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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ahmad Hooshmand Eliminated in 8th Place ($3,180)

Thu Nguyen started the action with a raise to 190,000, and a few spots over, Ahmad Hooshmand shoved his last 600,000 into the middle. When action got back around to Nguyen, he quickly announced call.

Nguyen: [Kc][Kh]
Hooshmand: [Ac][Jc]

The board ran down [10s][9s][9c][3h][Jh], and Nguyen's cowboys held to add some more to his stack, while Hooshmand will have to settle for a $3,200 payday.

Matt Witjas Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,600)

Action folded around to Matt Witjas in late position, and he moved all in for his final 500,000. Thu Nguyen made the call on the button, and the blinds ducked out of the way.

Witjas: [Qc][9h]
Nguyen: [Ad][Jh]

Witjas was happy to have two live cards, but he wasn't too happy with the flop of [3d][Jd][8h].  Witjas could still win with a queen or now a ten for a straight, but the board ran out [6d] and [Kc], strengthening Nguyen's chip lead, and knocking Witjas out in 9th place.

Gary Omura Eliminated in 10th Place ($2,170)

Gary Omura moved all in for his final 510,000 from under the gun, and Carlson Le flat called in middle position. Paul Lee quickly moved all in right behind Le for 800,000 total, and Le reluctantly made the pot-committed call.

Omura: [3s][3c]
Le: [Ac][10c]
Lee: [Ks][Kc]

Lee was in great shape to scoop the massive pot, and he was in even better shape after the [Kh][4s][2c] flop. The board completed [6h] and [8c], and Lee took the huge pot to up his stack to 2.2 million, while Gaey Omura was knocked out, getting us to our official final table!

Unofficial Final Table Seats, Pictures, and Counts for Event #5

As has been the theme all night, the eliminations are still coming lightning quick, and just like that, we are down to the final 10! Those players have just redrawn for the unofficial final table, and here's how the lineup looks!

Seat 1: Matt Witjas- 900,000
Seat 2: Serge Levy- 450,000

Seat 3: Thu Nguyen- 2.3 million (chip leader)
Seat 4: Gary Omura- 660,000

Seat 5: Edison Shields- 200,000 (short stack)
Seat 6: Ahmad Hooshmand- 550,000

Seat 7: James Mitchell
Seat 8: Carlson Le- 1.05 million

Seat 9: Paul Lee- 1.15 million 
Seat 10: David Mallen- 800.000

Seating Draw for Final Two Tables

We are down to just 18 players in Event #5, No-Limit Hold'em $100,000 Guaranteed! We just went around and got a seating chart together, along with updated chip counts for everyone. Check out that list below, and stay tuned for final table elimination updates starting shortly!

Table 1

1. Ahmad Hooshmand- 460,000
2. David Mallen- 240,000
3. Young Dal Choi- 100,000 (short stack)
4. Santosh Byali- 220,000
5. Gary Omura- 860,000
6. Svetlana Baranovsky- Eliminated
7. Mesrob Fartuchian- 850,000
8. Carlson Le- 1.2 million
9. Thu Nguyen- 1.35 million (Chip Leader)

Table 2

1. Serge Levy- 160,000
2. James Mitchell- 590,000
3. Erich Karle- 220,000
4. Matt Witjas- 435,000
5. Chris Jeffra- 240,000
6. Edison Shields- 530,000
7. Alex Hoang- 630,000
8. Mesha James- 320,000
9, Paul Lee- 240,000

Down to the Final Three Tables!

The action has been fast and furious so far here in Day 2 of Event #5 $100,000 Guaranteed. We started the day with 82 players, and just over two hours, we are already down to the final 27 players! Everyone who is still in has locked up $795, but they all have their eyes on the first place prize of nearly $35,000! Once we get down to the final 18 players, we will get names and updated chip stacks for every one of them!

Second Round of Day 2 Notables in Event #5 $100,000 Guaranteed

As promised, we have the second crop of notable names below for you.

Brian Gorman
Sam Goncuoglu

David Yoon
Jacky Lee

First Round of Notables in Today's Day 2

While most of Los Angele's most familiar faces in the poker world are grinding it out at the WSOP in Vegas, we still had a healthy list of notables who punched a Day 2 ticket in Event #5. Below, you will see the first half of players. Stay tuned for the second half to come in shortly.

Vadim Baranovsky
Joe Schulman

Thu Nguyen
John Hulett

Big Stack Photos at Start of Day 2

We took a quick walk through the room when play started, and snapped a few photos of the big stacks coming into the day. The following five people have put themselves in the pole position for a deep run here tonight, where the winner will be walking away with nearly $35,000!

1. Carlson Le- 272,500
2. Mesha James- 263,500
3. Barkev Grigorian- 261,500

4. Young Dal Shoi- 246,000

5. Deepinder Singh- 240,500

Cards in the Air: Summer Poker Series Event #5 $100,000 Guaranteed Day 2!

The qualifying sessions are complete. Now it's time to decide a winner! The 82 returning players are in their seats, the floor has made their announcements, and the dealers are sending the cards out! As a reminder, this event generated a prize pool of nearly $150,000, and the players who takes the tournament down will walk away with almost $35,000! Check out the full list of payouts below, and simply click here for a full list of Day 2 survivors! Be sure to stay tuned for updates all night, and good luck to everyone still in!

Final List of Day 2 Survivors for Event #5 $100,000 Guaranteed

After three full days of qualifying, 82 players have managed to punch a ticket to Day 2. Coming into tonight's play, Carlson Le will hold the chip lead, with 272,500.  Hot on his tail are Mesha James (263.500) and Barkev Grigorian (261,500). The performance of Chuck Khuu should also be highlighted. Khuu was the lone double qualifier, and for his efforts, he has secured $750 in cash, as well as a $450 satellite seat.

Be sure to come back tonight at 6 PM, when Day 2 will be kicking off! As always, we will be here to provide some photos, stack updates, and final results. Thanks to everyone who came out to play in Event #5, and good luck to all the players tonight!

Le, Carlson272,50099
James, Mesha263,500113
Grigorian, Barkev261,50059
Choi, Young Dal246,000185
Singh, Deepinder240,50061
Neiman, R Christopher232,00078
Nguyen, Thu230,000115
Gabrielyan, Hakob229,500102
Lin, James P223,50069
Lee, Paul W213,000124
Catterson, Joseph213,00095
Shields, Edison A201,500112
Mitchell, James M201,000138
Liranza, Rodolfo184,00094
Nguyen, Di Le178,000127
Cassell, Prince A175,00096
Dejong, Arie159,50093
Hsu, Yih Ming13950091
Omura, Gary Y135,000119
Javadzadeh, Behzad130,00077
Karle, Erich127,500121
Ehrhsrdt, Matthew127,000118
Jeffra, Christopher124,000125
Baranovsky, Vadim123,500109
Pitesa, Anthony122,50058
Levy, Serge M122,000181
Morales, Jose L118,50062
Casarez, Jose L116,00092
Dighlawi, Samy a115,50088
Byali, Santosh C115,00081
Rockwell, John108,000108
Hulett, John105,000116
Goncuoglu, Sam S101,500135
Hooshmand, Ahmad99,00075
Wiley, Dennis98,000188
Yoon, David j97,500136
Campbell, David Frank96,00082
Khuu, Chuck G94,000139
Threet, John B93,50073
Khuu, Chuck G93,00064
Wilson, Scott91,000133
Perlmutar, Lorne A86,500186
Fartuchian, Mesrob81,500132
Gorman, Brian J81,50065
Torres, Raul S81,500105
Mendelzon, Jeremy Daniel80,00076
Baranovsky, Svetlana79,50067
Walker, Shawn79,00055
Vaswani, Jay78,000137
Kelm, Suzanne K75,50051
Legaspi, Felixberto74,000131
Kim, Dmitry73,000122
Schauer, Craig71,500123
Yudkin, Vitaliy71000134
Lane, Darrell G70,50072
Hoang, Alexander70,500104
Schulman, Joe68,50053
Witjas, Matthew J68,000184
Lui, Paul C67,00052
Turner, Elliott67,00086
Mittelman, Allen H64,000128
Casillas, Jose62,000189
Villanueva, Ross A62,00056
Kaishar, Michael57,500187
Borland, James54,50057
Sygiel, John A52,000111
Reszneky, Dezi51,50079
Stein, Jeff A48,00083
Vanderbyl, Lori48,00071
Steffin, William46,000126
Shanberg, Gregg E45,500182
Zakarian, Ani43,000107
Mallen, David A41,50085
Imperial, Elmo G39,500117
Duke, Antwaun Leroy39,500183
Stevenson, Bryan39,00097
Shishegar, Behrooz37,50068
San, Ilker37,000101
Ho, Raymond37,00089
Hovsepyan, Grisha36,00063
Garcia, Edgar G36,000106
Lee, Jacky H30,50084

By the Numbers: Event #5 No-Limit Hold'em $100,000 Guaranteed

The fifth event of the 2014 Summer Poker Series was the first big guarantee of the series, and thanks to over 800 entries, and nearly 700 add-ons, the guaranteed prize pool was smashed, totaling $144,742. Everyone coming back tonight has already locked up $410, and first prize is nearly $35,000! Check out the full list of payouts below, and be sure to come back tonight for updates on the big Day 2!