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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 3rd wave of Payouts 109th-130th:$950

For their top 130 finish, these players would finish for $950 each!

109) Michael Hauptman
110) William B Latislaw
111) Joshua Neufeld
112) Artashes A Karageozyan
113) Sean Sullivan
114) Jin Seok Jeong
115) Jorge Pineda
116) Barry Shulman
117) Qing W. Yasui
118) Jim Paul Williamson
119) Kevin D Ta (double qualifier)
120) Michael Mayes
121) Michele Accardo
122) Todd Kreisman
123) Yerand Manukian
124) Yaccov Haviv
125) Daniel Furnival
126) Deepinder Singh
127) Jeremy Lanosga
128) Qing Liu
129) Svetlana Baranovsky
130) Eduardo Crespo

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 2nd wave of Payouts 131st-160th:$820

Making the first pay jump these players made an extra $120 bringing this round of cashes to $820!
131) Richard Geyer
132) Paul Chauderson
133) Jermaine Johnson
134) Danny Illingworth
135) Larry Indvik
136) Leonid Markin
137) Fredrick Goff (double qualified)
138) Joe Marcal
139) Nguyen T Le
140) Millad Jorshari
141) Allan T Le
142) Marina Razuvaeva
143) Robert Gittelman
144) Solomon S Yi
145) Tony Bigdali
146) Robert Wambaugh
147) Gavin Griffin
148) Jason Richitt
149) Kevin Velarde
150) Abram Assatoury
151) Parviz Dardashty
152) Ronny Mirel
153) Seon W Kim
154) Hayk Papoyan
155) Hieu Ngoc Ma
156) Shahen Martirosian
157) Eugene O'Leary
158) Rudy Fulson
159) James Pittman
160) Ismet Nesicolaci

Some Updated Counts From Around the Room

We just took a walk through the tournament floor, and found a few notable stacks that we wanted to pass along to you guys. Included on this list are Massoud Eskandari and Harut Arutyunyan. If those names sounds familiar to you, it's because they just went heads up in the WPT Legends of Poker Main Event just last Friday. Both of them are still alive, have healthy stacks, and are looking for another deep run tonight. Read below for a list of the updated stacks as we have just crossed the 100 players left mark.

Sarkis Keshishian- 950,000
Christopher Tolone- 740,000
Frank Lin- 680,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen- 480,000
Massoud "Mike" Eskandari- 470,000
Harut Arutyunyan- 450,000
Nam Le- 330,000
Jeff Madsen- 170,000

Legends Of Poker Event #21 Day-2 Initial Wave 161st-182nd Payouts:$700

By advancing to day-2 these players received the minimum cash of $700 for their efforts!
161) Michael Somervell
162) Chao Gong
163) John Apikian
164) Sami Saloumi
165) Reggie Dizon
166) Shaun Suller
167) George Vardanyan
168) Barkev Grigorian (2014 Legends Of Poker Event #2 Winner)
169) Behzad Eshraghi
170) Khaldoun Azzam
171) Rene Peza
172) Ali Rabah
173) Francisco Fragoso
174) John Hulett
175) Derrick Mokedi
176) Phillippe Olbrechts
177) Stephen Kaufman
178) Angel Valdez
179) Nicolas Lavin
180) Joseph "Max" Consentino
181) "Art of Perse"
182) Mariam Abedian

By the Numbers: Final Event (21) of 2014 Legends of Poker: $782,712 Prize Pool

With the 50 players who came in and brought in directly on Day 2, the prize pool swelled up to $782,712! That money will be spread out amongst the final 192 players here today, with the minimum payout going for $700. First place will of course get the lion's share of the prize pool, which in this case will be $152,102, as well as a $15,400 seat to the WPT Championship at the end of the season. Nearly everyone at the final table will lock up a five figure payday, as ninth place just misses that mark, paying out $9,820. Read below for a breakdown of the rest of the prize pool and good luck to the 130 players who still remain!

Event #21 Total Prize Pool Payouts

Lots of Action in Legends Of Poker Event #21 Day-2 with 50 direct $3,750 buy-ins!

As the prize pool is being finalized and will be announced shortly; It looks like the payouts will be over $150,000 going to first and over $780,000 total prize pool would be paid out in this event!

Here is a list of the players that bought in directly for $3,750 or won their way in via a $780 mega satellite!
Matt R Abrams
John Apikian
Harut "Harry" Arutyunyan (2014 WPT Legends of Poker Champion)
Abram Assatoury
Patrick L Biancone
Nathan R Bjerno (middle)
Santosh C Byali
Paul Chauderson (far left)

John Choi (far left)

Christopher M DeMaci (left)
Mario Fauceglia

Francisco Fragoso

Daniel W Furnival (far right)
Richard Geyer
Gavin F Griffin (far right)

Mark D Hamilton
Gary H Hatate
Yaacov Haviv
Neo Hoang (far left)
Sarkis Keshishian
Matthew G Kursar

Nam Thien Le

Qing Liu
Edmund Liu (middle)

Jeffrey P Madsen
Mark Makaryan
Yerand Manukian
Leonid Markin
Shahen Martirosian
Max Mashour
John H Misirian
Ismet Nesicolaci
Joshua A Neufeld
Eugene O'Leary (far left)

Nick R Phoenix
Rob S Prinz
Ali H Rabah
Sami Saloumi
Gary M Sewell (middle) & Allan T Le (far right)
Deepinder Singh (far right)
Bobby Suer (far left)
Dennis W Thurman
Christopher M Tolone (left)
John Walts
Ronald West
Jim Paul Williamson

Barry Woods (middle)

Jesse Yaginuma (far right)
Qing Wang Yasui (far right)

Some of the Locals on Day 2 of Event #21 $780,000 Prize Pool

As you would expect, we had dozens of local pros that either built up a big stack on their Day 1 flight, or simply came in and registered on Day 2. Check out some of those players below, including Phong "Turbo" Nguyen, Erica Jiles, and others!

Phong "Turbo" Nguyen Stacking Chips
Chris Tolone (left) at Another Day 2
John Hulett (center)
Jeff Madsen (left) hoping for another title at The Bike
Barry Shulman rubbing shoulders with Jesse Yaginuma
Solomon Yi (center) representing the OKC Thunder
Edmund Liu (center) next to Vadim Baranovsky (right)
Erica Jiles Continues her impressive Legends Series

Legends Of Poker Event #21 Tuesday-2 "Cards are in the air!"

2014 Legends Of Poker Event #21 6:00-PM

131 players returned + day-2 buy-ins
$3750 No Limit Hold'em Day-2
$670,000+Prize Pool
1st Place receives $15,400 WPT World Championship Seat
Added by The Bicycle Casino!
$3750 Event #21 Day-2 structure

The Numbers Are In: 9/2 Legends Of Poker 12:00-PM Event#21 $780 Day-2 Mega Satellite No Limit Hold'em $670,000 Prize Pool

2014 Legends Of Poker Event #21 8:30-PM
$780 No Limit Hold'em Day-2 Mega Satellite 
$650,000+Prize Pool
1st Place receives $15,400 WPT World Championship Seat
Added by The Bicycle Casino! 
$780 Turbo Mega Satellite structure
Entries: 27
Prize Pool: $20,500
Paid 6th: $1,500
Advancing: 5 ($3,750) Day-2 Seats into TONIGHT's, Tuesday-2, 6:00-PM
$3,750:~240,000 at 500/2,500/5,000
$3,750 Day-2 Direct Buy-in 6:00-PM NO LATE REGISTRATION

Legends Of Poker Event #21 complete Day-2 chip counts & table draws

 Today, Tuesday, 9/2/14, 6:00-PM NO LATE REGISTRATION $3,750 Buy-in players receive average stack of 240,000 (48 big blinds) playing 40-minute levels throughout!  Day-2 will play for 12-hours or until completion and Wednesday-3, 9/3/14 at 6:00-PM (if necessary)
Event #21 Day-2 structure