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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

George Kozel Eliminated in 7th Place ($3,765)

Our current chip leader Hakob Gabirelyan played executioner on this hand, as he knocked out George Kozel in 7th place. It's not all bad news for Kozel though. He earned $3,765 for his showing in this event.

Erick Ornelas Eliminated in 8th Place ($3,180)

We weren't able to catch the hand, but Erick Ornelas was just bounced in 8th place, earning over $3,100 for his eighth place showing.

Raymond Phu Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,600)

The first casualty of the final table was Raymond Phu. For his efforts, he will take home $2,600.  Congratulations to Raymond for the great effort!

Down to the Final Two Tables

The title says it all folks! We are down to the final 18 players, all of whom are sitting at the final two tables. You can see a few group shots of those tables below. A bit further down, you will see some updated chip counts for the notables still in. The action is going fast, and a winner should be decided in the next three hours. Let's see who it is!

Table 1 

Table 2

Raffi King- 450,000
William Fagerbakke- 370,000
Gary Do- 360,000

Patrick Karschamroon Eliminated

Local pro Patrick Karschamroon grinded a short stack from the start of the day, and to his credit, he was able to make the final 27 redraw. However, his luck has just run out, as he recently busted in 25th place. Karschamroon moved all in from middle position with [As][3d], but unfortunately for him, he would be called by not one, but two hands that had him dominated.

Karschamroon: [As][3d]
Opponent 1: [Ah][Qd]
Opponent 2: [Qs][Qc]

Karschamroon would need a world of help to survive, and that help never came, as the board ran out jack high, knocking Karschamroon out.

Raffi King Leads the Final Three Tables

The blind have just gone to 8000-16,000 here at Event #14 of the Summer Poker Series, and we have also just gotten down to the final three tables. Right now, Raffi King (pictured below), is in the poll position, sitting on just over 600,000 in chips. He has some stiff competition, as a few players have broken the half million chip mark themselves. We will continue with the updates as we get them.

Chip Leader Raffi King (pictured earlier) 

A Few Notables for Event #14 $100,000 Guaranteed Day 2

Most of the regular Los Angeles pros are off in Vegas trying to claim WSOP gold, but we still were able to pluck out a few notables who moved on to Day 2 in this event. Check out those players below! The eliminations have slowed down a bit, as we are down to the final four tables, with just 36 left.

Matt Damadeo
Patrick Karschamroon

Rick Castro
Shawn Martirosian

Some Big Stacks and Double Qualifiers For Event #14 Day 2

We arrived a bit late to the restart, and a couple of tables had already been moved around, but we were able to grab a couple of our big stacks, as well as our two double qualifiers, Gary Do and Lance Carter. We started with 78 players, and in half an hour of play, we have already lost three tables of players, as only 54 remain!

Jason Thomas- Chip Leader (400,000)
Raffi King- Big Stack (310,000)

Lance Carter- Double Qualifier
Gary Do- Double Qualifier

Cards in the Air: Day 2 of Event #14 $100,000 Guaranteed

It's time for the 78 surviving players from the three days of qualifying heats to face off, as a winner will be decided in a few hours. The floor has made their announcements, the players are in their seats, and the dealers are sending the cards out. Below this post you can see a full list of the payouts to see what everyone is playing for. Over the next couple of hours, we will be posting some pictures from today's play, and update the numbers as we go on. Good luck to everyone today, and thanks for playing at The Bicycle Casino!

Event $14 $100,000 Guaranteed By the Numbers

We have just received the prize pool for Event #14 hot off the presses. A grand total of 796 players came out to The Bicycle Casino for this event, and 697 of them used their optional ad-ons. This created a massive prize pool of $144,821, one that will be spread out amongst the final 78 tonight. The min-cash will be $410, but the number everyone is looking for is $34,551. That's what the winner will be walking home with. Not bad for a $75 investment!

Be sure to come back tonight and follow us as we will be providing live updates as the night goes on! Good luck to everyone tonight, and thanks for choosing The Bicycle Casino!

Final List of Returning Players for Day 2 of Event #14

After three full days of qualifying, only 78 lucky and skilled players have moved on to Day 2 of Event #14, $100,000 Guaranteed! The player in the pole position tonight is Jason Thomas, who bagged up 338,500, though Michael Angrisani is hot on his heels with just 2,000 less. Gary Do and Lance Carter are your two double qualifiers, earning them each $750 and a $450 satellite seat.

The action will resume at 6 PM tonight, and we will be in the building to provide photos and updates for you guys. Also, we will be posting the prize pool information shortly, so stay tuned to find out what these 78 players are playing for!