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Friday, March 13, 2015

Two Tables Left in HORSE

Today's HORSE event is now down to 16 players who have combined to the final two tables. Each remaining player is guaranteed a payout of at least $960, and the winner will take home $23,715.

2-time WSOP Bracelet winner Frankie O'Dell is among the final 16.

Results from Ring Event #6

Jeff Murphy - Winner of WSOP Circuit Ring Event #6: $365 NLHE
Photo Courtesy of WSOP

Payouts for 6-Max Ring Event

Here is the payout information for WSOP Circuit ring event #7: $365 NLHE 6-MAX:

Place Payout
1 $14,525.00
2 $8,985.00
3 $6,450.00
4 $4,635.00
5 $3,330.00
6 $2,395.00
7 $1,725.00
8 $1,725.00
9 $1,240.00
10 $1,240.00
11 $890.00
12 $890.00
13 $645.00
14 $645.00
15 $645.00
16 $645.00
17 $645.00
18 $645.00

Jeff Murphy Wins 2nd Tourney in Less than a Week

Jeff Murphy won two tournaments in less than a week.
Just a few minutes ago, Jeff Murphy won Event #6: $365 NLHE for $13,280. This is the first WSOP Circuit ring of Murphy's career.

Murphy also won Event #13 here at the Bike less than a week ago, and is running good heading into the $1,675 WSOP Circuit Main Event that starts tomorrow.

Full results from Event #6 will be available soon.

Day 2 of HORSE

After 3 starting days of the Bike's unique HORSE tournament, it's finally time for Day 2. From the three starting flights, 31 players advanced to Day 2. An additional 4 bagged twice and earned a free entry into tomorrow's $1,675 WSOP Circuit Main Event (ring event #8). An additional 11 players bought in directly to Day 2, and there are now 42 players competing.

Last Final Table Player Arrives

Israel Martinez, who advanced to Day 2 of Event #6: $365 NHLE but was not at the table when play resumed, has now arrived.

Meanwhile, Jesus Sanchez was eliminated in 6th place, and the table is down to 5 players.

Event 6 FT Underway. Event 7 (6 MAX) Day 1 Begins.

The final table in yesterday's $365 NLHE tournament (ring event #6) has resumed. However, one player is missing. Israel Martinez has not yet arrived. There are rumors that he's stuck in traffic, and other rumors that he is unable to return because he has to take care of his daughter, but for now there's no confirmed information about his absence.

Just a few moments ago, WSOP Circuit ring winner Baruch Thaler was eliminated in 7th place ($1,890), and now 6 players remain, although only 5 are at the table.

Across the room, Event #7: $365 NLHE (6 MAX) has started. The tournament clock currently shows 141 entries, and late registration is still open for about another 45 minutes (until 2:15 p.m.).

8-time WSOP Circuit ring winner Alex Masek plays in Event 7

End of Night Chip Counts in Event #6: $365 NLHE

Event #6: $365 No-Limit Hold'em has played 21 levels and stopped for the night. There are 7 players left, and they'll come back tomorrow at 1 p.m. for Day 2.

The chip leader is Jeff Murphy, who won Event #13 here last week. Here are the complete chip counts.

Player Chips
Jeff Murphy 364,000
Baruch Thaler 288,000
Israel Martinez 237,000
Jesus Sanchez 198,000
Paul Chung 195,000
Mauricio Herrera 192,000
Craig Gold 167,000