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Friday, August 8, 2014

Photos From the Event #11 Final Table

We are down to the final ten in Event #11 $50,000 Guaranteed Omaha 8 or better! Each one of these players has locked up $1,080, but they have their eyes set on the first place prize of $14,648! Check out who is vying for the title below, and good luck to all the players!

Alex Limjoco
Beltran Abad

Danette Bernard
Frankie O'Dell

Gary Do
Hieu Ngoc Ma

James Schroeder
Nitesh Rawtani

Ruben Vera
Wing Wong

Some Photos From The First Mega Millions Session

Over the next two weeks, thousands of players will pour through the doors of The Bicycle Casino, hoping to turn a mere $160 investment into the first place prize, guaranteed to be at least $250,000! We had a handful of Los Angeles notables who came out to try and get a head start on the competition today, and we have a few pictures of those players below! Remember that you have until 2:15 to register for this flight, but if you can't make it, we have a 5 PM session started later today!

Peter Hengsakul
Gevork Kasabyan

Edison Shields
Brian Gorman

John Hulett

Cards in the Air for Mega Millions X

Cards are officially in the air for the first flight of the Mega Millions X Event! The massive event began today with a noon flight that will have registration open for the first four levels, and will continue tonight with a 5pm flight.

The Mega Millions tournament offers players the incredible opportunity to play for a share of a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool and for a $250,000 guaranteed first place prize for as little as $160. There are a few ways to get involved in the action.

Every day from Friday 8/8 through Monday 8/18 there will be a 12pm and a 5pm flight to try and advance into Day 2. The Top 10% of these fields will be paid and the Top 5% will advance on to Day 2. Players in these flights will start with 5,000 in chips for $160, and can use an optional add-on of $100 to get an additional 8,000 in chips.

On Saturday 8/9, Sunday 8/10, and Friday 8/15 through Monday 8/18, there will be a $550 flight at 2:30pm. These flights will give players 25,000 chips to start, and the Top 10% of each flight will advance to Day 2.

Players can also enter directly into Day 2 with 250,000 chips for $5,300.

Click here for all of the structure details on the Mega Millions tournament. Don't miss out on this great opportunity here at the Bicycle Casino!

Final List of Event #11 Omaha Hi-Lo Day 2 Survivors

Over three days of qualifying in Event #11 $235 Omaha Hi-Lo, 39 players were able to wade through their starting days to punch a ticket to Day 2.  Beltran Abad and Williams Reeves are 1-2 at the top, separated by just 1,000 chips. Wing Wong was able to impressively double qualify, meaning he's already locked up a min cash in the event. These 39 players will be coming back today at 1 PM to play down to a winner.

In addition, don't forget that the next Mega Millions is kicking off today! We have sessions at 12 and 5 PM today, and all you need is $160 to come in and take your shot at the first place prize, which will be at least $250,000!

Ashton Holmes Wins Second Legends of Poker Event!

Event #14 turned out to be a huge turnout, as 477 players came out to shatter the posted guaranteed. The prize pool swelled up to $55,522, and that money was handed out to the final 54 finishers. The final table saw a few local notables, including Nick Phoenix, Joseph Deluca, and the eventual winner, Ashton Homes. Just last week, Holmes took down Event #4 $75,000 Guaranteed, and yesterday, he chopped with Markram Merhom, with Holmes taking home an even $10,000. Check out the full list of results below, and congratulation to Ashton Holmes on his impressive feat!