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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Event #21 $500,000 Est Final Results: Anonymous Tops 8-Way Deal

Play went until sunrise last night, where the final eight players all agreed to a chip chop. The player who finished with the lion's share was Anonymous, a regular on the tournament scene and cash games at The Bicycle Casino.  He ended up walking away with just over $78,000, locking up nearly second place money with eight players left. Other notables on the LA poker scene who took part in the chop were Patrick Karschamroon, Christopher Tolone, and Chelsea Proctor. Check out the details for the chop below, and congratulations to all the players who cashed in the event.

That wraps up our coverage of The Summer Poker Series! Thanks for tuning in all month, and be sure to come back here in two weeks when we start coverage of the WPT Legends of Poker, taking place all August long!

The Final Eight Players Have Agreed to a Deal

The final eight players have decided to make a chip chop, ending a long night of poker here at The Bicycle Casino! Our winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, who as we mentioned earlier has been at the top of the counts for most of the night, will be declared the winner, taking home $78,458, the top prize after the chip chop. Well known LA pro Patrick Karschamroon took third ($60,720), and Christopher Tolone has kept his incredible 2014 going, making another final table, finishing 7th in the chop for $26,440. Check out the details of the chop below, and come back tomorrow for a full winners report.

1. Anonymous - $78,458
2. Leonid Kaykov- $76,210
3. Patrick Karschamroon- $60,720
4. Abram Assatoury- $52,610
5. Mitchell Krupa- $34,705
6. Yosef Fox- $29,730
7. Christopher Tolone- $26,440
8. Chelsea Proctor- $25,955

Denny Tran Eliminated in 9th Place ($8,000)

After John Hulett bubbled the official final table, we lost Denny Tran. He was busted by anonymous, who has been one of the top three stacks for the last few hours. Tran will walk away with $8,000 for his showing tonight.

With that elimination, the final eight are talking about a chip chop. If a deal is reached, we will post the details here!

List of the Final 18 Players

Christopher Tolone Looking for Another Final Table

The action has picked up once again, as we have already lost a couple of players from the final two players. Before that happened, we went around and made a full list of players still in. Here are the elite players who have made the final 18, including familiar faces to Los Angeles players, Christopher Tolone, John Hulett, and Patrick Karschamroon.

Anonymous (chip leader)
Patrick Karschamroon
Edward Chang
Leonid Kaykov
Mitchell Krupa
Long Tran
Ezra Abugazal
Cuong Nguyen
Abram Assatoury
Christopher Tolone
Chelsea Proctor
Yosef Fox
Anthony Pitesa
Joseph Szegedy
John Hulett
Denny Tran
Doug Lada
Dennis Chae

Numbers Update: Anonymous Leads The Final 40

The eliminations are slowing down just a bit, as we now have less than five full tables left. Soi Nguyen still has a huge stack of over five million, but he has been eclipse by Anonymous, known as "Hero" by many in the LA poker community. He has amassed a hefty stack of 6.8 million, good enough to have everyone else covered by at least a million. Check out the rest of the notable chip stacks below as we pass the 1:30 AM marker here at The Bicycle Casino!

Anonymous - 6.8 million
Soi Nguyen- 5.1 million
Chris Tolone- 5 million
John Hullett- 1.9 million
Massoud Eskandari- 1.35 million
David Randall- 1.1 million

Former November Niner Soi Nguyen Leads with 70 Left

The eliminations are still coming rapidly here on the final day of the Summer Poker Series, as we are down to our final 70 players. Leading the way is one of the biggest notables left in the field, Soi Nguyen. Nguyen has nearly $1.5 million in live earnings, most of that coming from his 9th place showing in the 2010 Main Event. Chris Tolone is continuing his incredible 2014 so far in LA, having built up yet another big stack. Check out those stacks and a few other notables below.

Soi Nguyen- 4.8 million
Chris Tolone- 3.9 million
Other notables:

Massoud Eskandari- 1.72 million
David Randall- 1.6 million
Alex Aras- 900,000
John Hullet- 480,000
Cody Shedd- 450,000