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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cord Garcia ends Mega Million XII Day1C Flight1 as chipleader

At the end of Mega Million XII Day1C Flight1 with a total of 11 players advance to day 2, Cord Garcia ends the flight as a big chipleader with a total of 1,458,000 in chips.

Cord Garcia

Mega Million XII day1A & 1B advance 65 players to day2

As day 1A, 1B of Mega Million XII  concludes 65 players have advanced to day 2.

Below is the return list as of 03/28.

Last flight of Mega Million XII Day1B has ended

Mega Million XII Day1B flight 3 has ended. 

Brandon Carr ends as chip leader with 729,000.

A total of 11 players advance to day 2 from this flight and among the players to advance is Clint Mooney, who previously won WSOPC Event 20.
Brandon Carr

Clint Mooney

Stuart Rabin ends MMXII Day1B Flight2 as chipleader

Mega Million XII Day1B Flight2 has ended, Stuart Rabin is the chipleader out of the flight with 481,000

A total of 12 players from this flight advance to Mega Million XII Day 2.

Stuart Rabin