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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Today's Winners Report: Event #17 $65 No-Limit Hold'em

The next $65 No-Limit Hold'em $8,000 Guaranteed tournament kicked off this afternoon, and 102 players came out for the event. As with all the ones before this, everyone had a $50 optional add-on, and 87 players used that option to create a prize pool of $9,118.  The final 12 players finished in the money, and when the final four was determined, they all agreed to a chip count chop. Michael Zepeda ended up at the top, taking home $1,908.  Congratulations to Michael, and the other 11 players who walked home a bit richer last night!

Full Recap of Event #16 $150 No-Limit Hold'em $15,000 Guaranteed

Event #16 brought out the deepstack players as 178 came to The Bicycle Casino to create a prize pool totaling $20,719. This prize pool was spread out amongst the final 19 players, with the lion's share going to Oliver Zabala.  Zabala was part of a seven way chop that saw him take home $2,709.  If you would like to see the details of the chop, simply look below! Thanks to everyone who came out to The Bicycle Casino, and be sure to come out this weekend for the start of the $500,000 Est Event!

Full Recap of Event #15 $65 No-Limit Hold'em

While most of the attention was on Event #14 $100,000 Guaranteed last night, 79 players participated in Event #15, a $65 No-Limit Hold'em with optional add-on. By the end of registration, 56 players had used that add-on, helping to create a prize pool of $8,000.  When it got down to the final ten players, everyone agreed to a deal that saw the first two bubble spots get paid.  At the top of the deal was Arthur Aroyan, who walked home with $1,450.  Check out the details of the chop below, and congratulations to the final ten players!

Full Winners Report for Event #14 $100,000 Guaranteed

Last night saw the conclusion of Event #14 $100,000 Guaranteed, and the ultimate victor was Hakob Gabrielyan. He finished at the top of a three way deal that saw him take home $26,536. The other two players in the deal were Jay Vaswani and Sam Basilious. You can read below for the rest of the payouts. Thanks to everyone who came out to The Bicycle Casino, and be sure to come back in a few days for our $500,000 Est Main Event!

A Three Way Deal Has Been Made!

That's a wrap for tonight's action! The final three players, Hakob Gabrielyan, Jay Vaswani, and Sam Basilious, have all agreed to a chip chop. Below you will find the original payouts, as well as the updated numbers. Be sure to come back tomorrow morning for a full winners report. Congratulations to all three, and thanks for choosing The Bicycle Casino!

Original Payouts

1st. $34,551
2nd. $18,800
3rd. $10,300

Updated Payouts

1st. Hakob Gabrielyan- $26,536
2nd. Jay Vaswani- $21,085
3rd. Sam Basilious- $16,030

Thomas Cook Eliminated in 4th Place ($7,620)

The latest causality in Event #14 is Thomas Cook, who was just knocked out in fourth place. We weren't able to catch the hand, but we can tell you that we are down to just three players, and they are looking at the numbers for a chip chop.

Cheng Xu Eliminated in 5th Place ($6,050)

The eliminations keep coming here at the final table of Event #14, as we have just lost Cheng Xu in 5th place. Once again, it was Hakob Gabrielyan who did the damage. Congratluations to Xu on a fine showing, and for taking home over $6,000 for his efforts.

Yasmine Hanane Eliminated in 6th Place ($4,900)

The last woman standing has just bowed out in 6th place. She will take home just under $5,000 for the showing, and just like that, we are down to the final five! There has yet to be any talked of a deal, but that might change shortly as the big money is around the corner.