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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Congrats to Mike Shariati winner of Mega Million XII 2015

Congrats to Mike Shariati who takes down 1st place in Mega Million XII 2015 for $275,000.
Mike Shariati

Ming Li takes down 2nd place for $163,020
Ming Li

Congrats to both of you and thanks to all players participating in WSOPC Circuit event 2015 and Mega Million XII at the Bicycle Casino.

Mega Million XII Final 3

Final 3 playing for

  • 1st $275,000 
  • 2nd $163,020
  • 3rd $90,000 

We are down to 3 players

We are down to 3 players in Mega Million XII after 3 quick knockouts

Roger Nehme is eliminated in 6th place for $44,350 

Joseph Lerman is eliminated in 5th place for $51,000

Chris DeMaci is eliminated in 4th place for $60,570 

Gevork Kasabyan eliminated in 7th place

Gevork Kasabyan who recently won WSOPC Main Event here at the Bike is eliminated in 7th place for $37,225

Gevork Kasabyan

7 players left in Mega Million XII

William Vito Sturiano is eliminated in 8th place for $30,140 - don't miss the livestream at Live at the Bike

William Vito Sturiano

Jason Les eliminated in 9th place

Jason Les has been eliminated in 9th place for $23,100

Well played
Jason Les

Mega Million XII Final Table is on

Final 9 just resumed, Mega Million XII winner will take down $275,000

Final table is live streamed with 30min delay at Live at the Bike

Final 9 

Mega Million XII Final Table

Final 9 of Mega Million XII will resume play at 2pm today.
Final table will be streamed at Live at the bike with 30 minutes delay, starting 2:30pm.

This blog and Twitter account @MoTheBikeTD will be updated continuously during the event.

Complete players list and current chip counts below.

Good luck to all players.