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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Numbers Are In: 4PM $400 Mega Satellite to $3,700 WPT Main Event

No Limit Hold’em Event #20 Mega Satellite 8:00-PM
THREE $3,700 WPT Main Event Seats Guaranteed
$400 Mega Satellite structure
Entries: 141
Prize Pool: $52,170
Payout structure:
1st-14th: $3,700 WPT Main Event Seat
15th: $370

WPT Legends of Poker Main Event, Sunday-1B: After dinner updates

"Hand-To-Hand Combat" courtesy of WPT Live Updates: @WPTlive

Erica Taylor Doubles Up

Erica Taylor (Jiles)

Level 7: 250-500, 75 ante
Erica Taylor is all in preflop from the button for 9,675 with AdiamondKspade, and she needs it to hold to stay alive against the KclubQdiamond of a player in middle position.

The board comes QspadeJheart10club2spade8club, and Taylor flops an ace-high straight to win the pot and double up in chips.

Erica Taylor  -  23,000  (46 bb)
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08:40 PM, 08/24/14

Jason Mann and Ali Eslami Clash Again

Jason Mann
Ali Eslami

Level 7: 250-500, 75 ante
With a few thousand chips in the pot and the board reading 7club6spade3diamond3spade, Jason Mann bets 2,000 from early position and Ali Eslami raises to 5,500 from late position.  Mann calls.

The river brings the 5club and Mann checks again. Eslami bets 6,600 and Mann calls.

Eslami tables 10heart10diamond for two pair, tens and treys, which is good enough to take the pot.

Ali Eslami - 40,000
Jason Mann - 53,000
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08:21 PM, 08/24/14 

Jordan Cristos vs. Justin Oliver

2013 Legends of Poker Season 12 Champion: Jordan Cristos

Level 7: 250-500, 75 ante
Justin Oliver raises to 1,200 from middle position and Jordan Cristos three-bets to about 4,200 from the button. Oliver calls and the flop falls 7club5diamond3heart.

Oliver check-calls 3,500 from Cristos to see the 9club turn, which both players check. They do the same after the 6heart river falls and Oliver tables AspadeKspade. Cristos mucks and Oliver wins the pot.

Justin Oliver - 84,000
Jordan Cristos - 68,000
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08:20 PM, 08/24/14

Level 7 Begins (126 Remaining on Day 1B)

Level 7: 250-500, 75 ante
The players return from dinner to begin Level 7, with increased blinds of 250-500 and a 75 ante.

There are about 126 players remaining from a Day 1B field of 178, with an average chip count around 42,400 (84 big blinds).

Players who bust today have the option of re-entering tomorrow on Day 1C. Players also have the option of paying $10,000 to receive 72,000 in chips (60 big blinds) at the start of Day 2.

Action will continue tonight until the end of Level 10, around 12:15 am PT.
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08:16 PM, 08/24/14

"Run The Tables" promotion: Gearing up for WPT Legends of Poker Day-2!

The 2014 Legends of Poker Event #20 
World Poker Tour Main Event
Day 2 buy-in and promotions!
Registration has just closed for Sunday-1B with 178-entries, bringing to current runner total to 334-entries with one qualifying Monday-1C left.  The growing prize pool of nearly $1.2-million should double by the close of registration tomorrow.  If you don't advance to Tuesday-2 the traditional route, there is still hope!
Breakdown of "Run The Tables" promotion
Other than the last qualifying Day-1, there will be TWO $1,070 Day-2 Mega Satellites guaranteeing a combined THREE $10,000 Day-2 seats!  For those that have already qualified to Day-2, if/when you win a Day-2 Mega Satellite, you have TWO options:
1) Play the Day-2 seat with 60-big blinds and relinquish your Day-1 qualifying stack.
2) Play your Day-1 qualifying stack and receive $10,000 CA$H for the Day-2 seat you won!
Either way it should be a win-win situation!
8:00-PM $1,070 Mega Satellite 2 ($10K Seats) GTD

4:00-PM $1,070 Mega Satellite $10K Seat GTD

Here are some of the promotional prizes that will go to the qualifying players!
Bicycle Casino swag bag for the Top Three Chip Leaders in each Qualifying Day 1!
MONSTER DNA PRO headphones for each Day-1 Chip Leader (1 per session)

The Bicycle Casino backpack & patch
The Bicycle Casino "flash drive" card & newest edition playing cards
The Bicycle Casino "We've Got Style To Our Game" t-shirt & hat