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Thursday, June 12, 2014

By the Numbers: WSOP Main Event Satellite 1F 6:00 PM Flight

It's Thursday night here at The Bicycle Casino, and 65 players in the Los Angeles area are spending that time trying to lock up a coveted WSOP Main Event seat. 58 of those players used their add-on, and the top six players will be in the money today. Of those six, three will punch a ticket to Day 2 next Wednesday, June 18th. Good luck to everyone!

By the Numbers: WSOP Main Event Satellite 1F 1:00 PM Flight

While the World Cup is kicking off in Brazil, 71 poker players entered through the doors of The Bicycle Casino to try and win their seat to the WSOP Main Event in July. 61 players elected to take their $50 optional add-on, as the top seven players will be making the money, with the top four moving on to Day 2. Tune in tomorrow morning for a fresh list of names for the Day 2 qualifiers, and good luck to everyone left!

Full Updated List of WSOP Main Event Satellite Survivors

Nearly 80 players have earned the right to make Day 2 of one of the best satellite in the world! For as little as $75, these players have a shot to win a $10k seat to the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas. Three players have separated themselves from the pack: Hakob Gabrielyan, Chan Ngoc Vu, and James Chalke, all of who have bagged up over half a million chips. You have until Tuesday to lock up your Day 2 seat, so be sure to come out to The Bicycle Casino this weekend!

Gabrielyan, Hakob542,0001510
Vu, Chan Ngoc519,000810
Chalke, James G512,00056
Vartanian, Edvard479,000123
Sinker, Roger B467,00073
Singh, Deepinder466,000186
Hwang, Greg464,000171
Yoo, Lindsy M430,00094
Shedd, Cody M410,00099
Yoon, Wonyoung381,000107
Sinanian, Nerses365,000136
Mohammad, Affaneh357,00081
Ajam, Davoud David350,000141
MANDEGARI, AMIR337,5002110
Chong, Edward V319,00087
Perrotta, John R315,000191
Marks, Alan314,000109
Peak, Kenneth Eugene312,000103
Amato, Tyler B308,000410
Spunt, Howard S300,0001210
Samaan, Zaher278,000151
Vaswani, Jay269,00071
Sims, Steven265,00093
Treu, Paulo264,00066
Alkema, Steven261,000153
Gharagyozyan, Jivan261,000183
Ohanian, Vazgen256,00077
Johnson, Jerry254,00051
Mccabe, Roy254000213
Grigorian, Barkev250,00097
Reyes, Eric C250,000139
Stafford, Rhett B248,000121
Filipov, Atanas246,000126
Doan, Huy Vu24500079
Pattni, Rupesh V241,000144
Ohanyan, Hrachya240,000219
Assatoury, Abram239,000124
Gong, Chao239,000189
Savas, Daniel S237,0001710
Stafford, Rhett B237,00083
Vitanza, James A234,000179
Iverson, Jonathan F233,000184
Liranza, Rodolfo233,000134
Lu, YongJun232,00084
Hardy, Elizabeth227000113
Greene, Geoff217,000710
Schulman, Joe211,000111
Jones, Neil211,00074
Foster, Terry A210,000117
Do, Gary202,00091
Chow, Siu Y196,000101
Emata, Paul190,000174
Galadzhyan, Ashot185,00064
Jung, Jason183,000181
Cho, Sung Hyun176,500187
Delmindo, Audie B165,50041
Heo, Won159,000143
Fiske, Joseph P147,000173
Huynh, Elvis Vinh141,50049
Lane, Bruce R140,000119
Tejwani, Bhagwan D134,00061
Mui , Danny124,000196
Mirel, Ronny121,500194
Stewart, Susan E121,000910
Mario, Efrem118,000610
Norwood, Jessica C113,00043
Bogseth, Sean112,000147
Marks, Alan104,00069
Varozian, Shant103,000154
Bhateja, Sandeep K101,50063
Clapper, Bradley100,000167
Solorio, Jaime100,00054
Tran, Doanh M89,000133
Barton, Douglas A87,000131
Jeffra, Christopher85,00096
Igoe , Shane83,0001010
Torres, Raul S78,000146
Otsuka, Kory73,000163
Cohen, Mark16,000137