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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Few Big Stacks as We are Now Under 100 Players!

With two more levels left tonight, we have just crossed the 100 players left mark. Our current chip leader is Dan Matsuzuki, who is the only player over the half million chip plateau. He's got plenty of competition breathing down his neck though, including Daniel Strelitz, who is hoping to repeat a feat done by our champion last year. You see, everyone remembers Jordan Cristos winning this Main Event, but what not many remember is that he final tabled the Mega Millions event earlier in the series, finishing fifth. Well Strelitz won Mega Millions X last week, and is hoping for back-to-back final tables, as he current has over 300,000 in his stack. We will be sure to keep tabs on the young pro, but until then, enjoy our pictures of the big stacks!

Dan Matsuzuki
Harut Arutyunyan

Ali Eslami
Nicholas Grippo

Allyn Jaffrey Shulman
Daniel Strelitz

Some special things happening at The Bicycle Casino!

3-Bet Clothing Pro, Greg "FBT" Mueller & Mo Fathipour
These top chip leaders of the qualifying day 1's received their Bicycle Casino "swag" bags during our WPT Legends of Poker Main Event day 2 festivities!
Ryan Rivers, 1B: 214,800
Nipun Java, 1C: 160,600
Massoud "Mike" Eskandari, 1A:215,400
Jeffrey Loiacono, 1B:240,800

Nicholas Grippo, 1B: 272,400

Tyler Cornell, 1C: 258,300

Randy Bowie, 1A: 217,800

Andrew Shack, 1A: 209,800
Chris Whitcomb, 1C: 156,200

Catching Up With Mega Millions X Winner Daniel Strelitz

While we were on the dinner break here at Day 2 of the WPT Legends of Poker, we caught up with Daniel Strelitz, who just a few days ago, took down Mega Millions X for over $280,000! He's doing plenty well for himself in this event, sitting on over 100 big blinds at 290,000 on break. Check out the interview below, where Strelitz talks about entering the final table as the short stack, his thoughts on not chopping, and what he's going to be up to after this event!

An Array of Day Two Tweets!

Some Assorted Counts Throughout the Room

The clock says 162 players left with just over half an hour before today's dinner break, and the list of notable names still in seems endless. Amongst those still alive are defending champion Jordan Cristos, reigning WSOP Main Event Champion Ryan Riess, WPT Commentator Mike Sexton, and Daniel Strelitz, who just won Mega Millions X last week! Check out some of those players counts, along with a few others.

Tyler Cornell- 330,000
Daniel Strelitz- 270,000
David Williams- 228,000
Scott Clements- 212,000
Mohsin Charania- 165,000
JC Tran- 160,000
Ryan Riess- 145,000
Mike Sexton- 95,000

The Numbers Are In: WPT Legends of Poker Main Event official prize pool & payouts!

The official prize-pool has been confirmed, and with a field of 593 entrants, the total prize-pool is worth $2,172,994.
WPT Legends of Poker NLHE Championship trophy

The final 54 players will finish in the money, guaranteed at least $8,630, enough to profit even if a player bought in for two Day 1s (at $3,700 each), and a solid rebate for the $10,000 last-minute buy-in.

1st:  $560,966
2nd:  $330,110
3rd:  $213,600
4th:  $145,640
5th:  $103,560
6th:  $83,075
7th:  $63,650
8th:  $45,310
9th:  $32,365
10th-12th:  $24,815
13th-15th:  $19,420
16th-18th:  $16,180
19th-27th:  $14,025
28th-36th:  $11,865
37th-45th:  $9,710
46th-54th:  $8,630

Three Former Champions Still Alive

The Legends of Poker has a rich history for producing some amazingly talented players as their winners, and three of those individuals are still alive as we enter the second level of Day 2. Andy Frankenberger took this title down in 2010, earning a cool $750,000 for his efforts. Since that victory, Frankenberger has captured a pair of WSOP gold bracelets, and has over $2.7 million in lifetime earnings to his name.

Will "The Thrill" Failla won the Legends of Poker the following year, taking home $758,085 for his win. Failla also has a Heartland Poker Tour title to his name, all part of his lifetime earnings of $4.4 million.

And then, there's last year's Champion Jordan Cristos. He bested a field of 716 entries last year to take home a first place prize of $613,355. Cristos final tabled another WPT later that season, and has nearly $1.1 million to his name. Check out pictures of those three below, along with their updated counts.

2013 Champion Jordan Cristos- 152,000

2011 Champion Will Failla- 31,000

2010 Champion Andy Frakenberger- 74,000

The WPT Legends of Poker Day-2 players

A total of 27 players bought directly into day-2 for $10,000 and a 60 big blind stack, 72,000 in tournament chips.

As a result of the 27 day-2 direct buy-ins, the total number for this year's 2014 WPT Legends of Poker is 593 entries, creating a total prize pool of $2,075,500!

For web updates: WPT Live Updates check out @WPTlive on Twitter!

Name, Table # / Seat #
Paul Chaunderson, 9/8
Mark Damer, 14/2
Ali Eslami, 10/2
Layne Flack, 6/6
Francisco Fragoso, 5/6
Stephen Guifre, 13/2
Gregory D. Gliner, 13/8
Mark D. Hailton, 4/8
Duy M. Ho, 8/8
Corey Hochman, 12/8
Phil Laak, 13/6
Leonid Markin, 14/8
Kareem D. Marshall, 10/6
Greg Mueller, 5/2
Jeffrey Ray, 7/2
Zaher Samaan, 12/2
Jeff Schwimmer, 7/8
Gary M. Sewell, 12/6
Richard Seymour, 6/8
Richard Sklar, 5/8
Keven M. Stammen, 11/8
Fabrice Touil, 9/6
Alex D. Tran, 6/2
Jay Vaswani, 7/6
Kyle W. Welsh, 4/2
Sean Hee Yu, 4/6
Sean H. Yu, 10/8