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Monday, August 31, 2015

Jason Les holds the current chip lead in Day1C with about 118,000 in level8 Ante 75 Blinds 300/600, average 41,000.

Joseph Cheong is 2nd in chips with 90,000

Jason Les 

Joseph Cheong

Players are back from dinner break and play has resumed, 4 more levels to go for the day. 

Giorgio Medici is the current chip leader with 127,000 
We are now on dinner break of Day1C. 

Currently 240 left, play will resume in 45 minutes. 
A total of 315 entries so far at Day1C of WPT Main Event with a total entries of 686. 

At the break heading into Level5 275 left in today's field. 
At the last level before dinner break, we have 324 entries for today totaling in 708 entries so far.

Today's field is full of notable players, here's the first couple of them.

Mike Sexton - 26,000 

Scotty Nguyen taking a new shot today - 14,000 

Allen Kessler - 29,000 

Candace Collins - 26,000 

Mark Newhouse - 30,000 

Joseph Cheong - 90,000 

A total of 315 entries so far at Day1C of WPT Main Event with a total entries of 686. 

At the break heading into Level5 275 left in today's field. 

WPT Main Event Day1AB Return List

End of Day1B

Day1B ends with 216 entries making it a total of 385 entries for Day1A,B 80 players left at the end of the day for a total of 148 remaining overall.

A couple of other notable chip stacks,

- Leonid Markin 203,000 current overall chip leader
- Nipun Java 154,000
- Kathy Liebert 102,900
- David Sands 80,700
- Ray Henson 95,000
- Moshin Charania 50,300
- Bill Klein 61,000
- Jeff Madsen 33,900
- Owais Ahmed 28,300

Day1C starts at 1pm tomorrow, registration open till start of Day2.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last level of the day WPT Legends Of Poker Day1B 
Registration is still open with 214 entries so far and currently 97 left. 
2nd round of notable players in today's field.

Daniel Strelitz

James Rann 

Johnny Navarro 

Owais Ahmed 

Nipun Java

Eugene Tito - triple qualified to WPT Main Event

Mike Shariati

Nikhil Gera

We are at level 8 in Main Event Day1B with currently 136 left in the field.

Mark Scacewater is the current chip leader with 175,000

Mark Scacewater

Scotty Nguyen is in the house

Scotty Nguyen has entered the Main Event in Day1B

He currently sits with about 30,000 in chips.

Scotty Nguyen

Dinner break in WPT Main Event Day1B

Dinner break in WPT Main Event Day1B, so far todays event have had 209 entries with a total of 378 entries for Day1A+B.

Play resume in about 20 minutes at level 7 with Ante 75 Blinds 250/500

A couple of notable players from todays field.

Phil Laak 

Moshin Charania 

Faraz Jaka

Freddy Deeb 

David Doc Sands 

Bill Klein 

Jared Greiner

Josh Miller 

Joshua Field 

William Hung 

Susanne Krausse 

Ray Henson 

Phuoc Nguyen

Mega Millions XIII Winner Boris Goldstein

Mega Millions XIII Winner Boris Goldstein winner interview.

Check how many bullets he took to make it all the way for a +$263,000 score.

Return list from WPT Main Event Day1A

WPT Legends Of Poker Day1A

WPT Legends Of poker Day1A has ended with 68 players out of 169 entries.

JC Tran ends the day as chip leader with 201,700 Aditya Prasetyo who won Event24 yesterday is currently 2nd in chips.

JC Tran 

Some other notable players that advanced from Day1A

Will Failla 

Bruce Kramer

Eddy Sabat

Hermilo Vargas

Sean Winter

Day1B starts at 1B tomorrow.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dinner break at WPT Main Event Day1A

We are currently at dinner break at Day1A in WPT Main Event, so far 169 entries with 135 left at dinner break.

A couple of familiar faces that entered Day1A

JC Tran 

Matt Salsberg 

Jordan Cristos 

Cord Garcia 

Kelly minkin 

Jake Schindler 

Chris DeMaci 

Alex Masek 

Lawrence Ma 

Nika Futterman

Play will resume shortly with Ante 25, Blinds 250/500 with average stack 35,555.

WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event Day1A

WPT Legends Of Poker Day1A has kicked off, day1 will play 10 60 minutes levels, with 10 minutes break after every 2 levels and a dinner break after level 6.

You can buy in once every day1.

There has been 117 entries about an hour into the event.

Event25 Results

Event24 Results

Event22 Results


The survivor event has come to a conclusion, the final 20 players received $5,025 each.

Bobby Espina were the chip leader when we were down to 20 players so he received the trophy as well.

Bobby Espina

Among the survivors were,

Jarod Einsohn 


John Hulett

Paul Chauderson

A list of all survivors will be posted tomorrow.