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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Big Poker Oktober Event #7 E.O. Eight Or Better Update: "The Results Are In!"

The Results Are In!
Entries: 58
Prize Pool: $11,252

1st Place: Peter Brownstein, $4,832*

2nd: Stan Zdanowich, $2,475*
3rd: Don Garrett, $1,465*
4th: Darrell Lee, $1,015
5th: Randall Holland, $790
6th: Wing Wong, $675
7th: Todd Lam, $675
8th: Keith Shiraki, $675

Big Poker Oktober Event #8 $235 No Limit Hold'em $50 Bounty Update: "The Numbers Are In!"

"The Numbers Are In!"
Event #8 $235 NLH $50 Bounty structure
Entries: 147
Prize Pool: $29,400
Bounties: $7,350
Positions paid: 15 players

Payout structure:
1st) $7,060
2nd) $3,750
3rd) $1,850
4th) $1,400
5th) $1,135
6th) $1,015
7th) $905
8th) $795
9th) $705
10th-12th) $615
13th-15th) $530

Big Poker Oktober Event #7 $235 Omaha 8 or Better Update: Players are "In The Money!"

After agreeing to pay the money bubble(s), the "elite" eight are now in the moey with a minimum cash of $675!

Big Poker Oktober Event #3 Mega Millions XI Winner is Crowned and he is Frank Ghezel, cashing for $192,202*

1st Place: Frank Ghezel WINS $192,202* ($250,052) & Mega Millions XI title!
After a grueling day-3, the final table was short and sweet as Frank Ghezel, the overwhelming final table chip leader was able to close out the title victory in just a few hands dealt!  Frank has been playing poker regularly over the past two decades but has recently focused on improving his overall game and it shows by keeping the title in Southern California, Orange County, where he resides with his family.  He was able to qualify on the last qualifying heat and bought in at the break.  He persevered the roller-coaster that is tournament poker, being able to collect himself when the times got tough and made things go his way based on sheer will-power!  With well timed bluffs and playing a tight aggressive game, Frank Ghezel put together a battle plan that allowed him to achieve what most poker players only dream of, a title, a trophy, a victory, a score of a lifetime!  Congratulations Frank on a game well played!

Mo Fathipour, Bike's TD & Mega Millions XI winner, Frank Ghezel!

Big Poker Oktober Event #3 Mega Millions XI Update: Tigran Abgaryan finishes runner-up for $82,618!*

2nd: Tigran Abgaryan, $82,618* ($130,445)
One of the constant forces in Mega Millions series 11, particularly at the final table was runner-up finisher Tigran Abgaryan.  He and eventual winner, Frank Ghezel had continuously put pressure on their final table opponents eventually knocking out the majority of the players.

When it came to heads-up play, Tigran had his work cut out for him as he would have had to overcome a nearly five-to-one chip disadvantage.  Unfortunately with only a handful of hand-for-hand action, this was his final stand.  Abgaryan raised with pocket "Threes" and was called by Ghezel.  The flop came "Ace-Nine-Duece."  Tigran, first to act, led out, and was called by Ghezel.  On the turn came another "Ace," this time Abgaryan moved the rest of his chips into the middle.  After little deliberation, Ghezel called holding "Jack-Nine" of Clubs, while Tigran Abgaryan, our second place finisher for $82,618, had pocket "Threes," the river was a blank and Frank's pair of "Nines" was the difference maker in the quick heads-up battle for the title!

Big Poker Oktober Event #3 Mega Millions XI Update: Larry Gundlach finishes 3rd for $46,425!*

3rd) Larry Gundlach, $46,425*
Relative quite at the final table, Larry Gundlach picked his spots wisely and was able to sustain an average chip stack through most of day-2 and day-3.  At the final table, was no different, as he took some key pots off of the other players who were looking for possible pay-jumps.

On his final hand he attempted to play a big pot against the chip leader, Frank Ghezel.  With a relatively tighter table image, three handed, Larry opened from the button and was called by Frank in the small blind, and the big blind folded.  The flop came "Queen-Jack-Duece."  Frank checked, Larry continuation bet, Frank called.  The turn was a "Five."  Frank checked again, now Larry moved the rest of his chips in and Frank went into the tank.  Eventually, Ghezel found his call button and showed "King-Queen" of Diamonds, whereas Gundlach had a "Queen" of his own, but had kicker problems with a "Nine."  The river was a meaningless "Eight," and Larry Gundlach was the third place finisher for $46,425!

Big Poker Oktober Event #3 Mega Millions XI Update: Marc "Maze" Orillo finishes 4th for $33,134!*

4th: Marc Orillo, $33,134*

After seeing the flop, the action would have played out the same as we pick up the hand pre-flop as Marc "Maze" Orillo moved all-in with "Queen-Jack" of spades only to be called by the chip leader, Frank Ghezel's "Ace-King" off suite (with no spades).  As mentioned previous, the post-flop action would have more than likely gotten all-in because it came "Ace-Queen-Three" with two spades.  So with a pair, a front door flush draw, two pair or trip draws, Orillo was very much live with about 50% equity on the flop.  Alas it was not meant to be as the turn and river were no help and Marc finished in a very respectable 4th place, outlasting 3,953 other players for a $33,134* score!

Big Poker Oktober Event #3 Mega Millions XI Update: Alex Aras finishes in 5th for $40,613!*

5th: Alex Aras, $40,613* ($33,760)

Another part of winning poker tournament, in addition winning "coin-flips," are winning "races," or a 60/40 proposition.  This is a situation that Alex Aras would be involved in first hand!  Under-the-gun, Alex moved all-in pre-flop with "Queen-Ten" (with the Ten of Clubs), only to be snap called by Tigran Abgaryan's "Ace-King" in the big blind!  The flop came "Ace" high with two clubs, giving Tigran a huge lead.  But when the turn came another club, Alex's hand gained a glimmer of hope because he had the only club in the hand.  It was the end of the tournament for Alex Aras as the board paired with a non-club and he finished in fifth place for $40,613 still higher than the original fifth place payday of $33,760!

Big Poker Oktober Event #3 Mega Millions XI Update: Jay Vaswani finishes 6th for $68,877!*

6th: Jay Vaswani, $68,877* ($23,210)

After winning a huge flip against 7th place finisher, Paul Chauderson, there came another huge test for Jay Vaswani for stacks!  We caught up to the action with a minimal raise and all but one player called and Jay completed with "King-Five."  The flop came "Ace-King-Ten."  Vaswani moved all-in with his second pair, only to be trumped by the flopped "nut- Broadway" straight of Tigran Abgaryan with his "Queen-Jack!"  Drawing only to a chop, the miracle was not answered and Jay Vaswani was the 6th place finisher for $68,877, better than 4th place money!

Big Poker Oktober Event #3 Mega Millions XI Update: Paul Chauderson finishes 7th for $63,405!*

7th: Paul Chauderson, $63,405* ($18,990)

Winning poker tournaments, especially of the no limit hold'em variety, relies on winning "coin-flips." or 50/50 situations.  This was an inevitable situation for the two players as Paul Chauderson moved in with the remainder of his chips with "King-Queen" and was reshoved by Jay Vaswani's pocket "Tens!"  The board came "Jack-Ten-x" giving Paul an open ended straight draw, but Jay middle set!  What started off as a "flip" was still a race as Chauderson had eight outs twice to improve, unfortunately it wasn't meant to be and the board "bricked" out.  As a result, Paul Chauderson became the 7th place finisher for $63,405 better than 4th place money!

Big Poker Oktober Event #3 Mega Millions XI Update: Thien H. Le finishes 8th for $56,295!*

8th: Thien H. Le, $56,295* ($15,825)

After a raise and several callers, Thien Le called with "Five-Four" out of the big blind with about 10 big blinds behind.  The flop came "Jack-Jack-Five."  Le then decided to move-in with the remainder of his chips, hoping that no one had a "Jack."  No such luck as Larry Scott Gundlach made the call and Thien was drawing extremely thin.  Drawing to runner-runner quad "Five's" it was not meant to be as Thien Le became the 8th place finisher for $56,295 for better than a 4th place finish!

Big Poker Oktober Event #3 Update: Vince Salvatore finishes 9th for $26,388!*

9th: Vince Salvatore, $26,388* ($13,715)

After a lengthy conversation regarding a chip-chop, a deal was struck nine handed, and Vince Salvatore, who came to the final table as the shortest stack, made the deal happen!  Immediately after locking up a better than 6th place finish, Vince shoved with "King-Four" off-suite only to be called by pocket "Nines."  A turn and river "King" was over-kill as Salvatore doubled up.  It was short lived however as after Marc Orillo, who came to the table as the second shortest stack moved in with "King-Jack" off-suite, Vince made the call all-in with "King-Queen" of spades on the button.  The flop was disaster for Salvatore as a "Jack" flopped with a "Nine," giving Vince a glimmer of hope with a gut-shot straight draw ("Ten").  It wasn't meant to be as the turn and river were blanks and Vince Salvatore ended his prompt final table appearance with a great run, followed by a great deal for $26,388, double the original 9th place finish!

Big Poker Oktober Event #3 The Mega Millions series 11 final table "Cards Are In The Air!"

After some deliberation regarding a chip-chop deal, cards are currently flying live and online "Live At The Bike," which you can watch by clicking the link!

Final Table at "Live At The Bike!"

Big Poker Oktober Event #7 E.O. 8 or Better: The Numbers Are In!

The Numbers Are In!
$235 Event #7 E.O. 8 or Better structure
Entries: 58
Prize Pool: $11,252
Paid: 6

Total payout structure:
1st: $4,832
2nd: $2,475
3rd: $1,465
4th: $1,015
5th: $790
6th: $675