - 100
2nd - 70
3rd - 50
4th - 44
5th - 38
6th - 33
7th - 28
8th - 24
9th - 20
In The Money - 15
Entering tournament - 2

Congratulations to Erik Velie, Winner of Deepstacks Poker Tour Main Event ($82,015)

Erik Velie hung around in the middle of the pack for most of Day 2 and the final table here today, simply waiting patiently for his spot to get his chips in. He was able to secure two double ups with pocket aces on his way to building up his chip stack. Eventually, he bested LA pro Derrick Mokedi to take down the title, along with over $82,000 in cash! Stay tuned later for a full winners report, and be sure to come back all summer for updates with the Deepstacks series, WSOP Main Event Satellite, and summer poker series!

Derrick Mokedi Eliminated in 2nd Place ($52,180), Erik Velie Wins the Deepstacks Main Event!

Derrick Mokedi got the rest of his stack in preflop holding [8h][7s], and he was behind the [Kd][Jd] of Erik Velie. The board ran down [Ks][Qd][3h][Jc][6h], and Valie's two pair was good enough to give him the win, and the title!

Updated Heads Up Chip Counts

1. Eric Valie- 6.45 million
2. Derrick Mokedi- 5.42 million

John Martin Eliminated in 3rd Place ($36,970)

John Martin got the rest of his chips in preflop hoding [Ad][Jh], and he was in great shape against the [Js][10c] of Eric Valie. The flop brought plenty of action, coming down [Ac][9h][8s]. Valie was looking for a queen or a seven to get a winning straight, and though the [9d] on the turn didn't help, the [Qc] on the river did, giving Valie a winning straight.

We will post updated heads up chip counts shortly between Derrick Mokedi and Eric Valie.

Mokedi Makes Great Call to Double

We didn't catch the action until the river on a completed board of [7h][9h][2c][4s][Kd].  There was a pool of chips in the middle, and John Martin had moved all in, putting Mokedi to a decision for all his chips. Mokedi spent about five minutes in the tank, all the while remaining fairly motionless. Eventually, he made the call.

"Good call," Martin said, as he could only muster up [Ah][Qd]. Mokedi yelled "Yes!", pumped his fist, and tabled [10c][7d] for a pair of sevens, which was good enough for the five million chip pot.

Eric Valie Doubles Through Derrick Mokedi

Eric Valie and Derrick Mokedi got into a raising war on a flop of [9d][5c][4d] that saw all of Valie's chips into the middle. Valie had top two pair, [9h][5h], and he was slightly ahead of the [Jd][5d]. Mokedi was hoping for a jack or a diamond, but the board ran down [3h] and [9s], improving Valie to an unnecessary full house.

After that, the two virtually swap stacks, as Valie has over five million, and Mokedi is now under three million.

Three Handed Chip Counts

Here is how the final three players currently stack up. When the players return, the blinds will be 50,000-100,000.

1. Derrick Mokedi- 5.56 million
2. John Martin- 4.18 million
3. Eric Valie- 2.14 million

Bruce Kramer Eliminated in 4th Place ($26,955)

Bruce Kramer got his remaining stack in preflop holding [Ah][Qs], but pocket aces  came up once again, as Derrick Mokedi held [Ad][Ac]. The board ran down [8d][Js][6d][Jd][7s]. With that, there are just three players left!

Paul Frank Eliminated in 5th Place ($19,255)

Eric Valie raised all in from middle position, and Paul Frank called all in from the big blind. Unfortunately for Frank, he saw he was drawing very thin.

Valie: [Ah][As]
Frank: [Ac][10c]

The flop didn't bring much help for Frank, coming [8d][3c][3s]. Frank would now need running clubs or tens to win the hand, but the [Qd] on the turn ended things. The meaningless river was the [Qc], and Valie took down the pot to get us to four handed.

The players will be on break shortly, and we will post updated counts then.

"The Numbers are In" WPT Deepstacks $130 Event #4 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better $15,000 Guarantee Tournament

With the $130 buy-in ($100 prize-pool & $30 entry fee) there were 53 entries + 88 creating a prize-pool of $15,000!  The tournament will be paying the top SIX a minimum cash of $900.  The 1st place winner will take home $6,450 and 100 points toward the 2014 Los Angeles WPT Deepstacks series champion.

1st: $4,784
2nd: $3,300
3rd: $1,950
4th: $1,350
5th: $1,050
6th: $900

Point System for player series for Bike
Finishing Position and Points
1st - 100
2nd - 70
3rd - 50
4th - 44
5th - 38
6th - 33
7th - 28
8th - 24
9th - 20
In The Money - 15
Entering tournament - 2

Bethaj Amiri Eliminated in 6th Place ($15,020)

Amiri hung around for a bit following the hand that crippled him, but he just fell in sixth place at the hands of the man that took most his chips, Derrick Mokedi. Amiri's [9c][9d] was racing against the [Qd][10c] of Mokedi. A queen popped right in the window, as the board ran down [Qc][4c][4d][Jd][7d], giving the pot to Mokedi, and getting us down to our final five.

Bethaj Amiri Crippled, Then Quadruples Up

Bethaj Amiri held a big chip lead late last night, but faltered a bit late and came into the day as one of our short stacks. He was able to work that back up, but he was crippled in a huge hand against Derrick Mokedi.

The damage was done when Amiri's [Ks][10h] was drawing dead to the [7h][6c] of  Mokedi when the board showed [10d][5h][4d][3c]. The meaningless river was the [5c], and Mokedi scored a big double up to three million.

He was down to just 115,000 after that hand, but he recently quadrupled up to over 550,000. Chip and a chair?

WPT Deepstacks $180 Event #5 No Limit Hold'em $20,000 Guarantee $50 Bounty Tournament

$180 Event #5 NLH $50 Bounty structure

WPTDeepStacks No Limit Hold’em– DeepStacks Event #3 $180 No Limit Hold'em Bounty ($50 Bounty included) $15,000 GUARANTEE

Monday 5/26 at 4:00-PM with open registration until 8:30-PM at The Bicycle Casino $180 Buy-in ($100 Prize Pool / $30 Entry Fee / $50 Bounty) Re-Entry
Each player starts with 12,000 in tournament chips.

Structure & Schedule by MoMo Fathipour Poker Tournament Director:

WPT Deepstacks Event #5 Structure Sheet

Keith Kwazar Eliminated in 7th Place ($12,515)

Keith Kwazar got the last of his chips in preflop holding [Ac][Qh], but unfortunately for him, Erik Velie woke up with the rockets, [Ad][As]. Kwazar caught a queen on the flop of [Qc][Kh][4d], but he didn't get anymore help, as the board completed [8s] and [7h], upping Velie to 1.6 million.

Seven Handed Chip Counts at Break

The players are getting ready to take their first break of Day 3. Here is how they stack up right now.

1 John Martin- 3,400,000
2 Bruce Kramer- 3,050,000
3 Derrick Mokedi- 1,850,000
4 Paul Kozusko- 1,100,000
5 Bethaj Amiri- 1,050,000
6 Erik Velie- 1,000,000
7 Keith Kwazar- 920,000

Joseph Deluca Eliminated in 8th Place ($10,205)

Action started with Paul Kozusko limping in under the gun, and Keith Kwazar bumped it up to 115,000 from late position. Joseph Deluca reraised all in for 390,000 from the cutoff, and Derrick Mokedi four bet all in over the top for 1.5 million. Kozusko and Kwazar both got out of the way, and we were off to the races.

Mokedi: [Ah]Ks]
Deluca: [Qd][Qs]

Mokedi paired up on the flop of [Ad][10c][2d]. Deluca was in dire straits, and he wouldn't improveto the best hand, as the board completed [Js] and [6h]. Deluca was eliminated from the tournament in 8th place for $10,205, while Mokedi grew his stack up to 2.15 million.

WPT Deepstacks Event #4 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better $15,000 Guarantee

Event #4 PLO/8 $15K-GTD
WPTDeepStacks Event#4 P.L.Omaha 8 or Better
$15,000 Guaranteed, Tuesday, May 27th at 1:00-PM at DeepStacks, The Bicycle Casino
Buy in $100 / $30 Entry Fee / Re-entry $100
Multi Re-buys / Single or Double Add-ons at the Break
Each player receives 4,000 in tournament chips
Players may re-buy with 4,000 or less chips
Each optional Add-on will get an additional 6,000 in tournament chips

Structures & Schedules by Mo, Mo Fathipour Poker Tournament Director:
Event #4 PLO/8 Structure Sheet

Michael Avissar Eliminated in 9th Place ($8,085)

Michael Avissar got the last of his chips in preflop holding [Ah][Qs], and he was off to the races with John Martin, who tabled [9c][9s]. The board ran down [7c][10s][7d][10h][8c], and Martin's nines held to get us down to eight.

Deepstacks Tour Event #3 Final Results

Event #3 is in the books here at The Bicycle Casino, and Erik Aude is the man who came out on top. He topped a field of 276 players to take home a grand prize of $6,707. He was joined by 35 other players who made the money. Check out the rest of the results below.

FInal Table Payouts

The final table has officially been set! While we are waiting for everything to get set up, let's remind you what we are playing for.

1: $82,015
2: $52,180
3: $36,970
4: $26,955
5: $19,255
6: $15,020
7: $12,515
8: $10,205
9: $8,085

Gerald Hunyh Eliminated in 10th Place ($6,160)

Derrick Mokedi raised it up in the cutoff, and Berald Hunyh shoved all in for his last 240,000 from the big blind. Mokedi made the call, and saw that he had Hunyh dominated.

Mokedi: [Ah]10c]
Hunyh: [Kc][10s]

The board ran down [Jh][3d][3c][5d][7h], and Hunyh was eliminated before the official final table. The players are now taking a short break while the staff sets up the final table. 

Cards in the Air: Deepstacks Main Event Final Table

The players have been briefed on how the streaming final table works, and they are unbagging their chips now. The stream will be going live on liveatthebike.com at about 12:45, and the play will be on a half hour delay. We will be providing live updates on bustouts and big double ups. Let's get the action started!

Check here for a seating chart with updated chip counts coming into today!

Final Results: Event #2 $130 No-Limit Hold'em Bounty

Below you will find a full list of the results for the first side event here on the Deepstacks tour. 227 players ponied up the $130 entry fee for this event, creating a prize pool of over $22,000. In the end, it was chopped five ways, with Lorri Broda getting the lion's share of the prize pool. You can check out the full list of results below. Congrats to all the players who cashed!

Deepstacks Main Event Final Table Information

That's a wrap for Day 2 of the Deepstacks Main Event here at The Bicycle Casino! We started the day with 88 players, and now, there are just ten. Leading the way is Bruce Kramer, who bagged up 2.45 million in chips. Joining him at the final table are local notables Derrick Mokedi (2.405 million) and Joseph Deluca (480,000). The final table will be kicking off tomorrow at noon, and we will be here to bring you all of the action!

Seat 1: John Martin- 2.14 million
Seat 2: Joseph Deluca- 480,000
Seat 3: Erik Velie- 1.49 million
Seat 4: Michael Avissar- 495,000

Seat 5: Derrick Mokedi- 2.045 million
Seat 6: Bruce Kramer- 2.45 million (Chip Leader)
Seat 7: Paul Frank- 1.035 million
Seat 8: Gerald Hunyh- 260,000
Seat 9: Bethaj Amiri- 655,000
Seat 10: Keith Kwazar- 470,000