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Thursday, August 28, 2014

WPT Legends Update: The Final Six Are Set: Massoud "Mike" Eskandari Holds A Big Lead

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TV final table of six is set!
That does it for tonight folks! With Owen Crowe 7th place finish, the WPT Legends of Poker Televised Final Table is set, and it is chalk full of tough poker pros. Let's take a quick tour of the table that will be playing down to a winner tomorrow at 4:00-PM PST.

Seat 1: Harut Arutyunyan- 3.67 million
Seat 1 is Harut Arutyunyan, a local pro who is primarily a cash game player. Arutyunyan only has one live cash to his name before this tournament, a 36th place in a $235 Deepstack here at The Bicycle Casino in July. He will be bringing 3.67 million into play with him tomorrow.

Seat 2: Taylor McFarland- 2.25 million
Next up is Taylor McFarland.  He came into the day as one of our big stacks, but took a big hit early when his pocket Aces were cracked by the pocket Queens of Richard Munro after a queen high flop. McFarland was able to bounce back though, and will go into play tomorrow with an average stack thanks to his KO of Crowe in 7th place. He has already locked up the biggest tournament cash of his career.
Seat 3: Jeremy Kottler- 1.975 million (short stack)
Seat 3 resides Jeremy Kottler.  The poker pro has made his third WPT TV final table, and he's hoping that the third time will be the charm. Kottler finished 6th at the Five Diamond Main Event in December of 2012 for nearly $188,000, and followed that up with a 4th place showing at the Borgata Poker Open Main Event in 2013, making this the third year in a row that Kottler has made a WPT final table. He will have his work cut out for him though, as he brings in the short stack with 1.975 million.

Seat 4: Tyler Kenney- 2.555 million
The four seat belongs to young poker pro Tyler Kenney. Known by many as the little brother to 2014 bracelet winner Bryn Kenney, Tyler is hoping to get out of his big brother's shadow with this showing. A third place finish would lock up the biggest cash of Kenney's career, and while he comes into the final table as the short stack, he had already doubled up twice when we were seven-handed.
Seat 5: Massoud "Mike" Eskandari- 5.975 million (Chip Leader)
The five seat is local pro and fan favorite Massoud Eskandari, who also happens to be our overwhelming chip leader with nearly 6 million chips. Known to many as simply "Mike", Eskandari has been on a tear this summer on the Los Angeles poker scene. Eskandari has over $100,000 in earnings just since July, and the money he's already locked up for 6th place will mark his biggest career live cash.
Seat 6: Tyler Cornell- 2.525 million
Rounding out the final table is Tyler Cornell. The young pro has been a fixture at the top of the chip counts since Day 1, when he finished his qualifying heat as the chip leader. Cornell has over half a million dollars in live earnings, and will lock up his biggest live cash with just a 5th place showing tomorrow.
The final 6 signing the WPT profiles
These six elite players will reconvene tomorrow at 4 PM to find out who will become the next Legend of Poker Champion here at The Bicycle Casino. As always, we will be here to bring you guys photos from the final tables, as well as all five bustouts on the way to crowning a champion. Congratulations to the final six players, and good luck tomorrow!

WPT Legends Update: Owen Crowe Finishes in 7th Place ($63,650)

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7th) Owen Crowe ($63,650)
 Bubbles the TV Final Table
Taylor McFarland raised it up to 100,000, and action folded around to Owen Crowe in the big blind. He moved all in for 970,000, a bet that was for nearly all of McFarland's chips. McFarland spent about two minutes in the tank before sliding in the chips for the call, and it was a great call, as his Ace-Queen was one better than the Ace-Jack of Crowe. The board ran out 6-5-5-4-7, and Crowe was sent to the rail just short of the TV final table.

With that elimination, play has ended for the night. The remaining six players are bagging and tagging their chips, and they will all return tomorrow at 4 PM to play it out on the WPT TV set. Stay tuned for updated chip counts for each player, as well as a seating chart for tomorrow's final table!

The Numbers Are In: 8/28 Legends Of Poker 5PM Event#21B $160 No Limit Hold'em $500,000 Guaranteed

2014 Legends Of Poker Event #21B 5:00-PM
$160 No Limit Hold'em $500,000 Guaranteed
1st Place receives $15,400 WPT World Championship Seat 
Added by The Bicycle Casino!
$160 Event #21 NLH $500K-GTD structure

Entries: 148
Add-ons: 130
8th-11th: $500
12th-15th: $400  

WPT Legends update: Keven Stammen Finishes in 8th Place ($45,310)!

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8th) Keven Stammen ($45,310)
Falls Short of His Second Title
Keven Stammen was looking to make history by being only the second player to win back-to-back major WPT Titles, but thanks to a cooler and a bad beat, he will not be doing that. The first hand saw Stammen heads up with local pro Massoud Eskandari on the river of a completed board that read [Qh][Jc][10h][2d][8s].  Eskandari fired out 150,000, and Stammen raised it up to 405,000, leaving himself just 250,000 behind. Eskandari tanked for about 90 seconds before moving all in, and it was back to Stammen. After about three minutes in the tank, the clock was called, and eventually, that clock ran out, making Stammen's hand dead. Eskandari flashed King-Nine for the second nuts, and Stammen nodded his head before showing Ace-Nine for a lesser straight!

On the very next hand, Stammen got all of his chips in against Tyler Cornell after a flop of Queen Queen Four with one club. Stammen held King-Queen for trips, while Cornell just had Ace-King of clubs. However, clubs on the turn and river gave the pot to Cornell, knocking Stammen out in 8th place. Despite the rough ending, Stammen left with a smile on his face, wishing everyone good luck before leaving the table for good.

WPT Legends Update: Richard Munro Finishes in 9th Place ($32,365)!

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9th) Richard Munro ($32,365)
Richard Munro and Massoud Eskandari got in a raising war preflop that saw all of Munro's chips get into the middle. Munro held Ace-Queen, and he would need to improve, as Eskandari held the slight edge with pocket Fives. Unfortuantely for Munro, the board ran down all low cards, and Munro wasn't able to improve, knocking him out in eighth place.

Jeremy Kottler Leads the Unofficial Final Table

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The top 10 final table
We have reached the final 10 players in the 2014 WPT Legends of Poker, and you can read a full seating chart of those players below. Jeremy Kottler came into the day second in chips, and he has steadily increased that stack throughout the day, taken a couple of big pots from former chip leader Tyler Kenney. The blinds are currently at 15,000-30,000, and we will continue playing today until we get down to the final six players. 

Seat 1: Harut Arutyunyan - 2,120,000
Seat 2: Taylor McFarland - 1,325,000
Seat 3: Jeremy Kottler - 4,810,000
Seat 4: Richard Munro - 990,000
Seat 5: Andy Frankenberger - 865,000
Seat 6: Tyler Kenney - 835,000
Seat 7: Owen Crowe - 2,075,000
Seat 8: Massoud "Mike" Eskandari - 1,360,000
Seat 9: Keven Stammen - 1,340,000
Seat 10: Tyler Cornell - 3,300,000

WPT Legends of Poker update:6th round of payouts 10th-12th:$24,815!

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10th) Andy Frankenberger
Former Legends of Poker Champion Andy Frankenberger just had his attempt to become the first player ever to win the same WPT Event twice come to an end, and it was in brutal fashion. Frankenberger got his final 25 bigs in preflop holding pocket Kings, and he was in great shape against the Ace-King of Tyler Cornell. However, an ace popped right in the window, and Frankenberger wasn't able to catch his one outer, getting us to our official final table.

11th) Anthony Tao
Tao saw his Main Event come to an end just short of the final table. Tao finished on the short end of a classic race, when his Ace-Queen wasn't able to catch up with the pocket Fives of Tyler Cornell. Tao and Lee were eliminated in back-to-back hands.

12th) Jimmy Lee
Jimmy Lee four bet shoved for his last 675,000 with pocket Nines, and unfortunately for him, the three better, Owen Crowe, had a monster in the hole with pocket Kings. Lee was never able to catch up, and he was elimnated in 12th place, while Crowe is now up over two million.

The Numbers Are In: 8/28 Legends Of Poker 12:00-PM Event#21B $160 No Limit Hold'em $500,000 Guaranteed

2014 Legends Of Poker Event #21B 12:00-PM
$160 No Limit Hold'em $500,000 Guaranteed
1st Place receives $15,400 WPT World Championship Seat 
Added by The Bicycle Casino!
$160 Event #21 NLH $500K-GTD structure
Entries: 140
Add-ons: 121
Advancing: 7
8th-10th: $500
11th-14th: $400