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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cards in the Air: Event #2C $200,000 Guaranteed 5:00 PM Session

This is your last chance to buy in on Day 1 and try to qualify for the final day of Event #2 $200,000 Guaranteed Deepstack! $235 will get you 25,000 in tournament chips, and the goal is to make the final 12% of players. If you can't make it out today, you still have a chance to satellite into a Day 2 buy in at 8 PM tonight and noon tomorrow!

Cards in the Air: Event #2C $200,000 Guaranteed 12:00 PM Session

Through two days of qualifying, 91 players have made Day 2 of the $200,000 Guaranteed event at the Legends of Poker. If you haven't taken your shot at this event, you have two more chances today, with the first chance starting now! The cards are now in the air for the first session, and players will have just over two hours to come out and play in this session.

If you can't get here until later, there's a 5 PM session today as well, so don't miss out on the action today! For a link to the full structure of the event, simply click here!

New List of Survivors for Event #2 $200,000 Guaranteed Deepstack

Two days of qualifying are in the books for the first big tournament of the Legends of Poker, and so far, 91 players have moved on to Day 2. Leading the way is James Cavanaugh, who bagged a massive stack of 763,000, which is over 200,000 more than anyone else still in. We've also seen a few players double qualify: Randy Bowie, Barkev Grigorian, Cornel Cimpan, and Nithin Eapen. These four players have each earned $2,000 for their feats, and will be bringing in the bigger of their two stacks to play tomorrow. Today is your last chance to qualify, with sessions at noon and 5 PM today. Registration is open for over two hours in each flight, so come on out and spend your Thursday at The Bicycle Casino!