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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Results Are In: Legends of Poker Event #19 $345 Badugi/2-7 Triple Draw $10,000 Guaranteed

$345 Event #19 Badugi /2-7 Triple Draw 
$10,000 Guaranteed
$345 Event #19 Badugi/2-7 Triple Draw $10K-GTD structure
Entries: 37
Prize Pool: $10,767
Paid: 5 places

1st Place Winner: Joey Deluca, $4,037 with no deal or chop!

2nd place: Dale Phillips, $2,930
3rd place: Dong Han, $1,740
4th place: Daniel Ellery, $1,245
5th place: Shirley Rosario, $815

The Numbers Are In: 8PM $400 Mega Satelllite

Legends of Poker
$400 Event #20 Mega Satellite
8:00-PM session
$400 Mega Satellite structure
Entries: 107
Prize Pool: $39,590
Payout structure:
1st-10th: $3,700 WPT Main Event seat
11th: $2,590

The Results Are In: Legends of Poker Event #18 $1,100 No Limit Hold'em $500 Bounty Tournament

The Legends Of Poker
Event #19 $1,100 No Limit Hold'em $500 Bounty
$50,000 Guaranteed
$1,100 Event #18 NLH $50K-GTD Final Table signed structure

Entries: 76
Prize Pool: $74,860
Bounties: $38,000

1st Place Winner: Dana Kellstrom, $8,385* ($12,320)

2nd place: Nassar Rategarpanah, $6,535* ($7,790)
3rd place: Jun Woo Oh, $6,035* ($5,050)
4th place: Mario Fanceglia, $5,455* ($3,540)
5th place: Michael, $5,000* ($2,710)

(6th) Pogos Simityan, $2,185
(7th) Cheng Hua, $1,785
(8th) Leonardo Castro, $1,480
(9th) Vanessa Castro, ($800 paid out-of-pocket by final table)

The Numbers Are In: Legends Of Poker Event #19 Badugi / 2-7 Triple Draw $10,000 Guaranteed

The Legends of Poker 
Event #19 $345 Badugi / 2-7 Triple Draw
$10,000 Guaranteed
$345 Event #19 Badugi / 2-7 Triple Draw $10K-GTD structure
Entries: 37
Prize Pool: $10,767
Payout Structure:
1st: $4,037
2nd: $2,930
3rd: $1,740
4th: $1,245
5th: $815

The Results Are In: Final Table of Event #17 $1,100 No Limit Hold'em $100,000 Guaranteed

Final Table Autographed $1,100 Event #17 NLH $100K-GTD structure
1st Place Winner: Seth Berger, NY., $27,000* [$29,830]
ended the contest with 1.091-Million of the 1,545,000 chips in play.  After the money bubble broke, his pocket-Kings knocked out three players to catapult the remaining field to the final table.  His run good continued at the final table knocking out five of the last nine players and decided to make a deal to conclude the tournament heads up holding a three to one advantage.
$21, 695* (2nd) Seat #8: Richard Bruning, 226,500 [$18,865]
$12,230 (3rd) Seat #3: Alexander Condon, 211,000
Three handed, it was another all-in pre-flop action as Condon moved in with Ace-Nine of spade on the button, only to be called by the chip leader, Seth Berger holding pocket-Eights.  As the pocket-Eight of eventual winner, Seth, held, Alex finished in 3rd for $12,230! [Level 17]
$8,575 (4th) Seat #6: Brian Yoon, 304,000
The deck can be cold sometimes as the action was four handed and Yoon held pocket-Tens only to be trumped by his neighbor, Richard Bruning's pocket-Queens.  The Queens held and Brian finished in 4th for $8,575. [Level 17]
$6,560 (5th) Seat #9: Allan T. Le, 113,500
Le defended a raise with pocket sixes, but after the board ran out, Allan went with his hand against his neighbor, Richard Bruning's pocket Queens.  As a result, Allan Le fnished in 5th for $6,560 [Level 16]
$5,295 (6th) Seat #4: Neo Hoang, 87,000
Hoang moved all-in pre-flop with Ace-Ten, only to be called by the largest stack of Seth Berger with King-Jack.  The chip leader was still running white hot as the board ran out King high giving Berger the pot with his pair.  After losing another race, another strong player was eliminated in Neo Hoang in 6th place for $5,295! [Level 16]

$4,325 (7th) Seat #1: Joanne L. Lewis, 39,000
Lewis had chipped up after winning a few hands pre-flop.  It was a relative cooler as the action folded to Allan Le in the small blind who called the all-in of Joanne in the big blind.  Le had pocket-Threes while Lewis held Ace-Queen, but when the board ran out, Joanne had lost the race and finished in 7th for $4,325! [Level 16]

$3,580 (8th) Seat #5: Edward Liu, 18,000
Liu had doubled up when his pocket-Eights held against Queen-Ten.  He then shoved from middle position with Ace-Queen of diamond and was called by the chip leader, Seth Berger with Ace-Nine of hearts.  It was a big flop for both players as a Queen came with two hearts.  When the heart turned Edward was drawing dead and finished in 8th for $3,580!  [Level 15]
$3,000 (8th) Seat #7: Hector Marquez, 18,500
Marquez came to the final table as the shortest stack but managed to double up once when his pocket-Queens held up against Richard Bruning's Queen-Jack of diamond.  Unfortunately, his final table run would come to an end soon after when he ran his Ace-King into the pocket-Aces of the chip leader, Seth Berger.  The board ran out and Hector was the 9th place finisher for $3,000. [Level 15]