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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Final DSPT Series Champion Results

Over the last week and a half, players have come to The Bicycle Casino to try and win the Deepstacks Tour Series Champion. With a cash in the final event last night, Erik Aude snuck past Rodolfo Liranza to take home the title with a grand total of 196.8 points. Read below the standings to find out what Aude won for his efforts! Congratulations Erik!

PlayerGrand Total
Aude, Erik A196.8
Liranza, Rodolfo194.8
Tran, Ly Cong172
Velie, Erik163
Broda, Lorri150.8
Bond, Steven142.8
Floyd, Kyle114.8
Osnaya, Cesar V114
Mokedi, Derrick112
Robles, Ingar D110
Yoon, David j108.8
Olvera, Jeff J104
Lieblein, Adam100.8

Congratulations to Ly Tran, Winner of Event #8 $150,000 Guaranteed

On the final day of the Deesptacks Poker Tour stop here at The Bicycle Casino, 305 players returned for Day 2 of Event #8. They played into the wee hours of the morning, and when the dust settled, Ly Tran emerged at the top of a six way deal. For his efforts, Tran walked away with $30,214, an impressive score to say the least. You can read the full winners report below. Congratulations to everyone who cashed in the event, and be sure to come back for more coverage when the 25 Seat WSOP Main Event Satellite starts on Saturday!

A Six Way Deal Has Been Made

The final six players looked at the numbers, and they have agreed to make a six way deal. You will find the details of the deal below.  Congratulations to Ly Tran (pictured above), for taking home the lion's share of the prize pool. We will be posting a winner's recap shortly.

1. Ly Tran- $30,214
2. Cesar Osnaya- $22,470
3. Halford Fairchild- $20,615
4. Eduardo Crespo- $17,105
5. Samy Alirachedi- $12,245
6. Jeffery Baker- $10,445

Ryan Abila Eliminated in 7th Place ($6,070)

Not long after we lost Chirs Torina, Ryna Abila was dispatched as well. For his impressive seventh place finish, Abila earned $6,070.

Chris Torina Eliminated in 8th Place ($4,800)

Deepstacks Tour founder Chris Torina showed he knows plenty of poker himself, making today's final table. He rode the short stack from four tables on, and will earn just under $5,000 for his efforts today. And just like that, we are down to seven!

Robert Lin Eliminated in 9th Place ($4,050)

Robert Lin came into the final table as the short stack, and he was quickly dispatched in ninth place. He will take home just over $4,000 for his efforts.

Big Stacks with Four Tables Left

We have reached our final 36 players, and the big money is starting to creep into the minds of the remaining. With the blinds at 20,000-40,000, there are a few stacks that are starting to separate themselves from the pack. The top five stacks are listed below, with pictures for each player.

Ly Tran- 2.1 million

Carlson Le- 1.9 million

Dmitry Genkin- 1.8 million

Cesar Osnaya- 1.75 million

Shelby Lohrman- 1.6 million