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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CPPT Event9

Congrats to Jeff Davis, winner of CPPT Event9 No Limit Hold'Em $10,000 Guaranteed for $3,500*

Jeff Davis

Runner up in this event were Jorge Quad for 2nd place of $2,090*
Altyanai Fung ends in 3rd place for $1,300

*Final 2 players made an agreement as follows,
1st $2,630/ 2nd place $2,200

CPPT Event9

Level22 Blinds 2,000/8,000/16,000 

3 players left in Event9, recent eliminations 

- 4th place Conway Frankenheim $950
- 5th place Roubick Shanazar $730 
- 6th place Aaron Lonh $580 
- 7th place Ro Young 
- 8th place David Vorse 

An agreement was made to play 9th and 10th place $380 each 

- 9th place Paul Anderson 
- 10th place Khalil Musleh 

Next payouts are 
3rd place $1,300 
2nd place $2,090
1st place $3,500 

CPPT Event10

Level8 Blinds 75/300/600

Event10 ends with 97 entries currently 56 left at level8 
Prize pool is $15,000 with 15 players in the money for min cash of $225 and $4,635 for 1st place. 

CPPT Event9

Level19 Blinds 1,000/4,000/8,000

8 players left in Event9 everyone left has locked up a min cash of $380. 

CPPT Event9

Level17 Blinds 500/2,500/5,000

We're approaching the money in Event9, currently down to 10 players, one elimation from final table and two from the money. 

CPPT Event 9 &10

Level14 Blinds 400/1,200/2,400 

Event9 $10,000 Guaranteed ends with 71 entries, 21 players remain in the field at Level14.

8 will be in the money with min cash of $380, with $3,500 for 1st place.

Registration is open until 8pm in the $15,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold'Em deepstack with a $150 Buy-In.

Event8 Results

Event7 Results

Monday, September 28, 2015

CPPT Event4

CPPT Event3 Results

CPPT Event4

Congrats to Kim Yong winner of Event4 for 1st place of $6,365*

Kim Yong

Yamaguchi Mitsuru ends runner up for $3,795*

*Final 2 players made an agreement as follows,
1st $5,080/ 2nd $5,080

CPPT Event4

Level21 Blinds 2,000/6,000/12,000

We are now heads up as Daniel Straus ha been eliminated in 4th place for $1,755 and Dominick Roberson finish in 3rd place for $2,345. 

CPPT Event4

Level17 Blinds 500/2,500/5,000 

4 handed in Event4

Recent eliminations,

- 9th place Felipe Arevalo $505
- 8th place Matt Tauber $665
- 7th place Kamaleddin Abdolrahim $850
- 6th place Andrew Wegener $1,075
- 5th place Chrish Muradyan $1,345

CPPT Event4

Level14 500/1,500/3,000 

Down to 9 players and final table in Event4 

You had to make it to final table to cash in this event as top 9 places are being paid with a min cash of $505 With $6,365. 

In addition to any bounties the player has accumulated during the tournament which pays $100 each. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

CPPT Event3

Congrats to Artur Demirchyan winner of CPPT Event3 for $15,500*

Artur Demirchyan 

- 1st place Artur Demirchyan $15,500*
- 2nd place Mike Eskandari $8,985*
- 3rd place Jonathan Kendall $5,575*
- 4th place Anthony Nguyen $4,150*
-5th place Steve Reitzfeld $3,245*
-6th place Jing Shan $2,610

*Last 5 finalists made an agreement as follows
1st $12,380/ 2nd $8,500/ 3rd $6,045/ 4th $5,430/ 5th $5,100

Level20 Blinds 1,000/5,000/10,000

6 players left in Event3, remaining players have locked up $2,610 with $15,500 up top. 

Recent eliminations from the final table 
- 9th place Bruce Greenberg $1,250 
- 8th place Jerfi Firatli $1,630 
- 7th place Randi Simenhoff $2,075

CPPT Event3

Level17 Blinds 500/2,500/5,000 

It took 17 levels to get to the money in Event3
The remaining players have locked up a min cash of $745

Among the players to cash were Barry Shulman who were eliminated just short off the final table in 10th place for $1,250

Barry Shulman

CPPT Event2 Results

CPPT Event1 Results

CPPT Event4 *Overlay Alert*

Level6 Blinds 50/200/400 

No Limit Hold'Em Bounty $25,000 Guaranteed.
Currently 56 entries and the guaranteed prize pool has not been met yet.

Time to get down for some good value.

CPPT Event3

Level15 Blinds 500/1,500/3,000 

Event3 No Limit Hold'Em Deepstack $50,000 Guaranteed.
- 126 entries
- Currently 28 left
- 15 in the money for min cash $745
- $15,500 for 1st place

CPPT Event1

Congrats to John JJ Garza, the official winner of Card Player Poker Tour Event1 NLHE $300,000 GTD for 1st place of $60,039. after a 6 way chop.

John JJ Garza

Final 6 results.

1st place John JJ Garza $60,039*
2nd place Fredrick Goff $35,070*
3rd place Elmo Imperial $$21,250*
4th place Travis Keppel $16,025*
5th place Hermilo Vargas $12,350*
6th place Angelito Ramoso $9,370*

*Last 6 finalists made an agreement as follows
1st $35,554/ 2nd $30,125/ 3rd $28,575/ 4th $21,605/ 5th $19,250/ 6th $21,495

CPPT Event1

Level30 Blinds 80,000/160,000 

We have lost 4 players since the last update in Event1

10th place Daniel Wagner - $4,565
9th place Ilya Sphiner - $5,325
8th place Adam Volen - $6,215
7th place Raz Mael - $7,305

The remaining 6 players has locked up $9,370 with +$60,000 up top.

CPPT Event1

 Level29 Blinds 50,000/100,000 

Down to 1 table and unofficial final table in Event1. 

All players left have locked up $4,565 

CPPT Event2

Level 20 Blinds 6000/12000

8 players left in Event2 and everyone left is in the money for min cash $990. 


Saturday, September 26, 2015

CPPT Event1

Level 25, Blinds 15000/30000 

27 players left with average of 790,740, remaining players has locked up minimum of $2,400. 

CPPT Event2

Event2 NLHE Bounty $30,000 Guaranteed ends with 166 entries, creating a total prize pool of $48,804.

18 players in the money with min cash of $395 and $9,674 for 1st place.
44 players left in Event1

A couple of locals still in  

- Ilya Sphiner 
- Mike Eskandari 
- John Hullet 
- Andy Shooter 
- Craig Berger 
- Nipun Java 
- Jason Paquin 
- Hermilo Vargas 

We're at level19 in Event1 with 69 players remaining. 

Blinds 4000/8000 average 309,420

CPPT Event2

Alongside Day2 of event1, the $30,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold'Em Bounty is ongoing. 

With more than 1.5 hours left of registration the guarantee has already been met with 115 entries making the prize pool currently $34,500. 
110 players remain in the field at level 16, blinds 500/2000/4000, average chip stack 185,652.

A couple of snapshots of the players in Day2.

Barry Schulman

Phong Turbo Nguyen

Alex Masek

Artak Babayan

Darren Healy

Derrick Mokedi

Dominick Roberson

Eugene Tito 

Jarod Einsohn 

Jerry Richardson

Lawrence Ma

Mike Eskandari 

Nika Futterman

Nipun Java

Rubin Chappell 

CPPT Event1 Prize Pool

Total prize pool of CPPT Event1 ends with $380,919, with $60,039 for 1st place.

CPPT Event1 Day2

Cards in the air of CPPT Event1 Day2.

Legend - Barry Schulman CEO of Card Player Magazine advanced from day1 with 136,000 and is in for a good start of the day and takes down the first pot of the day after an open raise on the button, Big blind calls and check fold Barry's continuation bet on the flop.

CPPT Event1 Day2 Return List

Below is return list, chip count and seat assignment for day2 of Card Player Poker Tour Event1 $300,000 Guaranteed.

Prize pool and Day2 direct buy ins will be posted as soon as its been released.

Last flight of the day has ended, Jerry Richardson ends the flight as new overall chip leader with 457,500

Jerry Richardson

Among the 22 players to advance were

Bruce Kramer

Eugene Tito who double qualify and receive $2,500 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mike Eskandari ends first flight as chip leader with 308,500 which brings him 3rd in chips overall.
A total of 21 advance to day2.

Mike Eskandari

Second flight ends with 112 entries and 22 will advance to day2, among the players in the flight to chip up for day2 are,

Matt Salsberg

Nika Futterman

Prince Cassell 

Susanne Krausse

CPPT Event1 Day1E Flight1

Today's flights are a bit different from the previous 4 days and 8 flights.

Today's flights have a $550 buy-in with 25,000 in starting chips and 20% from each flight advance to day2 as opposed to $235 buy-in 12,000 starting chips and 10% advance to day2 for the previous flights.

First flight of the day had a total of 107 entries with 21 players to advance to day2.

At level 14, 27 players remain in the field.

Among the remaining players are,

Lawrence Ma

Mike Eskandari

Nipun Java

Event1 Day1ABCD return list

109 players have so far advanced to day2 in Event1 $300,000 Guaranteed.
Artak Babayan holds the current chip lead with 318,000.

2 more flights today were 20% of the field advance and optional direct buy in tomorrow.
Click here for more info about day2 direct buy in.

Return list, chip count and seat assignments below.

Last flight of the day has concluded with 18 players advancing to day2

David Hasset ends the flight as chip leader with 253,500

Among the 18 players to advance from this flight were,

Rubin Chappell - 143,000
Sammy Paik - 128,000
Ruben Allen - 137,500
Vanessa Alvarez - 84,500

Ruben Allen 

Rubin Chappell

Sammy Paik

Vanessa Alvarez

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Second flight of the day gets 179 entries, which is the biggest flight in Event1 so far.

18 will advance to day2, currently 34 left in the field.

Among the players still in the flight are,

Nipun java

Alex Aras

Alex Rapoport

Robert Prinz

Rubin Chappell 

Martin Edwards ends the first flight of the day as chip leader with 272,500 his chip stack puts him in currently top 3 stacks heading into day2.

Martin Edwards 

Jarod Einsohn advance to day2 with 130,500

Hermilo Vargas advance with 156,000 

Jason Paquin double qualify and will get $2,500 for his double qualification. 

CPPT Event1 Day1D Flight1

First flight of the day have 160 entries, 16 will advance to day2, currently 24 left at level 15. 

2nd flight have so far 125 entries with about 1 hour left until registration close. 

Event1 Day1ABC return list

75 players have advance to day2 through Day1ABC, Artak Babayan holds the chip lead with 318,000.

Below is the current list of players that will return for day2.

Day1C Flight2

As the second flight of the day concludes, 14 players advance to day2.

Chris Cunliffe ends the flight as chip leader with 258,500

Chris Cunliffe

JL Casarez advance with 166,000

John Hullet advance from the 2nd flight with 237,000 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Second flight of the day ends with 138 entries, 14 will advance to day2, currently down to 69 players.

CPPT Event1 Day1C Flight1

The first flight of the day has ended and 14 players has advanced to day2.

Fred Goff ends as the flight chip leader with 259,500

Fred Goff 

Andy Shooter Stracuzzi and Paul Chauderson is among the 14 to advance from this flight.

Paul Chauderson

Andy Shooter Stracuzzi