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Monday, July 7, 2014

WSOP Main Event Update: Two Bicycle Casino Qualifiers Make Day 2!

Last month, The Bicycle Casino handed out 26 seats to the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas, a tournament that kicked off two days ago! So far, two players, Paulo Treu and Eduard Vartanian have managed to survive the first day, and still have the dream of earning the $10 Million first place prize! Day 1C is typically the busiest of the three starting days, and a majority of the qualifiers have chosen to play today. We will be posting updates on their journey as they come. Good luck everyone!

                              Paulo Treu- 43,675
Eduard Vartanian- 34,225

Event #21 $500,000 Estimated Main Event Full Survivors List

The weekend is in the books at The Bicycle Casino, and 61 players have been able to punch a Day 2 ticket for the Main Event at the Summer Poker Series! Darren Healy, known by many in Los Angeles as "The Rooster," has bagged the weekend chip lead in the event. Healy just cracked the half million chip mark, as he will be taking 504,000 chips into play on Tuesday the 15th. You can come out to The Bicycle Casino all week long to claim your Day 2 spot, so what are you waiting for? Good luck to everyone who has advanced so far.

By NameBy Chips
Anonymous294,000189Healy, Darren504,000131
Asad, Ahmad170,00051Renshaw, Sam C472,000259
Bender, Bruce W213,000144Koch, John L472,000267
Bowie, Randy C140,000247Dickson, Rodger G456,00071
Bryan, Robert284,000148Kerikorian, Arabo440,000147
Burnley, Reggie117,000134Wang, Keyue429,000285
Cantor, Marshall320,000284Rau, Scott A429,000257
Chang, Frank117,000245Yang, Sungho419,000149
Clark, Christopher M267,000118Mira, Steven418,000241
Davis, Jeff184,00062Suyemoto, Douglas P390,000161
DePaz Oscal, Jose Luis92,000122Mallen, David A384,00074
Dermendzhyan, Gayk108,000117Xu, Cheng372,000242
Dhillon, Lakhwinder S85,000137Hosseini, Seyed M337,000112
Dickson, Rodger G456,00071Hoang, Alexander329,000239
Dizon, Reginald125,000115Cantor, Marshall320,000284
Dorini, Ed281,000119Szegedy, Joseph320,000252
Douglas, David A220,000222Tejwani, Bhagwan D319,00081
doumani, phillip316,000101doumani, phillip316,000101
Gardner, Michael D114,000251Imperial, Elmo G316,000265
Healy, Darren504,000131Layevskiy, Yevgeniy V315,00091
Hoang, Alexander329,000239Saxe, Ron305,000244
Hosseini, Seyed M337,000112Anonymous294,000189
Houk, Brian N123,000138Sanusi, Sam294,00061
Imperial, Elmo G316,000265Bryan, Robert284,000148
Jimenez, Jesus151,000139Dorini, Ed281,000119
Karle, Erich163,000248Zhang, Yueji268,000102
Kerikorian, Arabo440,000147Clark, Christopher M267,000118
Kimbrough, Phil C93,000255Shariatnejad, Kathy S258,000124
Koch, John L472,000267Withstandley, Elizabeth233,000254
Layevskiy, Yevgeniy V315,00091Douglas, David A220,000222
Lee, Bruce145,000145Bender, Bruce W213,000144
Lenz, Gal126,000207Stafford, Rhett B212,00052
Liu, Hong Lin132,000132Long, Richard L195,000209
Long, Richard L195,000209Saravan, Phillip P194,00099
Mahboob, Rahim J175,000114Davis, Jeff184,00062
Mallen, David A384,00074Wang, Michael182,00072
Mira, Steven418,000241Reitzfeld, Steve180,000319
Rau, Scott A429,000257Mahboob, Rahim J175,000114
Reitzfeld, Steve180,000319Asad, Ahmad170,00051
Renshaw, Sam C472,000259Warfield , Monique167,00096
Reyes, Jose J107,00064Karle, Erich163,000248
Richardson, Jerry D150,000142Jimenez, Jesus151,000139
Sanusi, Sam294,00061Richardson, Jerry D150,000142
Saravan, Phillip P194,00099William, Erik148,000121
Saxe, Ron305,000244Lee, Bruce145,000145
Sellers, Marilyn76,000135Bowie, Randy C140,000247
Shariatnejad, Kathy S258,000124Wilkinson, Robert A138,000141
Stafford, Rhett B212,00052Liu, Hong Lin132,000132
Straus, Daniel R100,000258Lenz, Gal126,000207
Suyemoto, Douglas P390,000161Dizon, Reginald125,000115
Szegedy, Joseph320,000252Houk, Brian N123,000138
Tejwani, Bhagwan D319,00081Chang, Frank117,000245
Wang, Keyue429,000285Burnley, Reggie117,000134
Wang, Michael182,00072Gardner, Michael D114,000251
Warfield , Monique167,00096Dermendzhyan, Gayk108,000117
Wilkinson, Robert A138,000141Reyes, Jose J107,00064
William, Erik148,000121Straus, Daniel R100,000258
Withstandley, Elizabeth233,000254Kimbrough, Phil C93,000255
Xu, Cheng372,000242DePaz Oscal, Jose Luis92,000122
Yang, Sungho419,000149Dhillon, Lakhwinder S85,000137
Zhang, Yueji268,000102Sellers, Marilyn76,000135