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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Quantum Reload 30K Guarantee Final

Quantum Reload 30K Guaranteed

Great turn out for the Saturday Quantum Reload 30K Guarantee.  424 entries, with a prize pool of $32,368 and 45 people in the money.  27 player are currently remaining.  1st place will take home $8,248.00. Stay tuned for final table updates.  Good luck players!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Event #13 Final Table

                                   Congratulations to Jesse Sanchez winner of Event #13

Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Poker Series Event #13 Update

After 2 hours of playing hand for hand, 24 players are remaining and in the money!  Now the fight continues for the 1st place prize of $30,670. Good luck everyone.


Winter Poker Series Day 2 Event #13 Finals

Congratulations to the 29 players returning tonight at 6:00pm for Day 2 Finals.  Over 105K in the prize pool.  Good luck players!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Event #13 75K Guarantee NL Hold'em Deepstack

We crushed the 75K Guarantee with over 105K in the prize pool!
218 entrants with 135 players still in fighting to make it to day 2.

Event #13 $75,000 Guarantee No Limit Hold'em Deepstack

You have until 8:30pm to register for the $75K Guarantee. $550.00 buy in and re-entry for the first 6 levels.  Players start with 30K in chips.  This is a 2-day event, with the day 1 ending after level 17. Day 2 players return Friday January 16th @ 6:00 pm.

Event #12 No Limit Holdem $15K Guaranteed

Congratulations Joshua Cho~!

Prize Pool: $18,507
Total Entries: 159

Event #11 Omaha 8 or Better 10K Guaranteed Results

Congratulations Fabian Sanchez~!

Prize Pool: $14,200
Total Entries: 122

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Event #10 No Limit Holdem Bounty $15k Guaranteed

Congratulations Minh Hoang~!

Prize Pool: $25,431
Total Entries: 173

Event #9 No Limit Holdem $200K Guaranteed Results

Congratulations to Wajih Warjabedian~!

Prize Pool: $372,092
Total Entries: 1549

Event #9 Final Table:  We are currently 9-handed with Shahen Martirosian going out in 9th place.
Event #9 we are down to 16 players with two big hands and 2 players knocked out back to back at the same table! 
1st hand, Anthony Pitesa pushes all in for 795K, Jeff Murphy calls.  Pitesa has Q/4 off suit.  Murphy has pocket deuces.  The flop Ad,2c,Ah.  Pitesa is out in 18th place.

Next hand Jeff Davis raises to 1.2M and Domingo Gomez calls.  Flop 8d,9s,5s.  Both players check.  Turn 2h.  Davis pushes all. Gomez calls and turns over a set of 8's. Davis has pocket J's.  The river is 10s.  Davis is out in 17th place. Gomez wins pot of 3.1M.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

78 Players left in Event #9 with two pros sitting next to each other.  Mike Eskandari, who won 2nd place for over 300K in the 2014 WPT Legends of Poker and Shahen Martirosian, who won 38th place for over 180K in the 2014 WSOP Main Event.
(Left) Mike Eskandari (Right) Shahen Martirosian
91 Players left for Event #9 all vying for the 1st place prize of over $80K! The tension is getting high as the blinds are now at 8k/16k with a 2K anti

Event #9 $200K Guarantee

We crushed the $200K Guarantee with over 1,549 entries!  Total Prize Pool $372,092

Monday, January 12, 2015

Event #9 No Limit Holdem Deepstack $200k Guaranteed UPDATE w/ Return List

After 6 qualifying sessions the Current Prize Pool at over $290K!

Day 2 Direct Buy-In $2,200
Tuesday 1/13/15 @ 4pm NO Late Registration (cards in the air @ 4:20pm)
Start with 50BB
Blinds starting 500-2k-4k

Saturday 1/10/15
12pm     317 players  &  5pm    211 players

Sunday 1/11/15
12pm     240 players  &  5pm    184 players

Monday 1/12/15
12pm     283 players  &  5pm    273 players

Return List as of Monday 1/12/15

Congrats to the players who have double qualified.
Qualify more than once, win $1,550 ($1,000 cash + Entry to Event #13)