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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Main Event

Congrats to Valentin Vornicu winner of WSOPC Main Event at Bicycle Casino for 1st place of $197,110 and his 7th WSOP Ring.

Valentin Vornicu 

Michael Zelman takes down 2nd place for $121,965

Michael Zelman 

That also wraps up this WSOP Circuit stop at the Bicycle Casino for this time.

Thanks to all players, dealers and tournament staff for an amazing turnout.

Main Event

Salvatore DiCarlo has been eliminated in 3rd place for $89,460.

Salvatore DiCarlo

We are now heads up between Michael Zelman and chip leader Valentin Vornicu

High Roller

Congrats to Craig Chait, winner of WSOPC High roller event, earning 1st place money of $51,300 and his 1st WSOP Ring

Craig Chait

Marcus Laffen takes down 2nd place for $34,200

Marcus Laffen

High Roller

We are heads up in the High Roller between Craig Chait and Marcus Laffen.

- Nipun Java eliminated in 3rd place for $17,100
- Marco Johnson eliminated in 4th place for $11,400
We are down to final 3 in WSOPC Main Event as Geffrey Klein is eliminated in 4th place for $66,525.

Final 3 are,

- Michael Zelman
- Valentin Vornicu
- Salvatore Dicarlo

Final 4 in High Roller

With 4 players left Nipun Java holds the chip lead in the High Roller Event, the final 4 are 

- Nipun Java 
- Craig Chait 
- Marco Johnson 
- Marcus Laffen 

Remaining players have locked up min cash of $11,400 with $51,300 up top. 
Hermilo Vargas ends WSOPC Main Event in 5th place for $50,140

Hermilo Vargas

Shawn Busse has been eliminated in the Main Event in 6th place for $38,295

Shawn Busse 

Josh Pollock has been eliminated in the Main Event in 7th place for $29,635

Josh Pollock

High Roller

WSOPC High Roller Event ends with a total of 38 entries, creating a total prize pool of $114,000 top 4 spots paid.

- 1st $51,300
- 2nd $34,200
- 3rd $17,100
- 4th $11,400

Main Event

Michael Zelman holds the chip lead in WSOPC Main Event with 7 players left.

Main Event

We just had 2 back to back eliminations in the Main Event, 7 players remain in the field,

- Erhart Edquist 8th place $23,230
- Orlando Romero 9th place $18,440

Erhart Edquist 

Orlando Romero 

High Roller

Nipun Java has taken over the chip lead as the final table is set, Craig Chait is 2nd in chips.

Nipun Java

Cards in the air

Final day for both the WSOPC Main Event and High Roller just started.

11 players remain in the Main Event with Michael Zelman as chip leader at start of the day with 2,585,000.

The High Roller had 3 new entries for day2, Dan Fleyshman, Mark Nasser and Brian Snell, there are now currently 15 players in the event.

Omaha 8 Or Better

Congrats to Payman Arjang, winner of WSOPC Event18 Omaha 8 Or Better.
Complete result will be posted tomorrow morning.

Payman Arjang

Main Event Day2

WSOPC Main Event Day2 has concluded for the day, 11 players remain in the field and everyone still in the event have locked up a minimum of $14,825 but the winner of the event will take home $197,110 and a WSOP Ring. 

Michael Zelman is the current chip leader heading into Day3 with 2,585,000 

Michael Zelman 

2nd in chips Valentin Vornicu - 2,520,000 

3rd in chips Josh Pollock - 1,410,000 

- 4th Salvatore DiCarlo 1,230,000 
- 5th Joseph Deluca 985,000 
- 6th Hermilo Vargas 980,000 
- 7th Geffrey Klein 835,000 
- 8th Shawn Busse 670,000 
- 9th Erhart Edquist 660,000 
- 10th Orlando Romero 490,000 
- 11th Michael Schwartz 365,000 

Play will resume at 1pm tomorrow. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Omaha 8 or Better

The Omaha 8 Or Better is down to the money bubble as 16 players remain and top 15 players makes the money with min cash of $220 and $4,541 for 1st place.

High Roller

High Roller event has concluded for today with a total of 35 entries, registration is still open until start of Day2, Tuesday at 1pm.

12 players from the starting field survived and will return tomorrow.
Jason Les is the current chip leader heading into Day2 with 172,500

Jason Les 

Erik Christensen is just 300 in chips after Jason with 172,200

Play will resume at 1pm tomorrow at Level13 with Blinds 400/1,200/2,400.

Main Event

The players are now on a 45 minutes dinner break 31 players remain in the field.

Valentin Vornicu is the current chip leader with 1,010,000

Valentin Vornicu


The Omaha8 or Better event it's with 126 entries. 

Currently at Level8 113 players remain in the field. 

High Roller

At Level7 Blinds 100/300/600 The High Roller Event had a total of 34 entries, some of the players remain in the field are.

Bruce Buffer

Cord Garcia 

Jason Les 

Joshua Field

Nipun Java

Sean Yu 

Main Event

We are currently at Level19 with 57 players left in the field, remaining players has locked up a minimum of $2,935.

Below is complete prize pool structure

High Roller and Omaha 8

Alongside the Main Event both the High Roller and Omaha8 or Better is running. 

The High Roller event has so far 29 entries with registration open until start of Day2. 

Omaha8 currently have 99 entries with registration open until 5pm. 

WSOPC Main Event Day2

12 players decided to enter on Day2 of WSOP Circuit Main Event at Bicycle Casino, increasing the total of entries to 641, creating a total prize pool of $961,110 with $197,110 and a WSOP Ring for 1st place.

Top 72 players earn a minimum of $2,690 we are currently at Level18 Blinds 500/2,500/5,000 and we just hit the money.

Currently 70 players remain in the field.

Main Event Day1B

Day1b has concluded for the day with a total of 394 entries and 74 advance to day2.

Registration is still open for day2 direct buy-in but so far a total of 629 entries and a total of 120 has advance both flights combined.

Roland Israelashvili ends the day with 252,000 and takes the overall chip lead heading into day2.

Other notables from this flight
- Cord Garcia 49,500
- Nika Futterman 129,000
- Joshua Fields 141,000
- Neil Scott 207,000

The last to register on day1b were Nick Grippo who registered when 15 minutes remained of the day, he managed to chip up his initial 20,000 in chips to 29,000.

Nick Grippo

Complete chip count and seat assignment will be posted early tomorrow morning, Day2 starts at 12pm which is also when registration close.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Main Event Day1B

Players are on a 60 minute dinner break and todays flight have so far 368 entries with 219 still in the field, play will resume in about 30 minutes.

Some notable players in the field are,

Cord Garcia 

Jason Les 

Craig Chait 

Joshua Fields 

Neil Scott

Nika Futterman

Main Event Day1B

At the end of level 7 of WSOPC Main Event Day1B 345 players has entered so far, registration open all day, currently  246 players remain in the field.

Main Event Day1A

When Day1A of WSOPC Main Event at Bicycle Casino concludes for the day 46 out of the 235 entries remained in the field.

Matthew Herrera holds the current chip lead heading into day 2 with 240,500.

Some notables that made it to day 2 in the first flight are,

- Nipun Java 135,000
- Anthony Pitesa 163,500
- Alex Masek 116,500
- Jesse Capps 81,000

Find complete list below.

Day1B is currently ongoing with registration open all day.

Event10 Results

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Congrats to Mark Peckham, winner of WSOPC Event10 NLHE Monsterstack for 1st place of $24,625 and a WSOP Ring.

Mark Peckham 

Mark Nasser is the runner up for $15,230

Main Event Day1A

WSOPC Main Event Day1A, 233 players has entered the first Day1 Flight so far, currently at Level12 86 players remain in the field.

We will play 15 levels before the players bag and tag for the day.

Some of the players in the field are,

Joey Deluca 

Nipun Java

Sarkis Keshishian 

Sean Yu 

Stuart Pfeifer 


We are Heads Up in Event10 between Mark Peckham and Mark Nasser

Mark Nasser

Mark Peckham

Recent eliminations

- 3rd place Jan Bruhns $11,110
- 4th place Wendy Freedman $8,240
- 5th place Farzin Ahktar $6,210
- 6th place Marc Leblanc $4,750
- 7th place Omeed Latifi $3,685
- 8th place Brett Coleman $2,900
- 9th place Howard Kaufmann $2,315


We are down to final table in Event10, Wendy Freedman is 8 eliminations from her 2nd WSOP Ring.

WSOP Circuit Main Event Day1A

Day1A of WSOP Circuit is underway at the Bicycle Casino, so far the event have 191 entries.

- Buy-In $1,675
- Registration open all day
- 40 minutes levels all day 1
- Day1 plays 15 levels
- 20,000 starting chips
- One re-entry per flight

Day1B starts at 12pm tomorrow, for full structure click here


With 14 players left in Event10, Wendy Freedman has taken over the overall chip lead with more than 1,000,000 in chips.

Wendy Freedman 


Event10 No Limit Hold'Em Monster stack has concluded for the day with 22 survivors, the remaining field will resume play tomorrow at 1pm, at Level22 Blinds 2,000/6,000/12,000 with average chip stack of 324,545.

Everyone left has locked up a minimum of $920

Among the 22 survivors are,

Jarod Einsohn - 414,000

Mark Hamilton - 210,000 

Wendy Freedman - 154,00 

Friday, December 11, 2015


Event10 ends with a total of 357 entries, creating a total prize pool of $107,100, with 36 spots paid with min cash of $555 and $24,625 and a WSOP Ring up top.

At Level12 right before dinner break 144 players remain in the field, here are some of the players still in,

Jamie Gold

Live at the Bike's Producer Brian Arakaki 

Jarod Einsohn 

Jesse Capps 

Sungho Yang

Phong Turbo Nguyen 

Wendy Freedman