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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Final Winners Report: Nam Le Takes Down Event #21!

The final event of the 2014 WPT Legends of Poker wrapped up at 10:00-AM this morning, and it was certainly an exciting final table! The table was packed with notable local pros, including Jared Griener, Sammy Teranie, Sarkis Keshishian, TJ Sica, and Neo Hoang. However, they were all topped by the most accomplished player at the final table, former WPT Champion Nam Le. For his efforts, Le took home $88,530, along with the $15,400 WPT Championship seat at the end of the season. Check out the rest of the results from the event below.

On behalf of everyone at The Bicycle Casino, we want to thank every player who came out and took part in this year's Legends of Poker! We look forward to seeing you again at the end of the month for the Cardplayer Poker Tour stop!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 UPDATE: Nam Le is declared the newest Legend (of Poker) winner of $88,530* + $15,400 WPT World Championship Seat!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 Results
1st Place Winner: Nam Le ($88,530* + WPT $15,400 World Championship Seat) with his family rail: (left to right) Allan Le, Hai Le, & Milad Jorshari
Runner-up: Bill Cole & Winner: Nam Le closing the deal
The Last Legend of 2014 is Born, His name is Nam Le!
NAM The LEgend with his family rail & THE Poker Paparazzi/Fan Boy (far left)

Event #21 Autographed Final Table structure

Legends Of Poker Event #21 UPDATE: Congratulations William Cole finishes 2nd for $51,747.50* ($94,520)!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 Results
(2nd) William Cole ($51,747*)

After a grueling five hour final table, "Bill" Cole ended up heads up for the 2014 Legends of Poker Event #21 title against Nam Le, who held a three to one chip lead.  Nam offered Bill an extra $3,000 on top of the $15,000 with the $33,747.50 already earned, totaling $51,747.  He went into the tank, wanting to play for the title and the WPT $15,400 World Championship seat.  After some soul searching, William Cole decided that the additional monies and the chip differential was enough for him to take the deal and go home with his head held high as runner-up and $51,747 richer!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 UPDATE: Congratulations Sarkis Keshishian finishes 3rd for $51,825* ($58,005)!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 Results
(3rd) Sarkis Keshishian ($51,825*)

After winning several all-in pre-flop hands, Mega Millions series 9 winner, Sarkis Keshishian would move in yet again, after the overwhelming chip leader, Nam Le, raised in position with an Ace, this time holding King-Queen.  While only being percentage points behind, the flop was relatively good for him as it came Ten-Nine-Six giving him two over cards and any Jack for the nut straight.  The turn was a brick and an Ace gave Le a lock on the hand.  The Mega Millions champion would have to wait another year to become a Legend.... of poker!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 UPDATE: Congratulations Jared Griener finishes 4th for $84,667* ($38,465)!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 Results
(4th) Jared Griener ($84,667*)

It was a phenomenal run for Jared Griener who came into Day-2 with just about 20 big blinds after qualifying the night before.  By playing a very well balanced game of poker he was able to make the final table and was the chip leader when the deal was conducted.  Up until his last hand he executed a near perfect game, unfortunately his timing was a little off as he opened with Ace-Eight of diamonds.  Bill flatted on the button (Ace-Jack) and Nam Le 3-Bet out of the small blind.  Jared then applied maximum pressure as he shoved all-in and covered the table.  Bill quickly folded.  Le looked Griener's chips up and down before calling off with Pocket-Queens!  The flop brough an Eight-Nine-Four, giving Jared some hope, but the turn and river were no help as Nam doubled through Jared for the chip lead.  The following hand Jared lost a race with Nine-Eight versus Bill's Queen-Seven as the board ran out King-Three-Two, turn:Ace, river:Jack!  Having the lion share of the chop locked up, Jared Griener finished in 4th for $84,667!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 UPDATE: Congratulations Behzad "Sammy" Teranie finishes 5th for $60,265* ($27,035)!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 Results
(5th) Behzad "Sammy" Teranie ($60,265*)
Action folded to Behzad "Sammy" Teranie, in the small blind, as he instituted the strongest move in poker, the "all-in," with "rags" (Ten-Eight off-suit) attempting to take down the blinds and antes.  Unfortunately for "Sammy," the big blind belonged to Mr. Nam Le, who woke up with a legitimate hand, Ace-King!  There was opportunity for live cards as the flop came Nine-Six-Four giving Teranie more outs as his Ten, Nine were still live as well as a Seven.  It wasn't meant to be as a King turned and Five came on the river.  Behzad "Sammy" Teranie would have to wait another year to become a "Legend" of Poker, but his $60,265 was a nice $33,000 boost from what 5th place would have taken home to his family and supporters!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 UPDATE: Congratulations Neo Hoang finishes 6th for $33,747.50* ($21,030)!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 Results
(6th) Neo Hoang $33,747.50*
After losing half his stack losing to an all-in pre-flop with King-Jack versus Pocket Queens.  Neo moved all-in with his remaining stack with Ace-Five and was called by Sarkis' King-Nine.  The flop was terrible for Neo as it came King-Ten-Nine, giving his opponent two pair, the turn was a six and Hoang was drawing dead as a river King was overkill giving Sarkis a full-house.  Neo Hoang would have to be consoled by the $33,747.50 deal made increasing his 6th payout position by nearly $13,000!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 UPDATE: Congratulations T.J. Sica finishes 7th for $37,080* ($16,705)!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 Results
(7th) T.J. Sica $37,080* ($16,705)

Almost immediately after making a strategic deal, T.J. Sica would wake up with Pocket-Aces (with the Ace of spades) on the button.  There was a a raise in front and T.J. would 3-bet from the button.  The initial under-the-gun raiser (Jared Griener) would flat call and we would see a flop of King-Queen-Nine all spades!  Jared checked and Sica moved all-in and was at risk, especially when Jared held the King-Queen of hearts for top two pair!  Sica had a lot of outs as any spade, Nine, or Ace would give him the pot.  It wasn't meant to be as a red Eight turned and river came a red Jack and T.J. Sica would end his "sick run" at the final table with a nice chop of $37,080 since the original 7th place pay out was only $16,705

Legends Of Poker Event #21 UPDATE: Deal is being made

After playing seven handed for a few levels, the remaining players have decided to make a deal.  As it stands, the players did a chip count and have done a save on the remaining prize pool.
Seat #1) Sammy: 8,125,000 chips: $60,265
Seat #2) Nam: 11,125,000 chips: $81,530

Seat #3) T.J.: 3,880,000 chips: $37,080
Seat #4) Sarkis: 4,725,000 chips: $41,825
Seat #5) Neo: 2,475,000 chips: $33,747.50
Seat #6) Jared: 12,625,000 chips: $84,667

Seat #7) Bill: 3,350,000 chips: $33,747.50

1st Place: $10,000.00 + WPT $15,400 World Championship Seat

2nd Place: $15,000.000

3rd Place: $10,000.00

Legends Of Poker Event #21 UPDATE: Congratulations Vadim Baranovsky finishes 8th for $12,970!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 Results
(8th) Vadim Baranovsky

After losing a brutal hand, Vadim Baranovsky's small blind held Pocket Kings, lost to the big blind's Pocket Aces, Vadim was down to ten big blinds when his final hand played out.  Nam Le, who had a similar stack to Baranovsky, moved all-in from the cut-off (one off the button) with Pocket-Jacks.  Vadim called all-in from the small blind with Ace-Queen of spades and was at risk.  The flop came Nine-high with two hearts and ran out no help to either player and Vadim Baranovsky's great run in this year's Legends Of Poker ended in 8th place for $12,970!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 UPDATE: Congratulations Grisha Hovsepyan finishiing 9th for $9,820!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 Results
(9th) Girsha Hovsepyan

Girsha Hovsepyan raise from under-the-gun plus one.  The action folded to Jared Griener in the big blind who re-raised.  Hovepyan called in position.  The flop came Queen-Six-Four rainbow.  Griener then moved all-in for 5-million in chips.  After going into the tank, Girsha found a call and they were playing for effective stacks!  When the cards were turned up, Girsha showed Pocket Jacks, only to be behind Griener's Pocket Kings!  The turn and river were no help and Girsha Hovsepyan was the next player knocked out of the final table taking home $9,820 for his nice run!

Legends Of Poker Event #21 Final Table has been reached!

The Legends Of Poker Event #21 Final Table has been reached!
Seat 1. Hai 2. Sammy 3. Nam 4. Thomas 5. Vadim 6. Sarkis 7. Neo 8. Jared 9. Bill 10. Grisha

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 15th wave of Payouts 10th-12th:$6,845

This last pay jump before the official final table of nine won a pay day of $6,845 for their efforts!
10th) Hai Le
At the final table and on the button Hai moved in with Ace-Queen after a raise by Bill Coles.  Coles called with Pocket Kings and H.Le was at risk.  The board was no help for Hai and he was the first final table casualty in 10th place for $6,845!  
11th) Dennis Thurman
12th) John Misirian

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 14th wave of Payouts 13th-15th:$5,840

For their top 8% of day-2 players, these finishers made $5,840!

13th) Edward Klein
14th) anonymous 
15th) Chieh Chao

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 13th wave of Payouts 16th-18th:$4,960

The last two tables are guaranteed a $4,960 payday, these three players made the pay jump to the top 18!
16th) Ali Sarkarati
17th) Ronald West
18th) Lance Carter

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 12th wave of Payouts 19th-21st:$4,205

The top 21 finishers are guaranteed $4,205 and is the last payout before combining to the last two tables!
19th) Jason Humason
20th) Gordan Powell
21st) Rob Prinz

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 11th wave of Payouts 22nd-24th:$3,555

These top 13% of day-2 field received $3,555 a piece for their time tonight!
22nd) Rubin Chappell
23rd) Patrick Choueiri
24th) Donald Hoffman

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 10th wave of Payouts 25th-27th:$2,505

The pay jumps are now coming more and more frequent.  This group received $3,005 for their top three table play!

25th) Xiao Zhe Hu

26th) Edmun Liu

27th) Nick Phoenix

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 9th wave of Payouts 28th-36th:$2,505

The final payouts before the redraw at 27 players received $2,505 for their efforts!

28) Sarkis Paronyan
29) Ravi Shanmugam
30) Douglas Suyemoto
31) Jose Heredia
32) anonymous
33) Gary Sewell
34) Frank Lin
35) Miguel Molina
36) Chimezie Igwe

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 8th wave of Payouts 37th-45th:$2,100

For this top 25% of day-2 finish, these players took home $2,100!

37) Ernest Padilla
38) Massoud "Mike" Eskandari (2014 WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event runner-up)
39) Allyn Shulman
40) Xuan Nguyen
41) Arthur Coleman
42) Greg Hwang
43) John Dursma
44) Mario Fauceglia
45) Sean Swingruber

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 7th wave of Payouts 46th-54th:$1,775

These players survived to the top third of the field to finish for $1,775!

46) Matthew Chan
47) Peter Treglia
48) John Herrick
49) Li-Chun Wang
50) David Reed
51) Sarkis Karageozyan
52) Scott McKernan
53) Christopher Tolone
54) Barry Woods

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 6th wave of Payouts 55th-72nd:$1,510

These players received $1,510 for their top 40% of the field finish!

55) David Lavin
56) Max Mashour
57) Cornel Cimpan
58) Maxwell Lineberger
59) Douglas Randall
60) Narine Malkhasyan
61) Jay Vaswani
62) Charles B Lee
63) Phong "Turbo" Nguyen
64) Santosh Byali
65) Andy Choe
66) Jeffrey Madsen
67) Bon John "The Razor" Phan
68) Michael Mechaly
69) Christopher DeMaci
70) Gary Do
71) Chad Geske
72) Patrick Biancone

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 5th wave of Payouts 73rd-90th:$1,285

For their top 90 finishes, these players received $1,285 a piece for their play!

73) Tamir Nour
74) Mark Makaryan
75) Alan Ly
76) Steven Reitzfeld
77) Alan Myerson
78) Varosh Hovsipian
79) Mark Powers
80) Simon Brooks
81) Farhad Ghazanfary
82) Matthew Kursar
83) Matthew Abrams
84) Mark Hamilton
85) Sidney Hong
86) Howard Cornbleth
87) Amir Shaliamini
88) Wes Cameron
89) Paul Patrikian
90) Ali Zaghari

Legends Of Poker Event #21 $782,712 Prize Pool: 4th wave of Payouts 91st-108th:$1,100

These players out lasted 80 other day-2 players for a $1,100 payday!

91) Paul Lee
92) John Choi
93) David Kasubowki
94) Nathan Bjerno
95) Craig Schauer
96) Cherng Hua
97) Kamran Katuzian
98) Harut "Harry" Arutyunyan (2014 WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event Champion)
99) Erica Jiles
100) Christopher Banez
101) Cody Shedd
102) John Walts
103) Rabi Barbosa
104) Matthew Meiers
105) Lirio Fontamillas
106) Bobby Suer
107) Jesse Yaginuma
108) Tigran Abgaryan