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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Congrats to Osmin Dardon winner of Card Player Poker Tour Main Event for 1st place of $155, 535

Lily Kiletto is the runner up and takes 2nd place for $85,095

Lily Kiletto 

- 3rd place Duy Duong $50,000
- 4th place Mark Hamilton $38,145
- 5th place Brent Hart $28,990
- 6th place Lu Wang $22,595 
- 7th place Xuan Nguyen $17,605
- 8th place Behzad Javadzdeh $13,675
- 9th place Jordan Warkol $10,270

Duy Duong 

Mark Hamilton

Brent Hart 

Lu Wang 

Xuan Nguyen 

Behzad Javadzdeh 

Jordan Warkol 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nathan Bjerno has been eliminated in 10th place for $7,275

Nathan Bjerno 

With that, Final table is set and the stream will start in about 40 minutes at Live at the Bike
Brent open raise to 125,000 in early position, it is folded to Bezhad Javadzadeh in big blind who moves all in, Brent quickly calls and Bezhad holds AKo while Brent is in the lead with QQ.

Flop is 2h7sKd and Bezhad takes the lead and Brent is left with 2 streets and 2 outs.
Turn and river is 2s 10s and Bezhad double up.
Lily Kiletto is the short stack and finds a double up by moving all in pre-flop and Nathan Bjerno re-raise to 200,000.

Lily have Aj and Nathan have KJ - Nathan can't hit a K on the board and Lily double's up but are still the shortest stack on the table.
Players are on break and will return in 10 minutes playing Level 27 with blinds 25,000/50,000
John Monnette has been eliminated in 11th place for $7,275

Down to 10 players and unofficial final table featuring,

- Seat 1 Lily Kiletto
- Seat 2 Bezhad Javadzadeh
- Seat 3 Nathan Bjerno
- Seat 4 Wang Lu
- Seat 5 Brent Hart
- Seat 6 Mark Hamilton
- Seat 7 Xuan Nguyen
- Seat 8 Osmin Dardon
- Seat 9 Jordan Warkol
- Seat 10 Duey Duong
2 players has just been eliminated and we're 2 eliminations from final table and live stream.

- 12th place Melvin Wiener $7,275
- 13th place Tyler Jackson $5,925

Melvin Weiner 

Tyler Jackson

Down to 13 players, here's some recent eliminations,

- 14th place Anuj Agarwal $5,925
- 15th place Phuoc Nguyen $5,925
- 16th place Alex Greenbalt $5,105

Anuj Agarwal

Phuoc Nguyen 

Alex Greenbalt

Bruce Kramer had a quick visit on Day3 and were quickly eliminated in 17th place for $5,105

Main Event Final Day3

Cards in the air with final 17 players in Card Player Poker Tour Main Event.

We restart at Level25 with Blinds 15,000/30,000 Ante - 5,000

The final table will be streamed at Live at the Bike with 30 minutes delay.

Check back for updates when the stream will start.
Final Day3 return list, chip count and seat assignments for Card Player Poker Tour Main Event.

Osmin Dardon holds the chip lead heading into final day3 in Card Player Poker Tour Main Event with 3,590,000

Osmin Dardon

In addition to Osmin, following 16 players will return tomorrow reaching for the 1st place of $155,535 and to be featured on the cover of Card Player Magazine.

- Duey Duong            2,835,000
- Lu Wang                 1,610,000
- Mel Weiner             1,520,000
- Jordan Warkol         1,455,000
- Phuoc Nguyen         1,365,000
- Brent Hart                1,005,000
- Anuj Agarwal          930,000
- Xuan Nguyen          820,000
- Nathan Bjerno         590,000
- Tyler Jackson          500,000
- Behzad Javadzadeh 470,000
- Mark Hamilton        430,000
- John Monnette         375,000
- Lily Kiletto              315,000
- Alex Greenblatt       220,000
- Bruce Kramer          130,000

Day3 starts at 2pm and will be streamed at Live at the bike 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

RJ Connor were the last elimation for today, he were eliminated in 18th place for $5,105 

Remaining 17 players bag and tag and return for day3 at 2pm tomorrow. 

Tomorrows line up and chip stacks will be posted shortly. 
18 players remain in the main event we will play till the end of this level24

Recent eliminations,

- 19th place Bobby Suer $4,460
- 20th place Max Steinberg $4,460
- 21st place Elmo Imperial $4,460
- 22nd place Valentin Vornicu $3,390
- 23rd place Ross Tesser $3,390
- 24th place Valerie Kelly $3,930
- 25th place Jared Griener $3,460
- 26th place Jordan Cristos $3,460
- 27th place Jon Gelb $3,460

27 players left and a complete re-draw is currently in process 

Following players has recently been eliminated 

- 28th place Shahen Martirosian $3,110 
- 29th place James Cavanaugh $3,110 
- 30th place Eric Reyes $3,110 
- 31st place Jacob Oelman $3,110 
- 32nd place Brian Carroll $3,110 
- 33rd place Chris Gregorian $3,110 
- 34th place Peter Nguyen $3,110 
- 35th place Bruce Buffer 

Osmin Dardon doubles up

Seeing the flop of AsJs4h big blind check to Osmin who bets 55,000, big blind check raise to 175,000 and Osmin calls

Turn is 6 of diamonds and big blind quickly moves all in 

Osmin quickly calls and table AJ for 2 pair and Big blind is on a 8 high flush draw

The river is a diamond and Osmin doubles up. 
4 tables and 35 players left

Recent eliminations 

- 36th place Dinh Quang Vu $3,110 
- 37th place Jonathan La $2,760 
- 38th place John Hulett $2,760
- 39th place Edward Liu $2,760
- 40th place Alan Myerson $2,760 
- 41st place Qing Liu $2,760
- 42nd place Kalpesh Kika $2,760
- 43rd place Derek Gregory $2,760 
- 44th place Eugene Castro $2,760 
- 45th place David Patterson $2,760 
Down to 45 players, 

Following players has recently been eliminated and has earned $2,405. 

- 46th place Ross Villanueva 
- 47th place Matt Salsberg 
- 48th place Jeff Davis 
- 49th place Alan Snow 
- 50th place Kai Yang 
- 51th place Nipun Java 
- 52th place Hovhannes Khachatryan 
- 53th place Nicolas Voyatzis 
- 54th place Frank Lin 

Shortly after the bubble the players went on a 30 minute dinner break, play will resume in about 15 minutes at Level21 with blinds 6,000/12,000 ante 2,000.

Here's some snapshots of the players still in

Bruce Buffer with happy floor man in background

Max Steinberg

John Monnette

Jordan Cristos 

Lily Kiletto 

Matt Salsberg

We are now in the money in Main Event remaining players has locked up min cash of $2,405 with +$155,000 for 1st place. 
Level20 Blinds 5,000/10,000 

We are now playing hand for hand as we are on the bubble and one elimation from the money. 
Main Event is down to 56 players and only 2 eliminations from the money bubble, with a min cash of $2,405

CPPT Main Event Prize Pool

The prize pool for the main event has been released.

The event drew a total of 493 Day1 entries and 28 Day2 entries creating a total prize pool of $586,850 with $155,535 for 1st place.

CPPT Main Event Day2

28 players found their way to the cashier at the Bicycle Casino today and bought in directly to day2 of Card Player Poker Tour Main Event for $4,300.

A total of 152 players starts the day with a prize pool of +$590,000 - complete payout structure will be posted as soon as it has been released.

Day2 will be played 11 50 minute levels or down to final 9 whichever comes first.

Main Event Day2

124 players return to play Day2 of Card Player Poker Tour, with Day2 direct buy-in the prize pool will end up exceeding $600,000

Below is the return list with chip count and seat assignments.

Day1c has ended and 55 players will return tomorrow

Brian Corrall ends today flight as chip leader with 348,700 just short after overall chip leader Ross Tesser who will head into  day 2 with the biggest stack in the room with 350,000.

Brian Corrall 

Some more notable chip stacks from Day1C

- Max Steinberg 127,300
- Phuoc Nguyen 212,000
- Ilya Sphiner 137,400
- Hermilo Vargas 216,900
- Chris DeMaci 103,700
- Osmin Dardon 298,000
- Sammy Teranie 296,000

Complete return list with chip count will be posted tomorrow morning.

Monday, October 12, 2015

With 60 players left and 5 eliminations from bag and tag November Niner Max Steinberg is still in the field.

Max Steinberg 

Along with Max and 60 remaining players are,

Chris DeMaci 

Ilya Shpiner 

Ricky Ortiz

Matthew Herrera

Hermilo Vargas gets a double knock out

Level11 Blinds 600/1,200

A player in middle position open limps, Nick Shklonik is short stack and moves all in for 5,100, Hermilo re-raise to 11,000 and middle position calls.

Flop is 8sKsKh - flop is being checked around.
Turn is 4d - Checked to Hermilo and he bet 30,000 and gets a call.
River is Jc - checked to Hermilo who bets 30,000 again and middle position moves all in, Hermilo quickly calls and table AcKc for the winning hand and a double knock out.

Hermilo Vargas

Down 110 players at Level11 Blinds 600/1,200 

Players are now on 30 minutes dinner break, play will resume in about 25 minutes at Level9 with blinds 400/800. 
219 players entered Day1C, 55 players will advance to Day2.

152 players remain at level8 

Main Event Day1C

Players are now on break in Card Player Poker Tour Main Event, 215 players has so far entered todays flight and registration is open for another 10 minutes.

A couple of players that has entered todays flight,

Freddy Deeb 
Kyung Min Lee 

Craig Chait 

Brandon Estrada 

Dominick Roberson 

Joel Kop 

Nika Futterman

Mike Shariati 

Osmin Dardon 

Phuoc Nguyen 

Deepinder Singh

Main Event Day1C

Last Day1 starting day of Main Event just kicked off, 25% of the starting field will advance to day2 registration is open until 5pm.

Main Event Current return list

With one more starting day of Card Player Poker Tour Main Event 69 advanced from Day1A,B below is the current return list with chip count and seat assignments.

Day1B has concluded and the remaining players has bagged their chips and will return for Day2 on Tuesday.

Ross Tesser ends the day as chip leader with 350,000 which also brings his stack up top for current overall chip leader.

Ross Tesser - 350,000

Among the players to advance from today are,

Matt Salsberg - 52,000

Maxwell Lineberger - 44,800 

Nipun Java - 268,300

Vito Sturiano - 153,600

Alex Masek - 57,700 

Nathan Bjerno - 142,200

Elmo Imperial - 155,500 

Jesus Jimenez - 72,200 

Neil Ho - 162,600 

Jared Griener - 115,300 

Alan Snow - 247,000