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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last Round of Notable Day 2 Direct Entrants

Here are the final photos that we grabbed from earlier in today's play of those who brought in directly today for $2,100. We are nearly at the final 100, with the blinds currently at 20,000-40,000, and the average stack is just around a million.

Soi Nguyen
Jorge Pineda
Cody Shedd
Peter Hengsakul
Shahen Martirosian

Second Group of Notable Day 2 Entrants

Below you will find the next round of familiar faces who brought straight in to Day 2's action. This list includes one of poker's favorite couples: David Randall and Christina Lindley. There is also WSOP bracelet winner John "The Razor" Phan, and a few local pros who most players in LA will recognize.

Frank Lin
Heath Mendelsohn

Derrick Mokedi
David Randall

John Phan
Christina Lindley

Some Updated Chip Counts With 150 Players Left

David Randall- Current Chip Leader

We just took a walk through the floor, and spotted a ton of notables who are still in with a shot at the $150,000 first place prize. A few of these players have already crossed the million chip mark, with David Randall looking to be the chip leader right now with the blinds currently at 12,000-24,000.

David Randall- 1.7 million
Soi Nguyen- 1.3 million
Massoud Eskandari- 1.1 million
Hae Kyung Lee- 850,000
Tu Nguyen- 530,000
Peter Hengsakul- 520,000
Nipun Java- 500,000
Chris Tolone- 430,000
Cody Shedd- 380,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen- 360,000

First Round of Day 2 Entrants In Event #21

As we mentioned earlier in our coverage, over 120 players came to The Bicycle Casino today and elected to buy-in directly for $2,100. This list included WSOP bracelet winners, former Mega Million winners, and countless other local notable pros. Below you will find the first list of Day 2 entrants.

As a quick numbers update, we are just about to cross the 150 player barrier as we hit 10 PM here at The Bicycle Casino.

Blaise Hom
Christopher Tolone

Phong "Turbo" Nguyen
Isaac Hagerling

David "The Dragon" Pham
Dave Banerjee

Some Notables Who Qualified for Day 2

While a majority of the familiar faces in today's field brought in directly today, there were still a handful of local pros who got in the hard way by qualifying on their Day 1 starting flight. You can check a list of those players below, along with pictures, and the stacks they brought into today's play.

John Hulett- 569,000
Ben Chung- 332,000

Edvard Vartanian
Solomon Yi- 230,000

Shaun Abkarian- 212,000
Svetlana Baranovsky- 204,000

Juan Manuel Arenas- 188,000
Wing Ng- 180,000

Arthur Coleman- 179,000

A Few of the Double Qualifiers Here on Day 2

The last two weeks of Day 1 qualifying saw over 4,300 individual entries, all of whom were hoping to lock up a coveted ticket to tonight's Day 2 play. For some, they were able to punch two tickets, earning them $750 as well as a $450 tournament voucher. All of these players took the bigger of their two stacks into today's play, and while we weren't able to grab photos of all of them, you can see a handful of those players below. Congratulations to all on this impressive feat, and good luck in their journeys to add more cash to their totals tonight!

Anthony Nguyen
Bruce Lee

David Douglas
Elmo Imperial

Frank Corrales
Gary Do

By the Numbers: Event #21 $500,000 Est Summer Poker Series Main Event

With over 120 players coming in and slapping down the $2,100 Day 2 entry fee, the prize pool for the final event of the Summer Poker Series swelled up to $740,013. The winner tonight will be walking home with a grand prize of $150,903, an insane number for some players who brought in for as little as $75! Check out the full list of payouts below, and good luck to all 381 players tonight!

1st - $150,903
2nd - $80,125
3rd - $52,900
4th - $36,000
5th - $24,700
6th - $17,700
7th - $12,700
8th - $9,900
9th - $7,900
10th-12th - $6,135
13th-15th - $5,150
16th-18th - $4,305
19th-21st - $3,520
22nd-24th - $2,820
25th-27th - $2,255
28th-36th - $1,830
37th-45th - $1,480
46th-63rd - $1,175
64th-81st - $950
82nd-108th - $780
109th-150th - $665
 151th-200th - $585
201th-250th - $515
251st-300th - $455
301th-381th - $400
Double Qualifiers - $1,200

The Biggest Stacks Coming into Today's Day 2

There were five players who bagged up over 700,000 chips in their Day 1 flight throughout the past two weeks, and all five players are pictured below. The leader is Massoud Eskandari, who has been a well known local pro for years. In March, Eskandari final tabled Mega Millions IX, finishing 5th for a whopping $51,765. Check below for photos of the other big stacks, and we will keep an eye on these players as the night progresses.

1. Massoud Eskandari- 790,000
2. Brett Hamilton- 751,000
3. Colman Roy- 738,000

4. Tony De Chu- 707,000
5. Christopher Haydt- 702,000

Cards in the Air: Day 2 of Event #21 $500,000 Est

There was a bit of a delay to the start of today's play as the floor staff of The Bicycle Casino needed some extra time to seat the more than 120 players who came in today and brought in for $2,100.  Stay tuned for the next few hours as we will be posting some photos of the big stacks, the players who double qualified, and some of the many players who brought in today. Once the staff has crunched the numbers on the payouts, we will get them up online.

Final List of Day 2 Survivors for Event #21 $500,000 Est!

The Day 1 qualifying sessions are in the books for the final event of the Summer Poker Series, and all that is left is tonight's Day 2. Overall, 266 players have punched their ticket to Day 2, and they will come back to  compete for a prize pool that will easily meet the estimated number. While the current prize pool is just over $500 short, it will see a sharp boost tonight as anyone who hasn't qualified can come by before 6 PM to buy in directly for $2,100. This will give them an average stack of 250,000 to play with, over 40 big blinds! Be sure to come back tonight for live updates from tonight's play, as we will be here until the end! Thanks to everyone who came out to the Summer Poker Series, and good luck to everyone tonight!