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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sixth Wave of Payouts 16th-18th: $11,525

The following three players have exited the tournament, earning $11,525 for the efforts.

Cuu Hoang- 16th Place
Arek Djermakian- 17th Place

Max Maroochee- 18th Place

Updated Chip Stacks for All of the Final 18 Players

Varosh Hovsipian- Chip Leader with 18 Left

We are now down to just two tables in Mega Millions X, and all 18 of these players have locked up a five figure payday. However, they each are more focused on a much bigger number: $280,410 to be exact. Read below for the updated chip stacks for everyone still in the tournament, listed by their current seating assignments.

Table 1

Seat 1: Sao Khiev- 4.2 million
Seat 2: Tyler Cormney- 7.9 million
Seat 3: Gavin Griffin- 3.6 million
Seat 4: Clint Mooney- 3.3 million
Seat 5: Cuu Hoang- 9.1 million
Seat 6: Max Maroochee- Eliminated in 18th Place
Seat 7: Matthew Boucher- 2.8 million
Seat 8: Shahen Martirosian- 4.4 million
Seat 9: Sam Jabboury- 6 million

Table 2

Seat 1: Arek Djermakian- 3.3 million
Seat 2: Daniel Strelitz- 6.3 million
Seat 3: Joel Kap- 9 million
Seat 4: Cody Shedd- 6 million
Seat 5: Walter Fisher- 3.2 million
Seat 6: Varosh Hovispian- 9.9 million (chip leader)
Seat 7: Benjamin Nguyen- 920,000 (short stack)
Seat 8: Shane Schleger- 2.7 million
Seat 9: Artak Babayan- 8.7 million

Fifth Wave of Payouts 19th-21st: $9,665

Dan Heimiller started the final three tables with the chip lead, but it all went wrong from there, as he was just eliminated in 19th place by Daniel Strelitz. He will take home just under $10,000, as will Affaneh Mohammad and Patrick Karschamroon for their efforts.

Dan Heimiller- 19th Place

Affaneh Mohammad- 20th Place

Patrick Karschamroon- 21st Place

The Numbers Are In: $540 No Limit Hold'em $10,000 WPT Legends Day-2 Mega Satellite

2014 Legends of Poker
$540 No Limit Hold'em 
1 ($10,000) WPT Legends Main Event Day-2 Seat Seats Guaranteed 
Mega Satellite
$540 Mega Satellite sturcture
Entries: 21
Prize Pool: $10,500
1st: $10,000 WPT Legends Day-2 Entry
2nd: $500 cash

Fourth Wave of Payouts 22nd-24th: $8,205

The three players below have been eliminated from the tournament, earning over $8,200 for their finishes!

Paul Lui- 22nd Place
Erik Armendariz- 23rd Place
Ngon Tran- 24th Place

Third Way of Payouts 25th-27th: $7,245

These three players have all been eliminated from the tournament. For their efforts, they each earned $7,245.

Michael Jimenez- 25th Place
Binh Nguyen- 26th Place
Daniel Efeturk- 27th Place

The Numbers Are $240 No Limit Hold'em $1,100 Seat Mega Satellite

2014 Legends of Poker
$240 No Limit Hold'em 
10 ($1,100) Seats Guaranteed 
Mega Satellite
$240 Mega Satellite structure
Entries: 65 players
Prize Pool: $14,300
1st-13th: $1,100 Seats

Some Notable Chip Counts From the Final 27

Dan Heimiller Maintains His Chip Lead
We are now down to the final three tables of Mega Millions X, and that means there has been a complete redraw. Dan Heimiller is still the chip leader, as his stack is now up to nine million, but he has a slew of tough pros to get through if he wants to finish this tournament. Check out some of those players, along with their freshly updated chip stacks.

Dan Heimiller: 9 million
Gavin Griffin: 3.6 million
Shane Schleger: 3.2 million
Cody Shedd: 2.8 million
Patrick Karschamroon: 2.7 million
Daniel Strelitz: 2.6 million
Shahen Martirosian: 1.88 million

Second Wave of Payouts 28th-36th: $6,345

The following players have all been eliminated, and they each took home $6,345 for their efforts.

28. Matthew Mizel
29. Mark Tippmann
30. Nick Shkolnik
31. Christopher Tolone
32. John Grue
33. Wenceslao Arceo
34. Marcus Spiegel
35. Buddy Khoury
36. Chi Tang

Christopher Tolone- 31st Place

First Wave of Payouts 37th-45th: $5,650

We have our first round of casualities from today's Day 3 restart, and it includes former Mega Millions Winner Dave Banerjee, as well as one of the bracelet winners left, David "ODB" Baker. All of these players took home $5,650 for their efforts.

37. Hassan Mechammil
38. Dave Banerjee
39. Gary Sewell
40. David "ODB" Baker                                                                        
41. Erica Jiles
42. Gleb Gofin
43. Kuldeep Singh
44. Max Cosentino
45. Cornell Cimpan

David "ODB" Baker- 40th Place

Second Round of Mega Millions X Day 3 Notables

Below you will find the second group of notables who are still here vying for the $280,000 first place loot. This list includes Cody Shedd, who final tabled the last Mega Millions two months ago, ultimately finishing 3rd. There's also Shane Schleger, who was part of a three way chop in the WSOP-Circuit Main Event here at The Bike in March. Check out the rest of the notables, and stay tuned for the first round of bustouts to be posted shortly!

Daniel Strelitz (2.16 million)
Patrick Karschamroon (1.805 million)

Cody Shedd (1.695 million)
Shane Schleger (1.395 million)

Gavin Griffin (1.24 million)
Nik Shkolnik (1.095 million)

First Round of Notables From Day 3 of Mega Millions X

We had a slew of notables both to the Los Angeles community, and on a world wide level, who made it through to today's Day 3. This list includes 2-time bracelet winner Dan Heimiller, who also finished runner-up to Jordan Cristos in the WPT Legend of Poker Main Event last year. It also includes Christoper Tolone, who has been on a tear so far in 2014, David Baker, who won his first WSOP bracelet in 2012, and Mega Millions VIII Winner Dave Banerjee.

Check out their photos below, along with their start of day chip counts.

Dan Heimiller- (7.05 million Chip Leader)
Shahen Martirosian (4.47 million)

Christopher Tolone (3.035 million)
Cuu Hoang (3.165 million)

David "ODB" Baker (2.705 million)
Dave Banerjee (2.515 million)