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Saturday, May 23, 2015

$200,000 Guaranteed day1B flight1

$200,000 Guaranteed day1B flight1 had 195 entries, 29 advance to day2,

Michael Lo ends the flight as chip leader with 234,500
3 out of 6 day1 flights has been played and the current prize pool is +$145,000

Michael Lo

Kamran Katuzian ends day1A flight2 as chip leader

$200,000 Guaranteed Day1A Flight2, 24 players from this field advance to day2 on Monday.

Kamran Katuzian ends the flight as chip leader with 235,000.

Among the qualifiers is Nika Futterman with 65,500.

Good luck to everyone on day2.

Kamran Katuzian 

Nika Futterman