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Sunday, May 31, 2015

3rd day1 flight of $60,000 is over

As the 3rd day1 flight of the Summer Poker Series $60,000 guaranteed concludes, we have 27 players that advance to day2 and Dan Cristea ends the flight as chip leader with 388,000.

Dan Cristea

Matthew Witjas 2nd in chips out of the flight with 384,000 

Gene O'Leary with 215,000 

Paul Chung

$60,000 guaranteed

With 2 out of 4 flights of $60,000 guaranteed played we have

478 entries and 57 players has advanced to day 2, with 2 day1 flights left to play the current prize pool is +$58,000 

Chip leader out of day1A flight 2 were Estrella Baltazar With 737,000.

Estrella Baltazar

Get your seat at any of the remaining 2 flights tomorrow starting 12pm and 5pm, $150 buy in. 

Good luck 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Results for event 10 & 11

Complete result and payout for Summer Poker Series event 10 and 11 below.

Andrew Tan current chipleader in $60,000 guaranteed

As Summer Poker Series Event13 day1 flight1 concludes, Andrew Tan ends the flight as chip leader with 465,000.

The flight had 250 entries and 30 players advanced to day2 which is on Monday 6pm.

Andrew Tan 

Event13 $60,000 guaranteed is underway

We currently have two day1 flights underway in Summer Poker Series event13 $60,000 guaranteed, with a buy in of $150.

There will be two more flights tomorrow at 12pm and 5pm, 20,000 starting stack 12% advance to day2 which is on Monday 6pm.

Event 12

Congrats to Bratt Coleman winner of Summer Poker Series No Limit Hold'Em Event 12 for $7,725.

Bratt Coleman

Friday, May 29, 2015

Hovik Keshishyan takes down another tournament

Congrats to Hovik Keshishyan, winner of Summer Poker Series event 11, this is the second tournament this week he wins, he also took down event 5 this Tuesday and then came in 2nd place in event6 same evening.

Hovik Keshishyan 

Results for event 9 & 10

Full payout for Summer Poker Series event 9 & 10.


Congrats to Alex Golbasarians winner of Summer Poker Series No Limit Hold'Em Event10 for $6,395.

  • 102 entries 
  • Total prize pool $20,34
Alex Golbasarians 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Event 9

Congrats to Chris Schmidt, winner of Summer Poker Series event9 No Limit Hold'Em $4,000 guaranteed for 1st place of $1,464.

Chris Schmidt


Congrats to Seanah Owen, winner of Summer Poker Series No Limit Hold'Em event7

  • Buy in $65
  • Entries 52 
  • Add-ons 45 
Full results below

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Results for event 5 & 6

Find below final results and payout for event 5 & 6


Summer Poker Event 6 NLHE Multi Re-buy event has come to an end.

The event had 90 entries with 99 re-buys and 97 Add-Ons which created a total prize pool of $14,300.

Congrats to Seng Park winner of event 6
Seng Park 

Hovik Keshishyan, who earlier today won event 5 jumped right into event6 after his win and he managed to get 2nd place in this event.

1st and 2nd place Seng Park(left) Hovik Keshishyan(right)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Results for event 2, 3 & 4

Find complete results and payout for Summer Poker Series Event 2, 3 & 4 below.

Congrats to all winners.

Event 5 has concluded

Congrats to Hovik Keshishyan winner of Summer Poker Series Event5 No Limit Hold'Em

Hovik Keshishyan 

Shyam Madiraju wins event4

Congrats to Shyam Madiraju, winner of Summer Poker Series event4 for $8,096

240 players entered the No Limit Hold'Em Deep Stack Bounty event which gave us a total prize pool of $39,936.

Shyam Madiraju

Jason H. Beck wins event2

Congrats to Jason H. Beck winner of Summer Poker Series Event2.

The event had a total of 1,105 entries and a total prize pool of $341,343 and when 7 players were left they decided to make it a day and agreed on a deal, Jason H. Beck had the biggest stack and the official winner of the event, taking down 1st prize of $68,038.
Jason H. Beck 

Gene O'Leary who never gave up on this event, after 7 day1 bullets he made a deep run and managed to work his way to a final table and finished in 4th place, picture below shows what 7 bullets and a deep run can reward you with.

Gene O'Leary, 4th place for $20,000 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Event3 Omaha 8 Or Better have a winner

Congrats to Eugene Lebowitz who wins Summer Poker Series Event3 Omaha 8 Or Better.

The event had a total of 98 entries and Eguene were the last man standing receiving 1st prize of $3,657

Eugene Lebowitz


Summer Poker Series Event4 No Limit Hold'Em Bounty had a total of 240 entries with a total prize pool of $39,936. 

Winner will get $8,096. 

We're in the money in event #3 Omaha 8 Or Better. 

Everyone has locked up minimum $215. 

1st place is $3,657. 

Good luck 

$200,000 Guaranteed day2 is underway

With a total of 1,105 entries to the Summer Poker Series $200,000 Guaranteed No-Limit Hold'Em Event, we now have a final prize pool of $341,343.

We are currently at level 5 of day2 and 106 players remain, everyone has so far locked up a minimum of $510, 1st place will take down $68,038.

We are playing down to a winner today.

Full payout structure below.

Alongside - Event3 Omaha 8 Or Better is down to 23 players from originally 98 entries, total prize pool is $11,407, 12 players will get paid and 1st place is $3,657.

Event 4 No Limit Hold'Em Deepstack Bounty started at 4pm and registration is still open for another hour.

Chip count, seat assignment $200k Guaranteed

Summer Poker Series $200,000 Guaranteed is currently +$300,000 with Day2 direct buy in left to add to the prize pool.

We start 4pm today registration is open until 4pm - no late registration. 
Below is chip count and seat assignment for the players that advanced from day1.

Good luck to everyone.

All 6 day1flights has come to an end.

We have had a total of 1080 entries and the current prize pool is +$300,000
We still have Mega Satellites upcoming and Direct Buy In, total prize pool will be updated after registration close tomorrow.

Last flights chip leader were Stew Lovelace with 325,500 and with that stack his up top and the current chip leader overall, he also managed to double qualify for day2 which will reward him with a $1,500 WSOP Seat.

Arno Shahnazarian who qualified 4 times to Mega Million, were also among the qualifiers of the last flight with 154,000.

Stew Lovelace
Arno Shahnazarian

Chip count and seat assignments will be published shortly.
Good luck to all players tomorrow.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

$200,00 Guaranteed Day1C first flight has ended

The first flight of the day has ended, 27 players advanced to day 2.

Shan Jing ends as chip leader with 295,500, that brings him up top as the current overall chip leader with one more flight to go.

Among others, The Dragon- David Pham also advanced with 206,000
Gene O'Leary is also in the 27 advance field with 137,500

Shan Jing

The Dragon - David Pham 

Gene O'Leary

Last 2 $200,000 day1 flights is underway

Sundays 12pm flight is currently on level 10 with 70 players remaining out of 134 entries, 27 players will advance to day2.

On the other side of the poker room todays flight 2 just started, but this is not the only chance to advance to day 2.

At 8:30 today we have a $480 Mega Satellite 1 out of 5 will get an entry to day 2 starting with 50BB.
last chance to enter without buying in directly to day2 for $2,300 is to jump in to our Turbo Mega Satellite tomorrow at 10:30am $480, 1 out of 5 gets a seat.

Good luck to all players.

Cheng Hai ends Day1B flight2 as chip leader

$200,000 Guaranteed Day1B Flight2 had 179 entries, 27 advance to day 2.

Cheng Hai is the chip leader out of the flight with 246,500, that also makes him the current chip leader overall with 2 flights left.
Cheng Hai

2 flights remain for day1, starting 12pm and 5pm tomorrow, Sunday 24th.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

$200,000 Guaranteed day1B flight1

$200,000 Guaranteed day1B flight1 had 195 entries, 29 advance to day2,

Michael Lo ends the flight as chip leader with 234,500
3 out of 6 day1 flights has been played and the current prize pool is +$145,000

Michael Lo

Kamran Katuzian ends day1A flight2 as chip leader

$200,000 Guaranteed Day1A Flight2, 24 players from this field advance to day2 on Monday.

Kamran Katuzian ends the flight as chip leader with 235,000.

Among the qualifiers is Nika Futterman with 65,500.

Good luck to everyone on day2.

Kamran Katuzian 

Nika Futterman

Friday, May 22, 2015

$200,000 Guaranteed day1A has ended

Day1A had 208 entries, 21 advance to day2

Chipleader out of the flight is Mike Massoud Eskanderi  with 229,500 in chips.

Among other qualifiers is our latest Mega Million Winner Mike Shariati with 55,000 and Stew Lovelace Winner of WSOPC Deepstack Event23 in March with 53,000.

Massoud Eskanderi 

Stew Lovelace

Summer Poker Series $200,00 Guaranteed

You can qualify for Summer Poker Series $200,000 Guaranteed, Quantum Reload by advance in any of our day1 flights running twice a day Friday, Saturday Sunday.

  • 12pm and 5pm flights. 
  • Everyone in day2 is in the money with a minimum cash of $300. 
  • There will also be day2 Mega Satellites 
    • Sunday 8:30pm $480 1 out of 5 gets a day2 seat. 
    • Monday 10:30am $480 Turbo 1 out of 5 gets a day2 seat. 
  • Double qualify for day2 and receive a $1,500 WSOP seat. 
  • Day2 Direct Buy In $2,300 

Summer Poker Series Event1 payout

In addition to Farzad Abbaszadeh 1st place of +$17,000, 45 players were paid in event1, $50,000 Guaranteed, final total prizepool of $64,475.
Full payout structure below.

Farzad Abbaszadeh takes down event1

Congrats to Farzad Abbaszadeh, the last man standing in Summer Poker Series Event 1 at The Bicycle Casino.

He defeated 390 players and took down 1st place with a prize of $17,435.

Farzad Abbaszadeh

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Event1 registration is closed

Summer Poker Series Event1 registration is closed.

We have a total of 391 entries, at the beginning of Level 7, 260 players remain in the field.

Good luck to all players

Summer Poker Series

The Summer Poker Series between May 21 - June 4 at The Bike has officially started.

The series is full of events including a $200,000 guarantee starting tomorrow.
In addition,  between June 5 - June 17, The Bicycle Hotel & Casino has a Quantum Reload tournament with a minimum guarantee of 30 WSOP Main Event Seats.

Full schedule below:

Event #1 $50,000 Guaranteed. 

After 2 levels of play, 220 players have entered the tournament. Registration is open until 8pm, final numbers will be updated after registration closes.