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Friday, July 31, 2015

Kevin Taylor remain the chip leader at level 6

As the players drop off in WPT Event1 Kevin Taylor chips up and remain the chip leader at level 6 with 2,6m in chips, 81 players remain in the tournament.

Kevin Taylor

WPT Event1 prize pool

WPT Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed prize pool has been released and we have a total prize pool of $342,022 with $63,457 for 1st place.

We are currently in level 4 with 114 players left, everyone still in the event have locked up a minimum of $530.

WPT Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed day2

We started day2 of WPT Legends Of Poker Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed with 171 players 131 advance from day1 and 40 day2 direct buy ins.

At the end of level 2 we're down to 139 players

Full payout structure will be posted shortly.

WPT Main Event Freeroll Leaderboard

Freeroll leaderboard as of 07/30

Day2 return list of Event1 WPT $200,000 Guaranteed

Day2 return list, chip count and seat assignment - Good luck to all players still in.

WPT Legends of poker $200,000 Guaranteed

Kevin Taylor is the new chip leader heading into day2 of WPT Legends of poker Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed.

Kevin played the 1st of Thursdays 2 flights and ended the flight with 1,168,000 and his the only player that will start day2 with more than a million in chips.

Kevin Taylor 

David The Dragon Pham advance to day2 with 312,500 

Nika Futterman advance with 228,000 

Scott Tupper ends the last flight as chip leader with 732,000

Scott Tupper

Day2 starts tomorrow Friday at 4pm.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

WPT Legends of poker Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed

As the last 2 day1 flights of Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed is ongoing, we have the final numbers of day1 entries.

There was a total of 1323 entries for day1 and a total of 133 players advanced to day2.

Current prize pool is +$250,000 prize pool will increase due to day2 direct buy ins.

Day2 is played tomorrow Friday at 4pm - with optional day2 direct buy in for $2,400 all day2 players are in the money for minimum of $400

Day2 direct buy in players receive 250,000 in chips and play will start at 500/2500/5000 for more information click here

WPT Main Event freeroll seats

Current WPT Main Event freeroll seats standing

WPT Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed return list as of 07/29

With 1 day and 2 flights left of the $200,000 guaranteed Event1 78 players has advanced to day2 on Friday at 4pm.

Sam Goncuoglu is current overall chip leader with 688,500, below is current return list, chip count and seat assignment.

Sam Goncuoglu

WPT Legends of poker Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed

We have had a total of 374 entries in 2 flights of the WPT Legends of poker Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed.

19 players advance from each flight making it a total of 78 players has so far advanced to day2 on Friday.

Sam Goncuoglu ends the first flight as chip leader and as a new current chip leader with 688,500

19 players from flight 2 made it to day2 Jacob Kim Ends as chip leader with 527,000

Jacob Kim

Anthony Pitesa advance with 400,000 

William Hung advance with 445,000 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WPT Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed

First day of WPT Legends of poker has come to a conclusion.

Two flights of event 1 $200,000 guaranteed has been played today.

first flight had 207 entries, 21 players advanced to day2 which will be played at Friday 4pm.

Super Mario Esquerra ends 1st flight as chip leader with 614,000

Super Mario Esquerra

2nd flight had 189 entries, 19 advanced to day2.

Dave Avina ends the flight as chip leader with 576,000

Dave Avina

Jeff Pastel advance with 177,500 

Karlo Gharabegian advance with 342,000 

Reggie Dezon made it with 33,000 

There will be 2 new flights tomorrow at 12pm and 5pm $235 buy in, registration is open until level level 7 starts, we will also have a $150 buy in Mega Satellite at 8:30pm with guaranteed 3 $1,100 seats optional $1,000 cash instead of the seat. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WPT Legends of poker has started

WPT Legends of poker has officially started at the Bicycle casino.

The first event is a Quantum Reload tournament with a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool.
First flight started already at 12pm today and we had a total of 207 entries 21 from this flight qualify to day2 on Friday 4pm.

There will be 2 flights Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12pm and 5pm, 10% of each flight advance to day2, if you advance more than once you will start with your biggest stack and receive $2,000 cash for your double qualification.

Full schedule available here

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

James Gorham takes down WPT Deepstacks Main Event

Congrats to James Gorham winner of WPT Deepstacks Main Event $300,000 Guaranteed for $95,290.

Chris Berger is the runner up with $56,960 for 2nd place.

The event had a total of 367 entries with a total prize pool of $355,990

James Gorham

Full payout structure will be posted tomorrow.

WPT Deepstacks Main Event final table

After 3 quick eliminations we're now down to final 6 players in WPT Deepstacks Main Event final table.

Follow the action live streamed at liveatthebike.com

Keith Kozar is eliminated in 9th place for $6,050

Paul Chauderson is eliminated in 8th place for $8,365

Jay Helfert is eliminated in 7th place for $11,570

WPT Deepstacks Event22

Congrats to Justin Moskowitz winner of WPT Deepstacks Event22 No Limit Hold'Em $50,000 Guaranteed.

Justin Moskowitz

WPT Deepstacks Main Event $300,000 Guaranteed

We are down to a final table in WPT Deepstacks Main Event $300,000 Guaranteed.

The final 9 are

James Gorham - 1,625,000
William Zaiss - 1,565,000
Prashray Rai - 1,355,000
Keith Kwazar - 1,160,000
Chad Geske - 1,100,000
Dana Muse - 735,000
Jay Helfert - 730,000
Paul Chauderson - 620,000
Craig Berger - 300,000

All remaining players are guaranteed a minimum pay of $6,050 with $96,090 for 1st place.

The play will resume tomorrow Tuesday @ 2pm and will be streamed with 30 minutes delay at Liveatthebike.com

WPT Deepstacks Event23

Congrats to Darryl Mann winner of WPT Deepstacks Event23 Omaha Hi/Lo 8 Or Better $15,000 Guaranteed.

Darryl Mann 

Monday, July 13, 2015

WPT Deepstacks Event21 $300,000 Guaranteed

We are playing day2 of WPT Deepstacks Event21 $300,000 Guaranteed.

The event had 367 entries with a total prize pool of $355,990, 77 players returned to day2 and we're currently down to 48 players.

We hit the money when we reach 36 players with a minimum payout of $2,315.
We are playing down to final 9 today and they will resume the play tomorrow at 2pm live streamed at liveatthebike

The winner of the event will take down 1st place of $96,090

Sunday, July 12, 2015

WPT Deepstacks Event22

WPT Deepstacks event22 $235 buy in  $50,000 guaranteed is played alongside the Main Event, second flight starts at 5pm with registration open until 8pm 

Come on down and get your seat. 

WPT Deepstacks Event20 results

WPT Deepstacks $300,000 Guaranteed

30 players from WPT Deepstacks $300,000 Guaranteed Day1A advanced to day2.

Day1B is currently ongoing with open registration until after level 9.

Below is day2 return list with chip counts from day1A

WPT Deepstacks Player of the series leaderboard

Hermilo Vargas jumps up on top of the leaderboard after his 1st place of WPT Deepstacks Event20 $200,000 Guaranteed.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hermilo Vargas takes down event 20

Congrats to Hermilo Vargas, winner of WPT Deepstacks Event20 $200,000 Guaranteed.

The event had a total prize pool of $298,711 with 1st prize of $51,046

Runner up were Shaun Abkarian Mega Million V 2012.

Hermilo Vargas 

Shaun Abkarian 

WPT Deepstacks Event20 $200,000 GTD

We are now down to final 3 players in WPT Deepstacks Event20 $200,000 Guaranteed, Hermilo Vargas holds the current chip lead. 

Hermilo Vargas

WSOP Main Event Day4

Both remaining Team Bike players WSOP journey has now come to an end.

Ilya Sphiner ends in 514th place and Johnny Navarro ends in 490th place, both for $19,500

Ilya Sphiner(left) Johnny Navarro(right) 

WSOP Main Event day4

Johnny Navarro and Ilya Sphiner from Team Bike advance to day4 of WSOP Main Event.

Johnny start the day with 228,500
Ilya start the day with 203,000

WPT Deepstacks $300,000 Guaranteed Main Event

We just kicked off the WPT Deepstacks $300,000 Guaranteed Main Event at the Bike.

If you're unable to join, you can follow the action from the feature table at WPT Deepstacks Twitch channel.


WPT Deepstacks $200,000 Guaranteed

Konstantin Petrushev ends day2 of WPT Deepstacks $200,000 Guaranteed as chip leader with 4,400,000 12 players remain and game will resume tomorrow at 1pm

Konstantin Petrushev

Friday, July 10, 2015

WSOP Main Event day3

There is 6 Team Bike players left in the World Series Of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas.

Ilya Shpiner has the biggest stack with 245,400 
Jeffrey Alder              190,000 
Johnny Navarro          124,100 
Bob Martinich            73,700 
Larisa Evloeva           51,200 
Samuel Bayramyan    DNR  

Ilya Shpiner

WPT Deepstacks Event20 Day2

We are in final day2 of the WPT Deepstacks Event20 $200,000 Guaranteed, with a final prize pool of $298,711, everyone in day2 is in the money for minimum payout of $200, 1st place will be paid $51,046.

WPT Deepstacks $200,000 Guaranteed Day1

All Day1 flights for WPT Deepstacks $200,000 Guaranteed has now come to an end.

Wamush Ameriazian ends Day1D Flight1 as chipleader with 252,500, 48 players advanced from this flight.

Wamush Ameriazian

Hermilo Vargas has the biggest chipstack at the end of Day1D Flight2 with 262,200

Hermilo Vargas

Day2 starts at 1pm tomorrow, current prizepool is $219,000, you can still direct buy in to day2 for $1,100, everyone is in the money for minimum payout of $200.

Anthony Pitesa advance for the 4th time 

Angel Valdez advance with 196,600 

Arno Shahnazarian brings 123,500 to day2 

Evan Braunstein advance with 86,100 

Thi Truong is still holding the overall chip lead with 316,000 and is the only one with a stack above 300,000 heading into day2 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WSOP Main Event

15 Team Bike players advanced to day2 in WSOP Main Event

Ilya Shpiner              113,875
Johnny Navarro        85,850 
Jeffrey Alder             81,600 
Nika Futterman         71,700 
Samuel Bayramyan   59,775 
Will Brownlee           42,625 
Thomas Woodard      34,775 
Larisa Evloeva           30,750 
Bob Marinich             30,600 
Patrick Biancone        22,550 
Mark Ellefson            19,675
Michael Bangs           13,625 
Vahan Injeyan           12,650
Jose Marcal               11,650 
Lionel Johnson          DNR

A couple of day2 pictures of Team Bike players 

Bob Martinich 

Joe Marcal 

Johnny Navarro 

WPT Deepstacks $200,000 Guaranteed

With 4 flights to go, 69 players has so far advanced to day2 on Friday in WPT Deepstacks $200,000 Guaranteed.

Thi Truong holds the current chip lead with 316,000

WPT Deepstacks Event20B

Event20 $200,000 Guaranteed have 4 more day1 flights to go, two on Wednesday and two on Thursday, day2 is on Friday with optional direct buy in for $1,100 - everyone playing day2 is in the money for minimum payout of $200.

Vontray Gardner ends todays last flight as chip leader with 234,500

Vontray Gardner

The event has so far had 700 entries current chip leader is Thi Truong with 326,000

Thi Truong

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

WSOP Main Event

As WPT Deepstacks Series is ongoing at the Bike, there are 34 players representing The Bicycle Casino at the World Series Of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas.

So far 6 players has advanced to day2

By Chip count

Johnny Navarro 85,850
Thomas Woodard 34,775
Bob Martinich 30,600
Patrick Biancone 22,550
Michael Bangs 13,625
Jose Marcal 11,650

 Armen Zadoyan 

Arutyan Demirchyan 

Ashot Galadzhyan 

Ilya Shpiner 

Larisa Evloeva

Lionel Johnson 

Mark Ellefson 

Mike Shariati 

Moshe Bouskila 

Nika Futterman 

Patrick Biancone 

Rostam Kovoosi 

Samuel Bayramyan 

Vahan Injeyan 

Will Brownlee

Good luck to all players