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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Deepstacks Tour Series Champion Update

With the last event of the Deepstacks tour stop here at The Bicycle Casino wrapping up tonight, we wanted to update you guys on the points race for Deepstacks player of the series. The winner will earn a WPT VIP experience, including behind-the-scenes access to any televised WPT final table, as well as their own trophy, and having all their entry fees cover for the upcoming WPT Legends of Poker, amongst several other prizes. Here's how the standings look with this event the last to be completed.

Rodolfo Liranza- 194.8
Erik Aude- 172.8 (has taken lead after cash in Event #8)
Erik Velie- 163 (Main Event Champion)
Lorri Broda- 150.8
Steven Bond- 142.8
Kyle  Floyd- 114.8
Derrick Mokedi- 112
Ingar Robles- 110
David Yoon- 108.8
Jeff Olvera- 104
Adam Lieblein- 100.8
David Ghoddousi- 100.8
Bruce Kramer- 89

Quick Numbers Update

The eliminations have started to slow down ever so slightly. We lost half of today's survivors within the first four levels, and now fours hours into play, we are down to just 63, or the final seven tables. We will post a few big stack photos later when we are getting closer to the serious money. Good luck to the remaining players!

Next Round of Day 2 Photos

As promised, here are the few notables who are still alive. Right now, only 150 players remain, as we have lost over half the starting field from today.

Haiau Han
Chris Torina

Nina Le

First Round of Day 2 Photos

We have a handful of notables who made the now final 200 of this event. Here are just a few of those familiar faces.

Vadim Baranovsky 
Svetlana Baranovsky

Alexi Dimitrov
William Sturiano

Cards in the Air: Event #8 $150,000 Guaranteed Day 2

The 300+ remaining survivors are in their seats, the tournament announcements have been made, and the cards are now in the air! Action will start at 2000-4000, and all the blind levels will be 30 minutes. Be sure to stay tuned for some player photos, updated payout information, and final table action to come. Click here for a  full list of the returning players. Good luck to everyone, and thank you to all the players who came out for the Deepstack Tour Events these past two weeks!

By the Numbers: Event #8 $150,000 Guaranteed

We have just received the official payout numbers for this event, which generated a prize pool of nearly $280,000.  Everyone who has advanced today is already in the money, and has secured a min-cash of $200. However, the number that everyone wants to know is the first place total, which comes out to $41,721. Check out the rest of the payouts below.

1. $41,721
2. $25,250
3. $16,150
4. $12,400
5. $9,800
6. $7,800
7. $6,070
8. $4,800
9. $4,050
10-12. $3,300
13-15. $2,800
16-18. $2,385
19-21. $1,980
22-24. $1,580
25-27. $1,190
28-36. $890
37-45. $720
46-54. $625
55-63. $545
64-72. $480
73-81. $425
82-90. $380
91-108. $340
109-135. $305
136-170. $275
171-210. $250
211-250. $225
250-303. $200

Final List of Event #8 Day 2 Survivors

After five full days of qualifying, the final list of 305 survivors has been decided. Greg Paszkiewicz bagged the chip lead of 390,500 in one of the first qualifying sessions, and no one was ever able to top his total stack. These players will come back to The Bicycle Casino at 6 PM tonight to complete the tournament. Be sure to stay tuned for players photos and payout updates throughout the night, and good luck to all the players still in!

Paszkiewicz, Greg390,50087
Geula, Navid332,000105
Yoon, Wonyoung318,500348
Baker, Jeffrey315,50056
Bach, Julian K291,500308
Amiryan, Arman280,000254
Yu, Sean Hee279,000175
Goodling, Kevin268,000207
Setaghian, Edvin268,000155
Robles, Ingar D266,500149
Buckholtz, Ryan H261,000326
Mikaiel, Sevak260,50067
Ganelin, Vladimir247,000185
Charisky, Adam A246,0001310
Sena, John J246,00082
Lin, Robert245,000329
Nam, Adrian244,50096
Torina, Chris233,000272
Reyes, Joseph A232,000336
Allen, Jimi228,500204
Carson, Sam B227,500158
Jefferson, Douglas N227,0001110
King, Raffi T227,00043
Setayesh, Massoud222,500346
Kwai, Johnson221,0001610
Avanessian, Vaheh218,500197
Xu, Dong B216,50057
Luber, Jay N215,00069
Dearman, Ronald D214,500103
Duong, Chung K214,50083
Waters, Tim D212,500154
Abgaryan, Tigran212,000119
Wang, Keyue202,0001910
Enomoto, Hideo198,000335
Modabber, Nader197,500345
Salazar, Carlos R197,500221
Stumfall, John197,500347
Castillo, Brian R196,50078
Roberts, Chuck196,500265
Aude, Erik A196,0001710
Chen, Julie Ann192,00047
Johnson, Steve E190,500147
Kozel, George188,0001510
Fairchild, Halford H187,00076
Shahriari, Shahram186,000101
Cotham, Eli185,50055
Daniels, Jhaynier183,00059
Wasserman, Jason J183,000181
Daglian, Hagop181,000126
Saravan, Phillip P180,000341
Cohen, Robert P179,00054
Yen, Andrew179,000332
Doerfling, Howard K177,000274
Gomez, Jorge R176,00093
Bonnar, Jeffrey W175,500253
Fabregas, Francisco R174,500233
Glendenning, David173,500252
Camacho, Juan J173,000164
Cansino, Oscar171,5002910
Oganesyan, Harutyun171,000202
Macatangay, Roberto S169,500236
Layevskiy, Yevgeniy V168,5002710
Nehme, Lina168,500217
Feith, Thomas167,000209
Yim, Sun166,500167
Crisp, Eric W165,500275
Khoury, Badei165,000241
Baranovsky, Vadim162,500135
Sutch Jr, Norman160,500288
Abila, Ryan P160,000242
Geluz, Christopher159,500321
Hughes, Douglas K157,00044
Altman, Oliver156,000283
Villanueva, Ross A156,000296
Mandegari, Amir153,50058
AliRachedi, Samy149,500810
Genkin, Dmitry149,500610
Azizian, Vanik149,00063
Torres, Raul S148,500325
Wang, Tommy148,000249
Houk, Brian N147,500228
Cawich, Avertano146,500162
Kim, Allen I145,000333
Blum, Douglas H144,0001210
Legaspi, Genefredo144,000216
Confer, Brian143,500297
Le, Carlson141,000205
Smith, Noah T140,000179
Apel, Gerhard139,000102
Williams, Blake A139,000194
Belantan, Brian139,000238
Fenton, Adam137,500117
Dimitrov, Alexi137,000251
Lee, Jacky H136,50064
Han, Haiau136,000143
Kruglov, Victor136,000306
Lee, Byung Han136,000148
San, Tommy135,500258
Chandler, David135,00092
Singh, Deepinder135,000215
Marks, Alan134,500510
Peralta, Ferdinand R134,500245
Aghaeepour, Bruce133,000246
Darbinyan, Ashot G133,000299
So, Kut C132,000213
Robinson, Marc J132,000111
Inashima, John131,500201
Cassell, Prince A131,500710
Haghighi, Alex129,000337
Chalke, James G128,50075
Nguyen, Richard127,0003210
Nitschke, Rogerio126,500196
Szegedy, Joseph126,50068
Gabrielyan, Hakob124,000168
Baranovsky, Vadim123,00051
Romero , Osmin C123,000177
Mashour, Max122,500129
Fesi, Antonio120,00045
Layevskiy, Yevgeniy V120,000106
Neuman, Robert119,000237
Omura, Gary Y118,5002810
Kashanian, Noam117,500328
Cooper, James Q117,000289
Ramos, Delbert P117,00072
Landrum, Van H115,5003310
Crespo, Eduardo114,0002010
Moore, Jon A113,500331
Osnaya, Cesar V113,500410
Stadler, Dan M113,500226
Youssefian, Ivan113,000142
Sturiano, William"Vito"112,500188
Griener, Jared J111,500349
Diaz, Ernest110,500174
Hoang, Alexander110,00098
Lui, Paul C110,000295
Sims, Steven110,000183
Godwin, Steve109,500112
Karle, Erich109,500255
Torres, Raul S109,500276
Kallenbach, Nick109,000219
Patrikian, Paul108,50081
Golberendji, Mossayeb J108,500342
Gore, Rickey J108,000291
Goldman, Steve107,000214
Montero, Florentino107,000104
Figarotta, Paul104,500248
Georgopulos, Konstadinos104,500271
Barrows, Scott104,00065
Matevosyan, Zare103,50084
Camacho, Rudy103,000138
Cho, Richard102,500223
Tito, Eugene R101,500165
Espitia, Peter M101,000187
Stone, Gary100,000277
Jones, Michael A99,500195
Cohen, Igal99,00094
Dardashty, Parviz99,00095
Johnson, David Lester99,00046
Fredrick, Kenneth A.98,50074
Chow, Siu Y98,000128
Goncuoglu, Sam S98,000278
Ichsan, Chairul97,500184
Esparza, Ernesto97,000224
Ayala, Anthony D.96,500227
Lohrman, Shelby96,000910
Medina, Camilo95,50049
Gharibian, Tro93,500156
Mills, Marco93,000269
West, Lila92,500186
Taylor, Kevin J92,000268
Hovsipian, Varosh91,500287
Hosseini, Seyed M90,500198
Powers, Greg L90,500145
Dagher, Rif89,50066
Glasser, Susan G89,000166
Orchard, David89,000123
Gill, Paramjit88,000273
Gates, Robert S88,000151
Argueta, Jhovany S86,500279
Flores, Victor M86,000309
Minori, Chris A85,500324
Tran, Ly Cong85,000344
Rogers, Noah J84,50089
Warren, Stefani84,500108
Amagrande, Joe C83,000182
Tepoyan, Tigran82,5001810
Copple, Mark81,500266
Grace, Stephen81,50085
Nguyen, Giau81,500169
Bedrosian, Aram80,00052
Hirata, George M79,500189
Sadeghi, Mehrzad N79,5002110
Malkhasyan, Narine78,000172
Cerwinski, Stanley E76,500242
Tran, Denny76,000131
Swain, Ronald B74,000327
Shishegar, Behrooz73,50086
Tourouk, Steve73,500134
Wachtel, Steve73,500113
Villagomez, Eli G73,000305
Sturiano, William"Vito"72,500263
Bowen, Chris72,000161
Rodriguez, Raul72,000259
Cho, Kwon W72,000257
Mechammil, Hassan71,500127
Vargas, Hermilo71,500244
Walker, Shawn71,000225
Campbell, Chellie70,5001010
Nguyen, Tho Van70,500264
Kim, Denny J69,500118
Kadosh, Avraham69,000152
Mesina, Armando P69,000125
Slye, Michael68,500282
Velazquez, Francisco68,500206
Lim, Jimmy67,500203
Oh, Chang S67,500302
Bages, Samir67,000231
Perez, Josue67,000218
Rodriguez, Carlos H67,0003010
Wilkinson, Robert A67,000339
Genkin, Dmitry65,500227
Morales, Fabian J65,50041
Keshishyan, Hovik65,000212
Lane, Darrell G64,500115
Ross, Mike64,500322
Anaya, Anarbol64,00062
Reynolds, Jerril D63,500293
Esquerra, Michael63,000146
Zadoyan, Hampo63,000192
Baranovsky, Svetlana60,500267
Custis, Curtis60,000208
Fong, Lisa60,000137
Emata, Paul59,50091
Yoon, David j59,0003410
Brown, David C58,5002410
Levy, Don58,50077
Bicknell, Mark C58,00079
Klein, Edward S57,500136
Nazaryan, Armen57,00042
Yu, Sean Hee57,000155
Franco, Jose Loreto56,50053
Ji, Steve K56,500176
Boghossian, Agop55,500307
Malkhasyan, Narine55,000303
Phung, Man H55,00097
Stella, Mike54,500159
Le, Nina54,000292
Meyers, Linda54,000171
Jabboury, Sam S53,500193
Sims, Steven52,500234
Yamaguchi, Mitsuru D52,500301
Ornelas, Florentino S52,0002210
Jaime, Ricardo50,000141
Bender, Bruce48,500211
Gill, Paramjit48,500256
Ji, Steve K.48,500132
Moore, Lewis48,500144
Fan, Wenjie48,50073
Dennis, Jonathan F47,500235
Hoang, Alexander47,000163
Kharazmi, Massoumeh46,000298
Castillo, Brian R45,500151
Arava, Gil45,000294
Davidson, Charles43,5002510
Kim, Hyun43,000114
Tepoyan, Tigran43,000229
Dorini, Ed42,500284
Ghaffari, Tony M42,500286
Kadosh, Avraham42,5002610
Kohan, Morris42,500157
Alaama, Ismael42,000338
Kramer, Wolf J41,500239
Levin, Michael M41,500116
Baltazar, Estrella41,00088
Chou, Perry41,000109
Kwong, Kei41,000122
Washington, Levett39,000323
Leventhal, Ronald H38,500281
Tepoyan, Tigran38,500243
Baranovsky, Svetlana38,00061
Cho, Seong Woo38,000262
Macatangay, Roberto S37,000133
Kenoyer, Brad J36,500153
Cameron, Lorne35,500261
Harris, John C35,00099
Legaspi, Genefredo35,000205
Grigorian, Chris34,000178
Ochoa, Thomas33,500199
Najao, Ian32,5002310
Orozco, Ramon32,50048
Barcena, Richard Skillz31,500173
Warren, Stefani31,500334
Meas, Damnang31,000222
Ortiz, Ramon31,000121
Bonnar, Jeffrey W30,000285
Hoang, Kham29,500139
Jabboury, Sam S27,000131
Friedman, Judah M26,500304
Montes, Jose M23,500343
Rebolo, Jaime22,000107
Dahan, Mark13,50071
Kenyon, Jeffrey A13,000124
Daniel, Lilly10,000191
Avidan, Maty7,000232
Perkowski, William N6,5001410