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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cards in the Air: 5 PM Saturday Qualifying Session

The third and final qualifying flight for today's Mega Millions X action is now underway! Players will have over two hours to come out and take their final shot of the day at the million dollar prize pool! In this session, the top 10% will be making the money, but only the top 5% will be moving on to Day 2!

If you can't make it out today, you still have six more shots to punch your Day 2 ticket. Tomorrow and Monday, qualifying sessions will kick off at 12, 2:30, and 5 PM, so make sure to cut out some time in your schedule, and take your shot at this amazing tournament!

$550 Saturday Afternoon Session By the Numbers

We had a grand total of 162 players come out to The Bicycle Casino and put their money down for the big buy-in qualifying session this afternoon. With the top 10% moving on, that means that the final 16 players will be advancing to Day 2 today. Be sure to come back tomorrow for a full updated list of survivors from today and all the previous days before, as we begin to wind down on the qualifying session for Mega Millions X!

Snapshots From the Floor of the $550 Qualifying Session

The proverbial high rollers came out in droves this afternoon for the $550 afternoon qualifying session, and we have a few player pics below. Amongst them is Duey Duong, a previous Mega Millions winner, Shahen Martirosian, a WSOPC ring winner from our March series, and Rupesh Pattni, who was one of the 26 players who earned a WSOP Main Event Seat through The Bike in June!

Duey Duong
John Hulett

Shahen Martirosian
Michael Rocco

Rupesh Pattni

Thu Nguyen

By the Numbers: 12 PM Session of Mega Millions X

As we mentioned before, there was a huge turnout for the first qualifying session of the day here at The Bicycle Casino. A total of 302 players came out, with 279 of them using their optional add-on. This means that the top 30 players will be walking away with some extra cash in their pockets. However, only the final 15 will be reaching the ultimate goal of making Day 2. There are 210 players left according to the board as we cross the three hour mark of play today. Good luck everyone!

Cards in the Air: 2:30 PM $550 Mega Millions X Session

The big buy-in session of the day is now underway, as the $550 afternoon qualifying flight has kicked off. Just like the rest of the flights, registration will be open until the end of the first break, about 4:45 local time. Players will start with 25,000 in chips, and the top 10% will be moving on to Tuesday's Day 2 restart! You can find the structure for this session here.

Some Player Photos From the 12 PM Session

The first flight of the day looks to be a huge one, as over 200 players have already come in and sat down with an hour still left to register! As you would expect, there are a ton of notables here who are looking to either lock up their first Day 2 ticket, or looking to lock up that coveted freeroll to the Main Event by double qualifying. Check out who is here below, and make sure you come out to The Bicycle Casino if you aren't here already!

Ly Tran
Eric Bruskotter

Jorge Pineda
Nipun Java

Allan Ly
Massoud Eskandari

Cards in the Air: 12 PM Saturday Session of Mega Millions X

The weekend is in full swing here at The Bicycle Casino, and for the Mega Millions X, that means that there are not one, not two, but three qualifying sessions today! The first one has just kicked off, with the 12 PM session sending cards out to the players now. Click here for a full structure of the event, and don't forget that you will have over two hours to come by and register.

Click here for a full list of Day 2 survivors, a list that now has over 200 players on it!

Mark Jun Double Qualifies And Takes The Chip Lead

We had a slew of players punch a second Day 2 ticket to the Mega Millions yesterday, but most notable is local pro Mark Jun. Not only did he lock up a free seat to the $3,700 WPT Main Event, but he also finally overtook Bryan Kim, who had held the chip lead since one of the first qualifying heats last year. Jun will bring 810,000 into play on Tuesday.

Check out the list of all 201 qualifiers below, and don't forget that you have three more shots to qualify today: at 12, 2:30, and 5 PM!