We Care Commitment

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Event #10 No Limit Holdem Bounty $15k Guaranteed

Congratulations Minh Hoang~!

Prize Pool: $25,431
Total Entries: 173

Event #9 No Limit Holdem $200K Guaranteed Results

Congratulations to Wajih Warjabedian~!

Prize Pool: $372,092
Total Entries: 1549

Event #9 Final Table:  We are currently 9-handed with Shahen Martirosian going out in 9th place.
Event #9 we are down to 16 players with two big hands and 2 players knocked out back to back at the same table! 
1st hand, Anthony Pitesa pushes all in for 795K, Jeff Murphy calls.  Pitesa has Q/4 off suit.  Murphy has pocket deuces.  The flop Ad,2c,Ah.  Pitesa is out in 18th place.

Next hand Jeff Davis raises to 1.2M and Domingo Gomez calls.  Flop 8d,9s,5s.  Both players check.  Turn 2h.  Davis pushes all. Gomez calls and turns over a set of 8's. Davis has pocket J's.  The river is 10s.  Davis is out in 17th place. Gomez wins pot of 3.1M.