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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Congratulations Daniel Strelitz winning The Mega Millions series 10 for $280,410 + $10,000 WPT Day-2 Entry!

The Legends of Poker Event #15
Daniel Strelitz
The Mega Millions series 10 WINNER!
1st Place Winner: Daniel Strelitz, CA., $280,410 + $10,000 WPT Day-2 Seat
Daniel Strelitz, 24, semi-retired professional poker player since 2007, enjoys all types of poker games including five-card draw, other mixed games and prefers tournaments.  The other poker players he considers his favorites are Niall Farrell and Pratyush Buddiga.  In 2012, he finished for his then largest score in the WSOP $10,000 Main Event for $294,601 finishing in 24th place.  He plans to use his 1st live tournament victory score to live his life to the fullest under the adage "Y.O.L.O." (You Only Live Once) and continue enjoying movies, playing video games and crushing live poker!  He can be followed on Twitter @dDeoxyribo.
The newest champion and his poker rail of friends & family

The newest winner and Mo Fathipour, @MoTheBikeTD, The Bike Tournament Director

Daniel Strelitz, Mega Millions X Winner on Bicycle Casino billboard

Sam Jabboury finishes 2nd for $164,145 of Mega Millions series 10!

Playing only a few hands heads-up, Sam Jabboury, 78, is a retired recreational player who's favorite type of game is No Limit Texas Hold'em tournaments plans to spend his $164,145 winnings on enjoying his life.  Along with poker he enjoys playing dominoes and backgammon.
(2nd) Sam Jabboury, CA., $164,145

Joel Kop finishes 3rd for $125,225 of Mega Millions series 10!

After playing a well balanced game throughout The Mega Millions series 10, Joel Kop, went up against the chip leader, Daniel Strelitz.  Three way action, Strelitz opened from the button, and Kop defended from the big blind.  The flop came "King-Three-Two" with two clubs.  Kop checked and Strelitz continued, only to be check raised by Kop, which Strelitz absorbed.  On the turn, a Nine peeled and Joel moved all-in and was called by Daniel.  When the cards spoke, Joel showed Jack-Six of clubs for a Jack-high flush draw, while Daniel turned a pair of Nines.  The pair held and Joel Kop saw his tournament come to a close in 3rd for $125,225!
(3rd) Joel Kop, $125,225
Joel Kop, 36, professional poker player has been playing for the past 14 years and considers himself a "donkey/luckbox."  His favorite type of poker is H.O.R.S.E. which covers all the forms of poker: Hold'em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz, Stud/8, and Omaha/8!  He prefers tournaments and pocket-Kings "Suicide Kings" is his favorite hand.

Walter Fisher finishes 4th for $90,535 of Mega Millions series 10!

After staging what would be a miraculous comeback tripling up to an above average chip stack, Walter Fisher luck would run out as he made a standard raise from under-the-gun, he would be put to the test.  Folding to Daniel Strelitz's big blind, Strelitz moved all-in covering Fisher, who made the call and was at risk.  It was a close race as Daniel showed down Ace-Duece, while Walter had King-Nine of hearts.  The flop came out "Eight-Six-Five" (no hearts) giving Fisher a gut-shot straight draw and two over cards (40% equity), but it wasn't meant to be as the turn came an Eight, and the river, Jack.  Acting as a true profession, Walter shook the remaining players hands before leaving to pick up his $90,535 score for his 4th place finish!
(4th) Walter Fisher, NY., $90,535
Walter Fisher, 33, a semi-professional poker player, has been playing for the past eight years and prefers No Limit Texas Hold'em live cash games.  According to him his largest "score to date" is $16,000 which means that his Mega Millions series 10 cash will now be his largest.  He plans to use his new found winnings to "travel a lil bit and then invest the rest."  When not playing poker, Walter enjoys sports, working out and traveling

The Numbers Are In: Legends of Poker Event #18 $1,100 No Limit Hold'em $500 Bounty $50,000 Guaranteed

Legends of Poker Event #18
$1,100 No Limit Hold'em 
$50,000 Guaranteed
$1.1K Event #18 NLH Bounty $50K-GTD structure
Prize Pool: $74,860
Bounties $38,000

1st: $12,320
2nd: $7,790
3rd: $5,050
4th: $3,540
5th: $2,710
6th: $2,185
7th: $1,785
8th: $1,480

The Numbers Are In: Legends of Poker Event #17 $1,100 No Limit Hold'em $100,000 Guaranteed

Legends of Poker Event #17
$1,100 No Limit Hold'em 
$100,000 Guaranteed
$1,100 Event #17 NLH $100K-GTD structure
Entries: 103
Prize Pool: $100,000

1st: $29,830
2nd: $18,865
3rd: $12,230
4th: $8,575
5th: $6,560
6th: $5,295
7th: $4,325
8th: $3,580
9th: $3,000
10-12th: $2,580

Shane Schleger finishes 5th for $62,610 of Mega Millions series 10!

The defining moments of winning a No Limit Hold'em tournament is by winning races.  The last hand illustrates this point as the action went all-in pre-flop.  Five handed, Shane Schleger raised from under-the-gun, folding to Joel Kop in the small-blind who decided to move all-in having Shane barely covered.  Schleger decided to call all-in for his Mega Millions tournament life with pocket-Jacks (70%), who was in great shape against Kop's Ace-Ten of clubs (30%)!  The flop was safe for Shane as it came "King-King-Queen" with one club.  Only an Ace, or running clubs, would help Joel now, as a Jack would give Shane a "Full-House" beating the "Broadway-Straight!"  The turn was a Four of clubs giving Kop renewed life, now any club (not a Jack) or Ace would give Joel the pot.  The river was the dagger in Shane Schleger's final table as an Ace peeled sending him to the rail in 5th place for $62,610 adding to his already impressive $1.3+million in live tournament earnings!
(5th) Shane Schleger, CA., $62,610
Shane Schleger, 37, a writer and semi-professional poker player has been playing the game for 10 years.  He considers "2-7 Triple Draw" and tournaments as his favorites, along with professional poker player, Erik Seidel, the player he admires the most.  He has numerous six-figure scores including a 4th place finish in a $10,000 WPT Bellagio Cup series three in 2007 for $232,490.  He plans to use his winnings to improve his quality of life and continue with his hobbies including playing tennis and biking.

Sao Khiev finishes 6th for $42,305 of Mega Millions series 10!

After losing a 14+million chip flip when Sao Khiev's Ace-Jack could not improve against Daniel Strelitz's pocket-Sevens, Sao moved in his last four-million chips with Ace-Eight off-suit from under-the-gun.  It was not meant to be his tournament as Joel Kop woke up with pocket-Kings on the button and moved-in as well, covering Khiev.  The board ran out: "Queen-Jack-Two-Nine-Nine" and pocket-Kings held sending Sao Khiev out in 6th place for $42,305, not bad considering he qualified on a single $260 bullet for a 16,171% return-on-investment (ROI)!
(6th) Sao Khiev, CA., $42,305
Sao Khiev, 49, is a jeweler by trade, but been a serious recreational player for the past three years.  His favorite type of poker is the No Limit Texas Hold'em tournaments and being in the jewelery business it would be no surprise that his favorite starting hand is the King-Ten of "Diamonds!"  He plans to use his $42,305 score to improve his quality of life!

Cody Shedd finishes 7th for $$32,185 of Mega Millions series 10!

Losing some big pots, even after holding a few huge hands, pocket Queens & Aces, Cody Shedd would put in the rest of his chips after a small raise by Sam Jabboury, under-the-gun plus one.  The big blind, Sao Khiev, would make the call and Sam completed as well.  The flop cam Jack-Nine-Seven rainbow.  Sao bet a one-million plaque only for Sam to move all-in over the top for nearly seven-million more!  Khiev would make the call and both Sao and Sam showed Jack-Ten off-suite.  Unfortunately for Cody, he ended up losing the pre-flop/flop race with his pocket-Threes as the board ran out Ace, Ace and the pair of Jacks would chop the pot.  Cody Shedd would finish his back-to-back Mega Million's final table run in 7th place for $32,185!
(7th) Cody Shedd, CA., $32,185
Cody Shedd, 34, of Orange County, CA., is the General Manager of The American Fishing Tackle Company, Inc., and considers himself a semi-professional poker player having 15 years of experience.  His favorite forms of poker are Pot-Limit Omaha and No Limit Texas Hold'em tournaments and pocket-Aces are his favorite holdings.  In 2007, Cody's largest score to date was $208,840 under the screen name: "CalBandGreat" in a Full-Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) Event#4 $1,000 No Limit Hold'em!  His other hobbies are tennis and "laddering up" in the money of a tournament!

Tyler Cormney finishes in 8th for $26,520 of Mega Millions series 10!

Preflop, there was a raise by Joel Kop in middle position and a call by Tyler C. on the button.  The flop came "8x, 5s, 4s."  Joel checked to Tyler who bet.  Kop then shoved all-in.  Tyler made the call with King-Six of spades only to be beat by Kop's Ace-Three of spades!  Both players bricked out and Joel's Ace high was good enough to scoop the pot and Tyler's Mega Million's run ended in 8th place for $26,520!

Tyler C., 44, of Los Angeles, CA., is a consultant and has been playing semi-professional poker player for the past six years.  His favorite type of poker is the No Limit Texas Hold'em tournaments variety.  His favorite hand is the highest hand possible, the "royal flush," and admires the poker play of Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari the most.  Tyler will use his Mega Million's winning to increase his poker bankroll an extra $26,520 and apply it towards his other hobbies including cooking and poker!

Matt Boucher wins $22,000 finishing in 9th of Mega Millions series 10!

After Sao Khiev opened from late position, Matt Boucher, moved all-in with Ace-Jack.  When action folded back to Sao, he made the call with pocket Kings.  The flop came Ten high all hearts.  The turn came a King of hearts giving Sao top set, but also outs for Matt.  Any heart for a chop and a non heart Queen for a "Broadway" straight.  The river was a brick and Matt Boucher was The Mega Millions series 10 final table first finisher in 9th for $22,000!
(9th) Matt Boucher, CT., $22,000
Matt Boucher, 27, considers himself a "motivational gambler" and has been playing poker for 2,345 days. When he's not playing his favorite poker game where he enjoy "flipping," he practices yoga and is an active vegan.  His biggest "score" to date was during prom.  As a "Rage Against The Machine" fan, he plans to use some of his winnings to watch the band live.

Mega Millions Series 10 Final Table streaming online on LIVE AT THE BIKE!

The LIVE stream of Legends of Poker Event #15 "The Mega Millions" series 10 is online on YouTube!

Cards in the Air: Mega Millions X Final Table

Cody Shedd- Back -to-back Mega Millions Final Tables

The day has finally arrived. Over the last two weeks, thousands of players have walked through the doors of The Bicycle Casino, hoping they will be the next Mega Millions champion. Now, we are down to just nine players. At the table are seasoned pros Shane Schleger, Daniel Strelitz, and Cody Shedd, who amazingly, is at the final table for the second straight Mega Millions.

All of them, however, are trailing our chip leader Sao Khiev, who will be bringing 14.7 million chips into play today. For a full list of the players still in, along with pictures of everyone, simply click here.

The action is now underway, and in a short while, we will know who's face will be on the next banner in the poker room, and who will walk away with the first place prize of over $280,000! We will be here to bring you all the eliminations, so don't go anywhere!

Final Winners Report for Event #16 $1,100 Omaha 8 or Better

Event #16 drew 39 mixed game players out for the $1,100 Omaha 8 or Better, meaning the prize pool was the posted $50,000 Guarantee. The final six players made a deal, with Hermilo Vargas earning the lion's share of the prize pool, $11,115 to be exact. Other notables to the Los Angeles poker community who made the money were "Super" Mario Esquerra, Frankie O'Dell, and Walter Smiley. Read below for full details on the chop, and congratulations to the final six players who made the money!

Final Table Seating Chart With End of Day Chip Counts

The final table of Mega Millions X is set, and it is jam packed with talented players! Leading the way is Sao Khiev, who will bring 14.7 million into tomorrow's play with him. However, he will have his work cut out for him, with solid pros Shane Schleger (13.7 million) and Daniel Strelitz (3.975 million) to contend with.

And then, there is Cody Shedd. He will come into tomorrow's play as the second shortest stack with 5.075 million, but he's been there before. In fact, it was just three months ago, at the last Mega Millions, that Shedd started the final table second to last, and fought his way to a third place showing. Shedd has the experience edge, and if he can get an early double, he is surely a favorite to reach the mountain top. All nine of these players will be returning tomorrow at 2 PM to fight out for the Mega Millions X title, as well as the $280,140 first place prize! Congratulations, and good luck to all nine players, and be sure to come back tomorrow for live updates as we whittle nine players down to just one!

Seat 1: Sam Jabboury- 13.2 million
Seat 2: Joel Kop- 13.45 million
Seat 3: Cody Shedd- 5.075 million
Seat 4: Daniel Strelitz- 3.975 million (short stack)
Seat 6: Shane Schleger- 13.7 million
Seat 7: Sao Khiev- 14.7 million (Chip Leader)
Seat 8: Walter Fisher- 10.85 million
Seat 9: Matthew Boucher- 7.15 million