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Monday, June 23, 2014

Updated List of Day 2 Survivors in Event #5 $100,000 Guaranteed

After another action packed day of qualifying here in Event #5 of the Summer Poker Series, 53 players have managed to secure a coveted Day 2 ticket! Yesterday saw a new leader emerge, as Mesha James bagged up 263,500.  Not far behind him is Barkev Grigorian (261,500). Players will have two more chances to qualify today, so come on out to The Bicycle Casino if you haven't already, and take your shot!

James, Mesha263,500113
Grigorian, Barkev261,50059
Singh, Deepinder240,50061
Gabrielyan, Hakob229,500102
Lee, Paul W213,000124
Shields, Edison A201,500112
Liranza, Rodolfo184,00094
Nguyen, Di Le178,000127
Cassell, Prince A175,00096
Dejong, Arie159,50093
Hsu, Yih Ming13950091
Omura, Gary Y135,000119
Karle, Erich127,500121
Jeffra, Christopher124,000125
Baranovsky, Vadim123,500109
Pitesa, Anthony122,50058
Morales, Jose L118,50062
Casarez, Jose L116,00092
Dighlawi, Samy a115,50088
Byali, Santosh C115,00081
Goncuoglu, Sam S101,500135
Hooshmand, Ahmad99,00075
Wiley, Dennis98,000188
Campbell, David Frank96,00082
Threet, John B93,50073
Khuu, Chuck G93,00064
Wilson, Scott91,000133
Fartuchian, Mesrob81,500132
Gorman, Brian J81,50065
Torres, Raul S81,500105
Mendelzon, Jeremy Daniel80,00076
Vaswani, Jay78,000137
Kelm, Suzanne K75,50051
Legaspi, Felixberto74,000131
Schauer, Craig71,500123
Yudkin, Vitaliy71000134
Lane, Darrell G70,50072
Schulman, Joe68,50053
Lui, Paul C67,00052
Mittelman, Allen H64,000128
Casillas, Jose62,000189
Villanueva, Ross A62,00056
Sygiel, John A52,000111
Reszneky, Dezi51,50079
Stein, Jeff A48,00083
Vanderbyl, Lori48,00071
Mallen, David A41,50085
Imperial, Elmo G39,500117
Shishegar, Behrooz37,50068
San, Ilker37,000101
Ho, Raymond37,00089
Hovsepyan, Grisha36,00063
Lee, Jacky H30,50084